Donald Trump and Joe Biden share a legacy of global catastrophe for women and kids – a staff Editorial

Today, women face new food-insecurity for their families and the world is experiencing starvation of millions, because of Joe Biden’s provoking Russia into a war it did not want and sanctions against the world’s bread basket, Russia; catastrophic climate change because of Biden’s frenzied push for more oil exploration; and nuclear war because of America’s planting of nuclear missile launchers across the ever-eastward expanding NATO bordering Russia. Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine against Russia hurts women and children the most.

US President Biden claims “America is at the head of the table“.

The US Congress’ year-long fascination with imprisoning Donald Trump and Trump’s attempt to overthrow an election last year, illuminates Washington’s total lack of credibility as a proponent of democracy and exposes Washington’s trustworthiness as an ally among nations and its disrespect of its own people.

Editorial by Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

Biden is always blaming womeone elseIt’s his fault, says Biden. President 45 and 46, Trump and Biden have delivered a mess for the American people and the world. Photo credit for original pics of POTUS 45 and POTUS 46: the ubiquitous Gage Skidmore. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / / Feminine-Perspective Magazine


The 6 January investigators, and in fact all of the US Congress show a strong proclivity to direct efforts toward 1% of America’s  population letting 99% suffer, come-what-may of Washington’s policies for an expanding, very expensive global hegemony. That 1% is what pays for their election campaigns and other political funding for regional projects, it seems.

Does the US Government exist only to please those bigwigs who fund elections in the $Billions?

To Candidates and PartiesTo Outside Spending Groups
RankContributorTotal ContribsTotal ($USD)Dem%Repub%Total
1Lockheed Martin$6,046,413$5,969,17547.1%52.6%$71,767
2Raytheon Technologies$5,809,337$5,695,21154.5%45.3%$85,561
3Northrop Grumman$5,272,628$5,223,53454.9%44.9%$41,960
4General Dynamics$3,373,597$3,308,67851.7%48.1%$33,582
5L3Harris Technologies$2,608,568$2,587,11451.8%48.1%$12,811

Trump both exposed and enhanced America’s snatching babies from mother’s arms at the US southern border, further diminished the status of women in America and globally by example.

“Women in the United States earn less than men for the same work, experience higher poverty rates than males, face specific adverse health conditions, and remain seriously underrepresented in political offices across America,” says the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

Trump stuffed the US Supreme Court with Republican anti-abortionists and that mess is still unfolding.

Trump’s example to all Americans is that women are purely sex-objects having no other use to the patriarch he ran.

Trump’s worst crime was being so incompetent he would lose a second-term election to Joseph Biden, an even more incompetent US President.

That scared the Pentagon and the Defence industrial base and Raytheon and Northrop to bump their campaign spending investment in the Democrats.

Did Trump know the Democrats would elect a man who turned out to be an incompetent bumbling POTUS for whom his handlers must continually claw back statements he makes to the public?

Is that why Trump commit several probably serious crimes to disallow Biden’s election?

Joe Biden is no ‘nice guy’ and has no cognitive ability for perceiving the current state of the world and his position within that paradigm. Biden is a high-functioning smarmy anti-social personality disordered (APD) politician.

Biden’s gaffe-prone unintentionally comical style is not a good thing for a US presidency.

Biden’s deplorable geo-political judgment tops that off to make him a more dangerous fool in the White House than Donald Trump in the White House.

Biden’s consummate focus on Party politics, his faked empathy—a learned trait of most APDs—and complete disregard for the American people tied to a desire (and bragging rights) to trick the people, is a significant contributor to his many failures.

Donald Trump may face criminal charges but because of the extreme politicization of the investigative process, prosecution could be difficult. Nevertheless, Trump set a revolting standard for US Presidents that may never go away.

Biden blames others for his failures and then changes his mind and blames someone else. There are many instances where Biden has given undertakings to the American people that his ‘handlers’ had to withdraw. The back peddling has ranged from simple statements to others that could have led to global nuclear war had there not been a retraction.

Biden claims that his reckless spending is changing people’s lives. It is changing people’s lives. More people are headed to the underpasses on interstates to live or to the tent cities on sidewalks of inner cities where more and more Americans are living.

People will soon start to lose their houses, say some financial forecasters.

Murphy’s law suggested that once reaching a level that is beyond one’s incompetence, the incompetent surrounds himself with idiots to make themselves look better. Biden’s pick of Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin in State and Defence top jobs may be the best proof of that sin.



5 Big Problems With Biden’s Big-Government Budget | According to The Heritage Foundation

Gasoline prices in the United States have risen catastrophically because Joe Biden sanctioned Russian fossil fuels and every aspect of Russia’s financial existence including the cancellation of purchases the US normally makes from Russia. Is Putin’s plan to bankrupt the West? If so, it is working.

Biden’s reckless obsession with killing Russians makes him sound like a dog who believed every word of the 1960s American anti-Russian propaganda and the Soviet Union’s ant-American campaigns. Biden has always been managed by his handlers and has never shown any brilliance, just overconfidence and recklessness, the kind one cannot get away with in the White House.

Murphy’s Fourth Law:  If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong. (Global thermonuclear war? Or global starvation?)

Corollary: If there is a worse time for something to go wrong, it will happen then. (Mid-term elections?)

If populations are slaughtered by atomic weapons, or starvation what is the moral difference?