Australian PM puts 10 Women in cabinet. a total of 13 in the ministry and 19 in frontbench roles

Australia’s new PM swears in 10 Women Cabinet Ministers and then some.

Women comprise ten of 23 cabinet ministers (or about 43%), and many also have diverse race, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The Cabinet is the chief decision-making organ of the executive branch of the government of Australia.

The members of the “inclusive government that is as diverse as Australia itself” were sworn in Wednesday. Examples of inclusiveness representing a broader horizon of Australia’s population make-up include Penny Wong as Australia’s first foreign minister with an Asian background, Linda Burney, the first female Indigenous cabinet minister, and Anne Aly, the first female minister with a Muslim background.

Thirteen women are in the ministry including 3 deputy ministers and 10 Cabinet Ministers and 19 women have been appointed to frontbench positions.

Austrlia now has ten women cabinet ministers

Photo credit:  Luka Coch/AAP

“What will it take to get 50/50 representation of women in cabinet, in the ministry? Would you like to see the factional caucuses put forward 50/50 for your consideration in the future? How far is Australia from that level of representation?” Citing “Australia has more women in cabinet than ever. Widening gender gap reversal?”

“This is an exciting team, a team which is overflowing with talent, with people who are absolutely committed to making a difference,” PM Anthony Albanese said on Tuesday night.

“This is the largest number of women ever in an Australian cabinet with 10 women in the cabinet. In addition to that … there are 13 women in the ministry and 19 frontbenchers [which includes deputy ministers]. A record number, in all three categories for women’s representation – in cabinet, in the ministry and frontbench positions.”