2022 Hybrid World War III epitomizes Western Misogyny

“Joe Biden, Jens Stoltenberg, Vladimir Putin and António Guterres! It is horrifying that these misogynists are right now determining the fate of the human race,” says feminist.

“They continue to ignore the ten million Ukrainian women and children displaced who suffer staggeringly from these men insisting on prolonging war. Not one of these men has pushed toward cease-fire, organized talks and remedies leading to peace,” says Dale Carter, security director of The RINJ Foundation.

Part of a series on war’s impact on women and children by Melissa Hemingway, Sharon Santiago, and Micheal John


“Joe Biden and his subordinate Jens Stoltenberg with the acquiescence of António Guterres who is stuck in a paradigm of the big bad wolf (Russia) and the little Red Riding Hood (Ukraine) are together the most misogynistic killers in human history. It is horrifying that these members of the global patriarch of senior citizens are right now determining the fate of our children, taking food from their mouths, and threatening the entire human race. Their loves are about guns, bombs and fossil fuels a form of petro-masculinity threatening hundreds of millions of women and their babies. Many families die now and many more will die as the West prolongs the war and because of the global fallout of a violent American hegemon and USA profiteering from the sale of war machinery in this American-initiated Hybrid WWIII,” accuses angry feminist woman.

“America and its NATO group has ignored the cost of war to women and kids and provoked a war with Russia and its allies. America pushed its military and missiles eastwards in Europe to the gates of Russia and this war is now indeed a world war as the Pope has said, that is bringing most of its harm to women and children,” says Katie Alsop, Executive Director of The RINJ Foundation.

Women eat least and last in regions of conflict, famine and hunger says global surveys by the World Food Program

Children cannot endure hunger so the women who feed them must go hungry,” explains Michele Francis who operates a humanitarian outpost in the Amazon Basin of Venezuela.

“95% Of the people of Venezuela suffer food insecurity today and it is getting worse,” says Ms. Francis who operates a small hospital and three women’s clinics/shelters  for The RINJ Foundation.

Civilians suffer in Ukraine

Eating last and eating least: women suffering the most in order to try and save children as food crisis worsens. UN Photograph.

“The world is at war,” Pope Francis told The Vatican News reporters in May for publication 14 June 2022, 10:25 a.m. local time.

“I must also add that we see what is happening now in Ukraine in a certain way because it is closer to us and pricks our sensibilities more. But there are other countries far away—think of some parts of Africa, northern Nigeria, northern Congo—where war is ongoing and nobody cares. Think of Rwanda 25 years ago. Think of Myanmar and the Rohingya. The world is at war…” said Pope Francis.

Moscow military family believe Putin’s military exercises along Ukraine border were a bluff.

“We don’t believe President Putin wanted to go to war,  he was just doing a bluff to get NATO to back off our borders. He did this while the generals were conducting military training exercises and military equipment upgrades. The President made that look worse than it was to push NATO to back off. President Putin had military leaders move the exercises and planted empty tents all over the region to look like a massive invasion army. My husband says our country had a lot of really old Soviet-era military equipment to dispose of and has now left it in ruins all over Ukraine, but I do not think that is funny,” says Svetlana, a Moscow woman center of a military family, running a local chapter of RINJ Women in her city.

Russian women taking in Donbass Women survivors of 9 years of Ukrainian/American artillery shelling.

“We have been taking in tens of thousands of women and children from Luhansk PR and Donetsk PR. Women here are inviting refugees from Ukraine into their homes and making them comfortable. It is hard to hear about the Ukrainian neo-Nazi militias and the Americans shelling the people in Donbass all these years. We were seeing it in the news but when women talk about their losses and show the scars on themselves and their children it makes me cry,” Sveta told FPMag’s Melissa Hemingway.

Despite UN Sec-Gen Guterres’ alleged manipulation by the Biden Administration to blame the Russian side and perpetuate the US Proxy war in Ukraine, António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres has stepped up on the Climate Crisis

America is using the Ukraine war to sell ‘bombs-and-bullets’ military gear after a large drop in sales in the past two years, and it is also exploiting the war to increase exploration and exploitation of oil and gas reserves wherever they may be found.

Secretary-General Guterres on Tuesday pointed out that this “energy crisis, caused by the Ukraine war and the sanctions imposed on Russia, is hindering the fight against greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr. Guterres called the new funding for fossil fuel exploration “delusional” saying that the exploration and exploitation “will only further feed the scourge of war, pollution and climate catastrophe,” daring to speak out against the USA.