WHO seeks COVID19 wall of immunity as jab acceptance grows

In some countries, the growth in new COVID-19 cases is over 60% as in Nigeria where the growth in the past two weeks has been 67%. As vaccine acceptance grows, building a wall of immunity in all regions is now crucial to minimize COVID-19 bad outcomes say WHO experts.

In the same period, globally, the number of new cases rose 30%  according to Dr. Tedros of the World Health Organization, speaking at a press conference on Thursday.

The SARS-CoV-2 Omicron sub-variant BA.5 is ahead of us hence building a wall of immunity and protecting the most vulnerable are key actions to be taken.

More transmission, more evolution and more risk at a time of lowered surveillance and the fact that new variants can quickly reinfect people who have protection against the virus is likely the best summary of Thurday’s World Health Organization’s briefing.

Any resurgence of a new virus has serious implications but will we know in time to take the necessary action? More surveillance is needed insists WHO Dr. Michael Ryan.

FIght Covid with a wall of immunity abd care for the vulnerable

Dr. Abdi Mahamud urges protection of the vulnerable population with love and solidarity. He talks about the known community mitigation measures like staying home as much as possible, masking up, and avoiding large indoors gathering.

Dr. Michael Ryan (executive director of the WHO‘s Health Emergencies Programme) suggests that lowered testing is masking a significant surge.

Workers at the Civil Society Partners against COVID-19 complain that across the USA and around the world, testing and genomics surveillance are waning. This results in more states ending or radically reducing their data reporting and less being known about the ‘evolution and community transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus’.

The net effect according to scientists at the World Health Organization is that ‘we do not know what the virus is doing until a surprise arises’.

Wear a mask Dr. Abdi Mahamud  urges people to wear a mask while in crowded areas. Wear a mask. File Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway

19 Jul 2024