Slaughtering Donetsk Kids Americans and their missiles in Ukraine infuriate medics

Massive attacks are underway by Americans and Ukrainians using more powerful and longer range American weapons against the civilians in the City of Donetsk according to a Ukrainian Army medic who objects in conscience to these activities. Easily slaughtering Donetsk children, Ukrainians, Americans and their missiles in Ukraine are infuriating medics treating the worst imaginable injuries to women and children.

The initial source to this story was a call-in from a medical worker in Donetsk, at the scene of the blasts in the above video.

“I am sorry to make this call direct but someone needs to know what is happening in the Donbass. I met up with a Ukrainian Army medic I know who told me that American soldiers are not only teaching Ukrainian Nationalists to fire long-range missiles but the Americans are firing the missiles themselves into the center of the city of Donetsk killing civilians like crazy—right in the middle of the city as has been happening for the last 9 years but now with more powerful missiles. My friend was so upset that after coming home on a two-day leave he told me what he saw and that he is not going back to being a puppet of America—he and I also went to school together and he is now a medic while I am a nurse except he is quitting,” breathlessly explained ‘Lana’, a RINJ Foundation worker and organizer now in the Donbass region of war-torn Ukraine; all in one breath.

By Micheal John

Note: This is an article about American weapons used to harm civilians in Donetsk PR, a story FPMag does not normally cover because both side’s weapons—the Russian and the American/NATO-member weapons—are being used to kill civilians in Ukraine and in Russia. Both sides lie. In this case Melissa Hemingway who is also an experienced nurse became part of the story as did two other workers of the publisher’s staff. Their information is trusted, nevertheless corroborated in multiple spheres. Read on.

“I asked him [the Ukrainian Armed Forces conscientious objector] to join me today since he is not going back. I gave him scrubs and recruited him as the missiles landed.”

Note: The Ukrainian Armed Forces conscientious objector’s story was verified by a third party and from his smartphone content and supporting WiFi and other tracking data by journalist Melissa Hemingway‘s security contractor.

“We took injured families to a makeshift emergency surgical unit the Donetsk PR Army medics—two of them my Ukrainian schoolmates—have set up for triage. I am getting the video in a few minutes. See for yourself,” said a very upset Lana who had just stretchered a double-amputee child into the triage area, blood everywhere, requiring her to change scrubs.

Melissa is working with us now at one of the sites for a few hours doing duty as a nurse in a crisis right now. She is preparing civilian cases people who were in a basement for  transport and we are evacuating to various medical units,” she explained saying that they are working fast now with the best people available to care for maybe hundreds of civilian casualties ranging from the minor cuts and bruises to severe trauma, shock, the most horrid amputations and crush injuries.

Video: This videography is current within hours and contains medical information and images of war zone trauma civilian intakes and triage thus is not for the viewing of everyone. Note that medics are not all masked. suspects the video was partly choreographed and is not of itself news-type coverage but initially intended as internal military lecture footage for training purposes. That of itself and some of the practices and procedures seen herein may be considered news. Both Donetsk and Luhansk have had less than a dozen COVID-19 cases in the past week or more owing to many months of a massive vaccination campaign using the Sputnik V vaccine and the fast-react Sputnik Light.

 Video courtesy of “Television and Radio Company of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation ‘Zvezda’. Doctors and nurses are those of the People’s Militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

File Photo Rescuers in DonetskFile photo of “Donetsk PR rescuers on the job”. Official photograph of the Donetsk PR

Kiev has crossed all the lines says head of Donetsk republic. He defines American weapons used by Americans and Ukrainians in the attack against the Donetsk City and corroborates other sources

Denis Pushilin

File photo of Denis Pushilin official DPR  photograph.

“Kiev has crossed all the lines, so the DPR will turn to Russia for help to counter the APU strikes on Donetsk,” says Denis Pushilin, the 2018-elected leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

 “The latest shelling of Donetsk uses prohibited methods of warfare,” he said. He referred to the most powerful shelling of the center of Donetsk in the entire war since 2014.

“An understanding has been reached that all the necessary additional forces of the allied forces, primarily Russia, will be involved [to counter the APU strikes on Donetsk],” Mr. Pushilin said [translated].

“The enemy fired more than 300 shells from NATO howitzers and MLRS Hurricane and Grad missiles at the city center of Donetsk,” said Denis Pushilin, confirmed by his staff and medical workers in the city.

“The maternity hospital and many residential units were damaged or destroyed.”