Vaccine anxiety counseling enrolls men, women, in huge numbers

“Numbers of contacts seeking needle-anxiety-therapy are picking up radically in Africa, Asia, as well as in countries like Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the United States,” explains Geraldine Frisque of The RINJ Foundation.

The RINJ Women are offering to anyone in the world, “free online counseling for vaccine hesitancy, or needle anxiety, or any phobia that is jeopardizing a patient’s health by scaring them away from COVID-19 vaccination,” explains, Dr. Nassima al Amouri  who is presently visiting with her colleagues in Jordan doing medical directive updates.

“RINJ Women facilities in South Sudan, Uganda, and in South East Asia are now expanding the available languages for counseling persons suffering from needle anxiety or any vaccine hesitancy. Now that there have been billions of jabs issued, we know the vaccines are safe and can now start helping people with anxiety disorders. That may amount to some 20% of the world population. We can help and have been very successful thus far. There is no reason why an anxiety disorder or phobia should take another life because patients ignore their own health care needs out of fear of doctors, needles or vaccines,” Ms. Frisque added.

To read more about the women’s offer of needle anxiety & vaccine hesitancy free counseling, visit: Free Vaccine hesitancy plus needle anxiety counseling available in more African and Asian languages – RINJ.

“Somebody said to the boss today that Omicron is not fatal. I can’t believe people still believe that nonsense. She told them to go to any hospital in the world and see what is happening,” Ms. Frisque added.

“Any hospital in the world is overloaded, and that is a staggering reality right now,” she said.

“The United States has a reported, confirmed 19,153,533 active cases, people who are sick right now, and that is estimated to be about only 30% of the real number because of people doing self-testing that is not reported,” said Ms. Frisque

“There is significant pressure on our health system,” the premier of Australia‘s Victoria state, Daniel Andrews, told a press conference, adding that about 4,000 hospitals and 400 Emergency Medical Services staffers in his Australian state, were isolating due to being infected.

You don't need to brave like this young man to get a vaccine jab. “Unvaccinated are 92% sufferers of mental health disorders, 6% just lazy and 2% are criminals who will eventually get vaccinated like Donald Trump did,” secretly, say clinicians.  You don’t need to be brave like this young man to get a vaccine jab. Unknown Defender takes a COVID-19 Sputnik V jab in Donetsk PR region. People are getting the vaccine all over the world, now over a billion with at least one jab.
Around the world, only the vaccinated are safe from Omicron variant of COVID-19 say experienced health care workers. If a person suffers needle anxiety there is help available, says global NGO. Photo Credit: Source supplied. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that, “The strain on the Canadian [health care] system was foreseen. For example, Frances Woolley, an economist at Carleton University in Ottawa, predicted that COVID-19 would expose the fragility of the system back in March 2020. As Woolley wrote, Canada has the second-lowest number of acute care beds per capita among countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and nearly all of those beds tend to be filled.”

In the United States, the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients is approaching 135K at the time of publication. That number is already a record-breaker.

“Unvaccinated persons are 92% sufferers of mental health disorders and are quite vulnerable. 6% Are just lazy or stupid and 2% are criminals who will eventually get vaccinated like Donald Trump did, when you are not looking,” comments nurse Gracie Edwards in Kandahar, Afghanistan via SatPhone.

According to RINJ Women who are prolific in difficult regions to reach with health care, particularly vaccines, “Unvaccinated persons are 92% sufferers of mental health disorders and are quite vulnerable,” they say on their recent announcement of vaccination counseling and free jabs in Puti, Budaka, Bukedea, Kumi, Kamacha regions of Uganda.

“People who promote conspiracy theories are criminals,” they say,  “criminals who like any murderer kills people or disrespects their rights, but in a different way than from what horror or law-breaker movies present. Like the entire universe of criminal humans, antivaxxer predators who stalk the mentally unhealthy, occupy a community of 2% of the global population. Beware of criminals and what wrongful things they say.”

USA COVID-19 Data for 15 Jul 2024. America has exceeded over 61 million reported cumulative case sums and 44.65 % of global ‘active’ cases (19,153,533 USA (incl. territories) / 42,900,730 Global), people infected with COVID-19 now.

Source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19


France COVID-19 Data for 15 Jul 2024

Hospitals in France are being slammed slammed by Omicron and antivaxxers.

Source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19

Look at the graph: The climb in deaths from COVID-19 is unchanged by Omicron. Deaths continue to climb at the same rate. The unvaccinated 20x more likely to die from COVID-19.

Reliable Data now indicates the trend line in deaths from COVID-19 is unhanged during the 10 November 2021 (GMT) through 11 January 2022 (GMT) period of Omicron infections. Source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19