Trudeau cabinet crossed a line urging forced vaccines says global NGO

“The Canadian government has crossed a line, pushing toward violating civil liberties during the COVID-19 pandemic,” say RINJ Women who have taken issue with the Canadian Health Minister pushing for forced jabs into the arms of the small percentage of Canadians who have not at least started their COVID-19 vaccination schedule, most of whom suffer anxiety neurosis related to fear of vaccines, needles and doctors.

Along side this complaint, the RINJ Women statement points out that the argument of ending the pandemic fails because, “The vaccines available are irrelevant to preventing infection, thus ending of the current pandemic, and [Omicron] variant specific-vaccines are still months away.”

Of Canadians over 12 years of age, 90.3 % have received at least their first jab and 87.57% are fully vaccinated says the Canadian government. That is among the best coverages in the world.

Meanwhile, the RINJ Women have advanced a theory that since there is at least 13% of the population suffering anxiety disorders, (23% in the USA) the Canadian government is brutally abusive toward mental health patients who suffer anxiety disorder, fearing vaccination. According to the CDC in the United States, the anxiety disorder and related phobia problem is colossal south of the Canadian border.

That includes sufferers of anxiety neurosis related to needles and vaccines. 

Illustrating the probability of most Canadian unvaccinated being sufferers of anxiety disorder, a mental health issue, the RINJ Women focus on those cases and suggest a plethora of treatment options in lieu of coercive dictates.

Does the Trudeau Cabinet actually believe that the unvaccinated are of sound mind and body despite an unvaccinated majority that is  so anxiety ridden they favour a belief that vaccines are part of a conspiracy to inject microchips or nanobots into their body? Canada deserves better government than this and must immediately seek that end. Mistreatment of the misfortunate and the unwell is sickening behaviour,” say RINJ Women in a published statement.

Coercive stragegies against RINJ Women slam Canadian government for urging coercive strategies against Canadians who suffer anxiety neurosis including anxiety disorders related to needles and vaccines. 90% oc Canadians over 12 have received a jab. Art inspired by horrorpops/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The RINJ Women say, “When companies institute mandates for vaccines, they are making it a condition of employment, not a condition for personal freedom. That is why mandates can only be applied by companies and institutions that assemble people to conduct their business or operations which gives Canadians an option. Governments may not force needles into people’s arms, in violation of the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights.”
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Alberta province Premier Jason Kenney said, “Alberta’s legislature removed the power of mandatory vaccination from the Public Health Act last year and will not revisit that decision, period.” Premiere Kenney’s comment appeared in a tweet on Friday.

Canadian employers have introduced various vaccine policies that compel safety procedures like PPE and vaccinations.

Vaccine passports, signifying a person has been vaccinated and is eligible for attending gatherings like restaurants and public events, are already in use in some provinces of Canada.

“We fear that so-called democratic governments are becoming comfortable with authoritarian coercion against their constituents. There are provisions in the Canadian Constitution that protect Canadians. At some point a line must be drawn. Canada is heading toward 95% vaccination and using coercion against the mental-health challenged Canadians suffering anxiety disorders is contraindicated. Treatment, guidance and accommodation is a better approach,” explains Geraldine Frisque, a spokesperson for RINJ Women.

“People with anxiety disorders are treatable patients and not the enemy. The virus is the enemy,” she added.