Alberta Premiere says penalties for Unvaccinated is “inhumane”

Watch this important briefing.

“Situation is serious and has potential to get more serious,” says Alberta Premier… Book a vaccination. Over 70% of COVID-19 patients in hospitals in Alberta are unvaccinated. They come from 10% of Alberta population that has not received a dose…” says Alberta Premier


“Kudos to Jason Kenney who called “inhumane” on Quebec’s move to create two classes of humans in Quebec by punishing the unvaccinated with provincial offences and fines,” said Dr. Nassima al Amouri who is a medical director in the Middle East for Canada-based RINJ Foundation‘s medical sub units.

NGO Offers free counseling for needle anxiety patients because, “You must get vaccinated and that includes a booster,” says Doc.

“Any Albertan who has anxiety over vaccination, should get vaccinated, or if already vaccinated, get boosted in the most accommodating manner possible, with some help from our public-service professional counsellors or even a family member. Our  organization provides free, anonymous counseling on encrypted phone applications like Signal and Viber. The phone number is +1 647 739 9279,” suggests Dr. al Amouri.

Alberta self assessment tool is online and free.

“Persons fully vaccinated, with sniffles, stuffy airways passageways, no fever, no loss of smell or taste, but  feel some slight malaise, you likely have a mild case of COVID-19 brought on by the Omicron variant. That makes it important that a person isolate, mask up near others at home and keep clean the hands and environment clean. People having mild cases of  COVID-19 maintain their medications and diet for management of chronic illness [translated],” explains Dr. Nassima al Amouri.

Alberta Public health actions and guidance can be found here.

According to Alberta Premier, Public health testing in Alberta will be on a most needed basis, relying on the belief that vulnerable persons are eligible for public health testing on a priority basis.

Premier Jason Kenney Alberta’s chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw and Alberta Premiere Jason Kenney delivered news of Alberta province’s (Canada) response to Omicron. Vaccine mandates are not on the table because they are “inhumane” said Premier Kenney. Photo credit: Video capture. See video above.

During a briefing on Friday, the Alberta government said it has changed its pandemic management processes and will now stop testing and reporting on the COVID-19 data, contrary to World Health Organization advice.

  • Albertans will get a five-set home test kit.
  • Kids are going back to in-person classrooms.
  • The public is told no need to wear N95 masks.
  • Schools in Alberta are making physical plant changes to make schools safer.
  • “Stay home if you are unwell, children,” says the Alberta government.

Premiere Kenney says that he believes when the pandemic is over, it will be learned that the worst decision made during the pandemic was keeping children out of school. Alberta will be providing vaccines for 5 years and up and giving kids a reliable supply of high quality medical masks.

Alberta has been doing the most testing in Canada and not so coincidentally is reportedly also the most infected province in Canada with over 10,400 confirmed cases per 100k population according to the CSPac (Civil Society Partners against COVID-19 tracking team).

Province Cumulative Cases:per 100k
Northwest Territories3,4678,297
British Columbia288,6926,211
Nova Scotia28,1943,053
New Brunswick21,5532,885
Prince Edward Island3,4272,398
Newfoundland and Labrador11,6172,235 is pointing to an indicator of better things to come by month end in Alberta hospitals but surge deaths will continue into February. Source CSPaC.