Op-Ed: Biden political rush to punish Russia is Diplomacy Disaster. Ousting America from Europe solves everything

America’s insisting on reconstituting its dominance in Europe has enlightened women and their families in Europe cringing. America does not want to fight a war with China and/or Russia from its own territory. That’s why it has expanded its intermediate nuclear forces for Europe. European women have every right to be worried. The European Union has earned its esteemed position as the most sophisticated collection of humans on Earth, not a launch pad for American nuclear missiles.

Editorial by Katie Alsop, Executive Director, The RINJ Foundation

Europe is almost ready to flee the partnership. But too slow. That’s one reason why US President Joe Biden is pushing hard, hysterically, to get more troops and longer-ranged nuclear tipped missiles up against the Russian border so he doesn’t lose NATO and can launch nuclear attacks against both China and Russia from the same launchers in Europe.

Europe is at risk in America’s refusal to negotiate with Russia on America’s NATO expansion

Once the very low threshold of Russian provocation for sanctions against Russia have been met, the economic war begins for a very minor act by Russia—or actors accused of being Russians—and this eliminates any disincentive to invade and take over half or all of Ukraine. At the same time, the sanctions will cripple Europe economically and socially in the context of a collapsed energy supply in a frigid winter or cold spring without wheat or bread.

No more American wars.

Clearly it is time for Europe to push America out. Start thinking about the largest nation in the European continent which stretches across a large chunk of Asia, and its Asian friends, providing the bulk of security tasks for Europe until a unified European force can be constructed to fight terrorists and other threats. NATO must go. No more wars.

In the current context, Russia has no choice but to try and find ways to buffer itself against NATO aggression. Let’s not tell any more lies about NATO aggression by chanting the nonsense in Biden’s talking points. No more America means no more wars. The more the community of nations allows American weapons on its soil, the more likely war becomes because fighting wars from your lands, means America has nothing to lose except you, and its people do not give a damn about you.

Whatever America does today, whatever promises it makes tomorrow, will be undone very soon by the most powerful GOP Congress and Senate in history which will likely impeach and oust Biden by spring 2023 for bankrupting the country.

America’s instability and NATO’s desperation are dangers to Europe.

June 2020-One of America's new nuclear missiles. File Photo: June 2020 – New INF treaty-busting Intermediate Nuclear Missiles for Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, possibly Philippines, New Zealand and Australia under the new AUKUS deal, as well as ground launched missiles already under development by the Army with a range prohibited by the former treaty the USA left just before the Pandemic started, including the Precision Strike Missile and the Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon.
Russia objects to the missiles surrounding Russia in Europe and all along the Asian Seas from Japan to Korea and the Russian and Chinese coasts.

America chooses to ignore the Humanitarian Impact of Sanctions

Sanctions on Afghanistan where America lost a war and withdrew its massive military presence in a catastrophic handover of power to a terrorist group, have left the country starving to death.

Thanks to America’s injection of $billions in weapons, the now most well-funded and well-armed terrorist group on the planet, The Taliban, (America’s so-called ‘strategic partner’?) a Pashtun, Islamic fundamentalist organization, are killing civilians and putting millions of civilians into food insecurity in an unprecedented humanitarian disaster.

The Mother of All Sanctions Bill

Meanwhile, members of the US Congress which faces a mid-term election in the fall and therefore members are jostling for position and media coverage, are debating “the mother of all sanctions bill” which would be triggered by very little and would intend to destroy the Russian people and their economy and hence the global economy because Russia is an enormous exporter of commodities, in fact the largest in the world. But Joe Biden will be OK, hiding in a bunker, eating British beef steaks and drinking Australian Merlot wine.

Americans are so brainwashed they do not see Russians in Ukraine as humans.

Escalated racist attacks against Russians are destroying millions of lives in Ukraine. Biden’s hysterical pleas for Americans to flee Ukraine are debilitating to the Ukraine economy as thousands flee and confidence in Ukraine vanishes.

Some Russians left Ukraine in 2014 to form their own republics where they are free from racism but now suffer American and Ukrainian artillery shelling. (FPMag has not just heard reports and seen photographs but has seen the Americans attacking Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. But Ukraine is not the issue. The ancient, useless, pointless, aggressive NATO is the problem.

If America’s NATO does not respectfully address the Kremlin’s concerns instead of Biden’s hysterical threats about Ukraine and America’s surrounding Russia with weapons, troops and nuclear missiles, it is quite probable that Russia will do as it must and with the help of Belarus, the Chechen Republic, Donetsk PR and Luhansk PR, invade Ukraine and permanently end its potential as a NATO member. That would be the second best solution to return a peace to the Eastern European region and given the very poor  calibre of males leading the Five Eyes (FVEY) group of countries, the most likely outcome.

Voices for Peace

Instead of America’s aggression tactics which since WWII have never worked, lost every war, and have killed millions of people, the geriatric men from the Cold-War era in the USA-owned NATO, and in Washington, need to Respect Russia and:

* Work toward the full implementation of the Minsk II agreement;

* Reconstitute the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty in the modern context;

* Agree to end the expansion of NATO and remove the NATO military forces and missiles from the Russian border and from Europe all together;

* Reach a new Nuclear Arms Reductions treaty with a goal of eliminating all nuclear weapons in Europe;

* Reach a treaty for the demilitarization of space; and

* End America’s focus on expanding its weapons into Europe and start feeding the starving in America, Afghanistan, North Korea, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and other places where American hegemony has left a humanitarian disaster.


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