Kamila Valieva, 15-yr-old Shero and best figure skater ever

“A Russian figure skater born 26 April 2006, who has 9 world records, has much of the world talking today. We RINJ Women have decided this girl, at 15, is the essence of pure 2022 Shero, and is a champion example to every girl in the world,” says Katie Alsop, Executive Director of the global women’s group.

“Kamila Valieva is the bravest 15-year old I have ever encountered, and for sure, to my eyes, the greatest female figure skater who ever graced an ice rink,” added Geraldine Frisque who is the spokesperson for the global women’s rights group.

Kamila Valieva is the current world record holder for the women’s short program, free skating and total scores. She has set nine world records during her career. She is the first female skater to break the 250- , 260- and 270-point thresholds in the total score (all within one season), the first to break the 170- and 180-point thresholds in the free skate, and the first to break the 90-point threshold in the short program. She is the second woman to land the quadruple toe loop after training partner and teammate Alexandra Trusova, the fourth woman to land a quadruple jump of any kind, the 16th woman to land a triple Axel, and the third woman to land a triple Axel and quadruple jump in the same program after Alysa Liu and training partner and teammate Sofia Akateva. At the junior level, Miss Kamila Valieva was the 2020 World Junior champion, the 2019–20 Junior Grand Prix Final champion, and the 2020 Russian junior national champion. (Source: Wikipedia)
Photo Credit: Video Capture from above video Kamila Valieva – Russian Nationals 2021. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

A week ago, Kamila Valeryevna Valieva, and her teammates Anastasia Mishina, Mark Kondratiuk, Victoria Sinitsina, Nikita Katsalapov, and Aleksandr Galliamov, dazzled the world with a spectacular Olympics 2022 performance in Beijing China, likely the most beautiful venue ever for this stunningly graceful young athlete, now 15 years of age.

“Skating a long program with three separate quad jumps in it, Miss Valieva has put the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics into the history books. This has never been done before,” explains FPMag Art Director, Rosa Yamamoto who has never missed watching an Olympics figure skating competition. “Kudos to the Beijing Olympics organizers and to the world’s sweetheart, Kamila Valieva,” Rosa added.

Kamila Valieva was born on 26 April 2006 in Kazan, Russia. Kamila Valieva at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. She was born on 26 April 2006 in Kazan, Russia and is one of the youngest competitors. She is of Tatar ethnicity. She has one pet dog, a Pomeranian named Lëva (Lyova), gifted to her in 2019 by fans. Miss Valieva was enrolled in gymnastics, ballet, and figure skating classes at an early age by her mother but encouraged to focus solely on skating after turning five. She named figure skater Nathan Chen as one of the skaters whose technique and ability she admires. In an interview showcased at the ISU Skating Awards 2021, Valieva said she hopes to become a psychologist after retiring from figure skating. (Source: Wikipedia) Photo Credit: ABC Sports Live Video Capture  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag


Watch: Kamila Valieva – Russian Nationals 2021