Joe Biden deliberately lying again. It is not about Ukraine: Macron

The Biden Administration has slaughtered innocent children and other civilians then lied about these crimes against humanity.

Biden continues to “make the world a more dangerous place,” say many observers.

For example, according to The Hill, “The Taliban and ISIS-K are unnecessarily emboldened, enriched and energized. Right now, they are arresting, torturing and killing Afghans who fought alongside American troops for years. The Biden administration has responded by calling these terrorists a “strategic partner.”

“The geopolitical objective of Russia today is clearly not Ukraine, but to clarify the rules of cohabitation with NATO and the EU,” said the current leader of the European Union who was told by President Putin that Russia will not escalate the Ukraine crisis.

Biden is now lying about Russia’s intent for Ukraine putting the world in an extremely dangerous state with cavalier abandon for the potential cost in lives in Europe.

*2nd Airborne in Europe to back Ukraine American soldiers put in harm’s way as are everyone in Europe. A few thousand American soldiers will not stop the massive numbers of Russians Biden says are prepared to invade Ukraine. Everything that followed Biden’s lie is fishy, says strategic analyst.
Photo: 02.03.2022, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Maj. Gen. Christopher Donahue, the commanding general of the 82nd Airborne Division speaks with Paratroopers assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division on Pope Army Airfield, N.C., Feb. 04, 2022. The 82nd Airborne Division is deploying in support of U.S. European Command to provide additional assistance in reaffirming the United States’ steadfast commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. (U.S. Army photo by SGT Jillian G. Hix)

The current European Leader, France’s Emmanuel Macron, told the Journal du Dimanche newspaper that “The geopolitical objective of Russia today is clearly not Ukraine, but to clarify the rules of cohabitation with NATO and the EU.”

Vladimir Putin has clearly set out in writing his objections to recent activities of NATO which has surrounded Russia with troops and missiles.

America responded in writing. USA-Response-to-Russia.

The Biden Administration has lied recently about Russia’s intention to attack Ukraine. Russia’s President has repeatedly said there is no intention to invade Ukraine but he has a wish to discuss what he describes as important issues related to America and NATO. The President of the European Union has said, “The geopolitical objective of Russia today is clearly not Ukraine, but to clarify the rules of cohabitation with NATO and the EU.” checked at the time with sources in the Russian Army and was told that if the numbers were that high it would be more likely that in the Western Military Division there were training exercises to select 9,000 winners of a competition of whom many will go to the 2022 International Army Gameswhich have 40 nations participatingwhile at the same time there was a massive training exercise to indoctrinate and physically train reservists on the new wheeled and tracked vehicles that were part of the Russian Military Modernization Program (MMP). In all, was told, maybe 65,000 produced 9,000 winners of the exercises. These troops would go on to hone their skills in other areas of the ‘Games‘ and that would make use of resources all along the Western Division. When asked why the Westerns Division, in Russian fashion, were told to “use your heads”, they said.

Citing “Putin/Macron meet a stand for diplomacy amidst toxic Biden drama

Additionally, the Russian Federation has explained in considerable detail what Western Military Division and Eastern Military Division troops have been doing in their exercises in Belarus and in western Russia.

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – First Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Valery Gerasimov arrived in the Republic of Belarus to monitor the readiness of formations and military units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to participate in the joint Russian-Belarusian exercise Union Courage.

This exercise is the final stage of the inspection of troops, which began in January this year in accordance with the decision of the presidents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

Biden’s people have lied about the 3 February attack in in Atmeh, Syria which killed 6 children including one infant and four moms.

The Biden Administration has also lied about the 26 August attack by American troops shooting at masses of Afghanistan citizens following an alleged ISIS attack with an explosives vest worn by Abdul Rahman Al-Logari, a former engineering student who was freed from a high-security prison by the Taliban on 15 August 2021. Kabul doctors have told FPMag that dozens of Afghan citizens were dead from American military rounds that were fired at them after the explosion.

The 26 August 2021 small blast allegedly killed 170 Afghanis and 13 Americans. It was a single explosive device in a knapsack of a single person. Numerous reports confirm a massive amounts of ammunition was spent by American troops firing into the crowds at the Abbey Gate entrance of the Kabul Airport. Doctors have reported dozens killed by gunshots from American assault weapons.

Joe Biden’s administration has lied about the 29 August 2021 drone attack the US said wiped out an ISIS car bomb actually killed a family of ten including seven children or more. It was the family of an Afghan NGO worker well known to the American military in Afghanistan.

USA Drone missile attack killed ten civilians, 7 kids in Kabul Brother of deceased says “no justice” for the Kabul, Afghanistan families of the ten people (incl. 7 children) killed in American drone attack in August 2021. Photo Credit 14 November 2021 Video Capture. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine