Freedom Convoy 2022 anarchists part of hybrid war on West

Watch Canada Editorial Video: Anarchists do not decide Canada’s public policy or control Canada’s borders, we do, say the voters.

Text of Video Editorial.
Canadians control Canada’s borders, not foreign funded anarchists in a hybrid war. Persons who are not anarchists, should go home. The rest of the siege against Canada should be arrested.

There are no measures that go too far in removing the anarchists from the streets of Canada and imprisoning them, or deporting them if that is applicable.

  • The persons and machinery blocking the border crossings between Canada and the USA, are not part of peaceful protests. They are anarchists and criminals at best using heavy equipment to attack Canadian society; they cause a breach of the peace; and cause a violation of Canadian sovereignty. Canadians control Canada’s borders, not foreign funded anarchists.
  • Canadian electors have voted for and elected a domestic government at a time when the pandemic was raging. This election was a plebiscite on how the government was managing the pandemic. Canadians approved sufficiently to reinstate the government in a parliamentary minority. Therefore the anarchists who have sought to usurp Canada’s duly elected public policy makers while supported by foreign funding, are an enemy of Canada. Those who are not an enemy of Canada and who are not anarchists, should go home. Go home!
  • The requests of the legitimate protestors have been heard and denied by the Canadian Prime Minister with reasons. The United States also has a vaccine mandate for truckers. Ending Canada’s mandate would change nothing.
  • Vaccines approved in Canada are effective and safe. Evidence from hundreds of millions of cases prove the efficacy and safety of the vaccines. Therefore the request to stop using vaccines has been denied.
  • The request to prevent businesses and institutions which assemble groups of people, from mandating vaccines and disease mitigation measures, during these gatherings, was also denied. Participants have the right to stay home and not participate.
  • COVID-19 hospitalizations in Canada are extremely high and until more beds are created at Canadian hospitals and until facilities prepared for the increase in deaths, mitigation mandates should not be discarded is what experts have advised.
  • Canada is currently in conflict with Russia having sent Canadian troops and weapons to the Russian border in the Ukraine. The Freedom  Convoy 2022 is substantially funded by malign actors of the Russian Federation according to several reliable sources. This puts the Freedom Convoy into the class of a hybrid war weapon.  Similarly, right wing entities in the United States which could and should be identified as terrorist groups are also financially supporting the anarchists in Canada and striving to create similar anarchistic activities in the United States.

Canada’s foreign minister, Mélanie Joly, Jan 18. Ukraine. File Photo: Canada’s foreign minister, Mélanie Joly, 18 January Kiev, Ukraine. “The amassing of Russian troops and equipment in and around Ukraine jeopardizes security in the entire region,” Joly said in a statement. Photo Credit: Source Supplied. Source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19

Ontario, Canada Premier Ford has declared a State of Emergency in the Province.

“I will convene Cabinet to use legal authorities to urgently enact orders that will make crystal clear it is illegal and punishable to block and impede the movement of goods, people and service along critical infrastructure,” Ford said in a press briefing.

Hospitalizations in Canada are high. Before mandates are ended, the number of hospital beds must be increased, say experts.

Canadians Hospitalized due to COVID-19 Actual number of Canadians Hospitalized due to COVID-19 Source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19

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