Day 10. Go home, say Ottawa women to occupiers as city enters Emergency Status

Ottawa is now in a “State of Emergency” as police and firefighters remove hazardously stored propane and fuel (video) and women complain of assaults by the occupiers of Ottawa (witness/survivor statement).

Demonstrators sieging Ottawa and occupying the core of the city now outnumber the members of the Ottawa Police Service says His Worship Jim Watson, mayor of Canada’s capital city, Ottawa.

“Completely out of control”, is how Mayor Watson described the heavy equipment operators who were using force and some of the extreme noise psychological warfare tactics used by the Americans in the Vietnam War to occupy the city and demoralize the residents “by blasting a wall of sound non-stop in Ottawa residential areas using locomotive train engine horns and sonic blasters”.

by Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

US Army Sonic Warfare Courtesy Photo U.S. Army Sustainment Command
The Long-Range Hyper Sonic Weapon and Transporter Erector-Launcher arrived at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Photo courtesy of Michael Mumford, 404th AFSB

According to Kleinn Air Horns Limited, “The Model 230 and 630 train horns that come in our HK7 & HK8 systems are some of the loudest horns we carry. The output is about 153-154 db at 150 psi. However if you use the Model 6880 BlastMaster upgrade, (supplies 2 extra solenoids, fittings and tubing so each trumpet will have its own solenoid) the output will go up to about 157 db. The only thing louder is our Model 730 Demon™ Train Horn that comes in our new HK9 system which can also be upgraded, but with our Model 6890 Ultra BlastMaster upgrade to produce 158.8 dB.

Ottawa Police Services try to manage a state of emergency in Ottawa. Ottawa police service member observes street blockage in downtown Ottawa. Photo Courtesy Ottawa Police Services/Twitter.

Noise level of each trumpet-horns-rack unit is 3x-times the safe level. “Now think about a few hundred of these things at the same time,” says US Army Sgt. who “doesn’t want to get involved”.

“You all are faced with a fake protest because the USA border-crossing is identical and because it is about an occupation and destabilization of the West and not a legit protest,” the source suggested.

“Sonic weapons have been used for literally thousands of years
to disrupt, confuse and even injure opponents,” notes

According to police officers, the sound levels in Ottawa from devices on huge 18-wheelers ‘that seem to be from train locomotives’  have a decibel range between 120db and 160db.

“To understand this, consider that a shotgun blast is about 150db,” explained one officer, speaking unofficially.

“Noises are at an acceptable level if they are between 40 and 60 decibels, or match the ambient background noise – whichever is higher,” says the Ontario Ministry of the Environment .

The exposure of 85 db to 90 db, is considered to be potentially harmful, say doctors at the CDC and the USA National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).  See: Reducing Noise Exposure: Guidance & Regulations | NIOSH | CDC.

USA Army Photograph. Sound as a weapon Extreme sound as a weapon. USA Army Photograph

Video: Ottawa Police and Firefighters have begun removing hazardous inflammables like fuel and propane stored randomly by the occupiers.


Women health care workers complain of harassment and physical assaults by Occupiers of Ottawa.

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The following statement is received in confidence. With the help of art director Rosa Yamamoto, the survivor of this encounter was able to identify one of her assailants from video she was shown. The video had been assembled from other complainants. She has not decided if she will file a police report. “I have heard of others enduring much worse so maybe police should focus on worse cases than mine,” she said, but agreed to think it over in the coming week.

The subject was referred by ‘Marylin’ whom FPMag interviewed for this article: Canadian capital shut down by Toxic Trucker Mob, say RINJ Women in Rideau, Glebe, Orleans –

“I was walking to work when some big guy jumped in front of me and started lurching around like a hip hopper and taunting at times blocking my way yelling about my mask and trying with sudden moves to grab the mask. I had to put the ear loop back on under my scarf. As I turned my head sideways to fix my scarf I realized he was with three other males. They were taunting and pointing at my legs. One of those persons leaned forward quickly and grabbed the bottom of my coat and quickly lift it up. I was wearing my blue scrubs and carried my shoes while wearing high winter boots. I don’t do that any longer.

“I continued walking fast but I was scared out of my mind. I figured I was about to be raped by the way they were talking, using the f-word and saying they should do that to me and that hey should rip off my mask and put something else in my face. So, yeah, when they saw I was a medical worker they were shrieking and the guy who was jumping around me hit me on the shoulder twice and they all were calling me the ‘c-word’ and other foul language.

” I got the idea after one hit me to call out, ‘Police officer can you help me.’ and I pointed up the street and started running. They let me go. I ran like a bat out of H,” explained nurse Marylin.

“No no, I didn’t really see a police officer I just pretended and as I ran I reached out my arm yelling Officer officer, please. But there was nobody there, I was faking that, I turned the corner at the bank and kept on running as fast as I could until I got to the hospital.”

“We all just want these people to go home. We had a nice city until they wrecked our home,” the complainant added.

The great Irony (Or Lie) of the so-called Freedom Convoy is that the border vaccination requirement is a law first passed by the USA. The Canadian law is a mute point.

Even if Canada removed the mandate for trucker vaccinations the drivers would still need to get vaccinated to travel into the USA which for Canadian drivers would have exactly the same effect as the Canadian law.

Vaccination requirements for border crossing are not unusual. 


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