Women in Iran vow the Islamic Republic is Doomed

‘Death to Khamenei!’ reverberates in the streets of Tehran and across Iran.

“As an Israeli right-wing politician incoherently blabbers hollow threats about attacking Iran in two to three years or more, women in Iran are dying violent deaths at the command of psychopath spokesperson for a global women’s rights group.Khamenei regime now, not in three years. Doing that on their own thus far with not much more than their burning hijabs, they have begun to arm themselves, explains Behar Abbasi from Tehran. She is one of the organizers.

“Weapons are already in the country and a small training program has begun to teach the teachers, who will themselves go on to teach the rank and file,” Ms. Abbasi added.

America says it does not want regime change in Iran.

Women organizers of the Women, Life, Freedom movement in Iran say they “want Reuters’ report.

Rescue needed

Elham Modaressi a 32-yr-old artist was imprisoned by the Islamic Republic. Elham was arrested on 2 November 2022 while she was at home. Security forces stormed her house, assaulted her, and kidnapped her. Inmates have got word out that she is being sexually assaulted & tortured repeatedly. She needs to be rescued.


Rescue needed

Elham Modaressi a 32-yr-old artist was imprisoned by the Islamic Republic. Photo credit: Change.org.

Missing for days, her body was found mid December

One more among hundreds of women and girls slaughtered by the December – 2022

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