Ukraine, world, losing USA proxy-wars. No winners. [In-Depth]

Military experts and humanitarians from Ukraine to Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, and Afghanistan seem to have reached a synergy heretofore unmatched: “fed up with the warmongering Biden Administration”.

In the UK where nurses are being beaten down with a war stick and in all the new war zones where humanitarian workers are fading from exhaustion, human rights defenders and the military experts agree, there are no winners in these patriarchal wars now spreading everywhere.

The case of the nurses is summoning incredulity around the world. The abuse these medical workers have taken under the Johnson administration is beyond compare. Some 100,000 UK nurses are about to hit the bricks, on strike, as the head of the British Conservative Party demands they accept reduced pay and longer work hours to assist the warmongering males of the UK and the USA in their war against Vladimir Putin, “while those d**k-heads eff-off to a party at 10 Downing?” chortled Marie Evans, a British nurse, member of the RINJ Women group.

“Somehow these bath bricks felt we needed a bleeding war to boot,” said NP Evans who responded to the demands that 100,000 senior nursing staff, “continue their three-year overworked status and accept tiring hardships and low pay in order to help the brain-dead men defeat Vladimir Putin in their murderous game of war,” she added in a fury.

Experts in a study published in September say medical workers are headed for the exit.

“Globally, the health workforce has long suffered from labour shortages. This has been exacerbated by the workload increase caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Major collapses in healthcare systems across the world during the peak of the pandemic led to calls for strategies to alleviate the increasing job attrition problem within the healthcare sector. This turnover may worsen given the overwhelming pressures experienced by the health workforce during the pandemic, and proactive measures should be taken to retain healthcare workers. This review aims to examine the factors affecting turnover intention among healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic,” study intro by Poon, YS.R., Lin, Y.P., Griffiths, P. et al. A global overview of healthcare workers’ turnover intention amid COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic review with future directions. Hum Resour Health 20, 70 (2022).

“Yes. The world is fed up with the Biden/Putin war that seems about to kill us all,” said a nurse who wanted the last word.

“The world is fed up with the Biden proxy war that blinds the American elitist cabal of warmongers to the deadly perils they bring to billions of people around the world,” agrees Dale Carter, security head of the global women’s rights NGO, The RINJ Foundation, as she stepped off a plane in Istanbul.

“American elitist cabal of warmongers”, is the term Tulsi Gabbard used when in the second week of October she departed the USA Democrat Party. She is a former Senator and a former contender in the 2020 presidential nominations.

Ms. Carter was just arriving in Istanbul, a gateway to visit Syria. Dr. Buni Nemef and Dr. Nassima al Amouri of the RINJ Women Syrian operations will meet Ms. Carter during the week in Aleppo, Syria, in a war zone of its own, not far from yet another war that is raging from Kobani, Syria to the Iranian-Iraqi-Turkish border intersection. was told by a nurse in Idlib that the senior RINJ officials in Syria will seek agreement to close the women’s shelter in Kobani and move it and all its occupants and occasional ‘clients’ to a safer location which has yet to be agreed upon. They say they have a sponsor to fund the desperate action to save lives.

“The Turks are making war on the PKK/SDF forces along its border and the reduction in Russian troops in Syria, because of Ukraine, has left the field wide open for Turkey to begin slaughtering fighters of the militia known as the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) which recently, allegedly with the help of the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, were responsible for a bomb blast in Istanbul that killed six people. Recep Erdogan, president of Turkey was rightfully furious, as are we, about this attack, and has called for severe retaliation against the enemy forces assembled on the other side of Turkey’s border with Syria,” explained Dr. al Amouri.

“President Erdogan says he is starting a fight to end the terrorist activities of the PKK in his country. Probably nobody except the Americans disagree but unfortunately, this is bringing even more violence to the region. Likely Mr. Erdogan is at the end of his tether… the terrorist attacks against Turkey have been going on for decades and have killed over 40,000 people,” she said as she shrugged during the video call.

“America disagrees,” said Dr. al Amouri, “because the USA military people in Syria are aligned with the PKK which provides what is known as the Syrian Defence Forces (SDF) and the US military operators in Syria, with hundreds of child soldiers, teens who have been extricated from the millions living in refugee camps and trained as soldiers to fight America’s enemies in the region these past nearly ten years. These teens and younger kids are housed and trained all over Europe and in Iraq and Syria,” explained Dr. Nassima al Amouri.

Video: Background on the Child soldiers and the PKK.

When asked, Nassima al Amouri said she did “not know the outcome because a meeting with the sponsoring donor will take place with Ms. Carter and our Syrian team and all options will be discussed. Director Carter has the authority to make the decisions on the spot, so when we walk away, we head to an action-oriented solution immediately. The situation is morbid, but we are expecting a good outcome. we can talk about that once the dust has settled, but until then we cannot talk about a new location, publicly,” she said. “This horrid Ukraine War is messing up the whole world.” Dr. al Amouri added.

Not of all of Europe is on the same page, pursuing an endless proxy war in Ukraine

“Some European countries are training Ukrainian soldiers Hungary will not do that. We said no. we want to move not to war but to peace,” Tamas Menczer, Hungary’s Minister of State for Communications wrote on his Facebook page.

Over 1,000 Ukrainian troops have been trained by the EU says EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Mr. Josep Borrell who indicates he is very eager to keep the war going in Ukraine in order to tire out the Russian population and deplete Russia’s military assets according to several officials who themselves say they are tiring of this war. Officials criticizing Borel do not want to be named because of their job security.

“The Biden administration refuses to tell the American people the truth: Ukraine is not winning and will not win this war.”

Those are the words of US Colonel (retired) Douglas Macgregor, a decorated American combat veteran, and the author of five books. He wrote this comment in an article within the American Conservative publication.

Video: As Russia bombs strategic infrastructure targets aimed at annihilation of the industrial Ukraine/USA war-machinery in Ukraine, the USA/Ukraine side is blowing out windows in children’s clothing stores and apartment buildings in the Donetsk People’s Republic as it has done since May 2022.

Video: Ukrainians shelling civilians in Donetsk City today.

The coming chapter in the Russian special military operation could wipe out the Ukrainian state, retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor wrote in his article for the American Conservative. He believes the “aggressive foreign policy of USA President Joe Biden can lead to this.”

“Washington will have prompted the Russian State to build up its military power, the very opposite of the fatal weakening that Washington intended when it embarked on its course of military confrontation with Moscow,” Colonel Macgregor’s article suggests.

“Ukraine is not winning and will not win this war,” writes Colonel Macgregor. The prolific author also points to the weakening of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a result of an “endless series of pointless attacks against Russian defenses in Southern Ukraine.”

Donetsk Under shelling attack since May 2014

As Russia obliterates the Ukrainian military targets and the electrical generation facilities that power Ukraine’s massive effort to produce weapons, Ukraine continues to shell civilian centers killing a handful of kids and their grandparents at a time. Photo credit: Alona Adamovich / / Donbass. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine.

Barbarism prevails on each side, Russia and the 55 countries Russia is fighting in Ukraine

The attacks on electrical power generation may cause ordinary Ukrainians and the Ukrainians seeking self-determination away from Ukraine may well flee their respective areas in the coming weeks.

We are very concerned about that because these attacks on the energy infrastructure mean that many people in freezing temperatures might be forced to leave Ukraine, so we expect another wave of refugees in the coming weeks,” the German ambassador to Britain, Mr. Miguel Berger has said, according to Al Jazeera.

As the world fights a dearth of energy fuel and foodstuffs, the G7 again tries to reduce the amount of oil and gas in the marketplace.

The Saudi Arabia led OPEC group and Saudi’s many partner producers, including Russia, have not changed their targets for delivering fossil fuel to the globe, despite what many are saying is an absurd price cap led by the sliding European Union on oil, imposed against Russia.

Russia and the Russian economy have the required capacity to fully meet the needs and requirements of the special military operation,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday when asked if the move would undermine Moscow’s military effort.

Peskov has said on numerous occasions in November and December that Russia will not honour the price cap and will simply not provide fossil fuels to those nation-buyers who refuse to pay market price.
Donetsk City Under continued attack

Donetsk City under shelling attacks since May 2014. Photo credit: Alona Adamovich / / Donbass. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine