RINJ Woman reject Canadian misanthropy, geronticide, MAID

RINJ Women, a global women’s rights NGO, wants women to have a reason to live and zealously imbues that theme with sparkle and elan at woman’s shelters and birthing clinics they operate. Canada’s Liberal government on the other hand, wants people who are depressed or people who suffer diabetes or homelessness to be able to avail government medical assisted suicide. Generally, women are not so keen on killing their offspring, and every person, man or woman, is some woman’s offspring.

The women’s group is also encouraging women to seek permanent birth control, especially in areas’ where rape is epidemic, which is more than half the world. Meanwhile Canada wants to instantly import three million young immigrants to bolster its Liberal voting population and increase the work force. It’s like herding cattle, but who needs cattle as we head into a plant-based food mandate?

RINJ’s Alona Adamovich, supervising many birthing clinics in Ukraine, says she is at times overwhelmed by the irony. “Killing thousands of people is OK with governments, and here we are in dank, cracked-wall basements delivering babies that nobody wants except their mommies, naturally,” she says. When asked about assisted dying laws in Canada since 2016, now headed to being legalized for people feeling depressed, she said, “perverted!” and walked away to heat some baby bottles.

Some ten thousand Canadians were euthanized, receiving medical assistance in dying a.k.a. in Canada as MAID, in 2021, including veterans being offered euthanasia for PTSD, a number that is growing furiously, month by month.

“I am beginning to encourage women to seek permanent birth control. Sterilization,” Alona noted.

“Canada’s Liberal government wants our babies to kill themselves if they feel bad,” says a retired mom, member of RINJ Women.

Indigenous Canadian women say once again, “We are not being respected. We are being ignored.” Nope. It’s all of us being ignored and disrespected, now that we humans are eight billion clamoring members of the species out on the streets with signs and painted faces (in America they have MAGA horns on their heads and a blue check mark status symbol by their names on Twitter, to get noticed). The Canadian government wants to let us kill ourselves (euthanasia) if we feel like it because of depression or other mental illness, or if our government insults our intelligence and we get depressed?

RINJ Women, a global women’s rights NGO wants people to have a reason to live and zealously imbues that concept with sparkle and elan at every woman’s shelter and birthing clinic.

“Being a woman inherently contradicts misanthropy.”

“Being a nurse at a women’s hospital in Venezuela is contraindicated and against everything governments stand for these days. Governments are promoting the importance of mass deaths and we, like RINJ sister Behar Abbasi in Tehran, are fighting for lives against governments that randomly mass murders their populations. Being a woman inherently contradicts misanthropy,” Michele Francis explains the frustration. She on behalf of The RINJ Foundation, runs a hospital and three clinics in the Amazon Basin of Venezuela in cooperation with a local faith-based NGO.

In case nobody told you 8 billion people, “You are nobody to your governments.”

“There are eight billion people on the planet, and we did not need another one (you). If that makes you feel depressed, you are mentally ill and can go kill yourself,” says our government(s).

The world according to United Nations estimates’ has reached a population of 8 billion. We and our colleagues at the Civil Society Solidarity Partners against COVID-19 are uncertain of the accuracy because everyone is uncertain of the true number of deaths caused by the recent and prevailing pandemic and its side effects.

One thing the pandemic has done is killed off a huge number of senior citizens. We apparently didn’t want them anyway. Why? They were neglected anyway. Why? They draw paltry pensions? They don’t work? They expect us to shovel their sidewalks?

Les Landry lost his disability benefits and became poor because he became a senior citizen. Now he says he needs MAID

One Canadian man, Les Landry, who just turned 65 and lost all his disability benefits, must rely on something like $7,000.00 a year Canada Pension Plan, his Old Age Security, another $6,000.00 per year, as many seniors know is often just randomly taken away from them by Service Canada, at a time when a head of lettuce costs over $6.00 and the average rent in Canada is $1,976 a month or $23,712.00 per year.

Les Landry is approved to kill himself with medical assistance provided by the country says he will commit assisted suicide because he does not want to be homeless, according to an exclusive report in Britian’s Daily Mail.

While Les Landry loses his disability and falls into poverty because he became a senior, the Canadian government is pouring tens of millions of dollars into a war that is killing disenchanted Ukrainians who decided to exercise their right of self-determination and broke away from Ukraine.

When did we stop caring? Canada’s long-term seniors care system has been in severe distress, exposed by COVID-19. Seniors died from neglect.

Satire: Clearly, in Canada, being a senior citizen is foolishness. If you are a senior, for God’s sake, figure out some way to lie about your age, at least to yourself. It’s the stupidest thing you ever did, get old.

In the scheme of natural existence, getting old is wise—makes you wise. You took care of yourself and survived all the normal pains of living. How did you do that? Tell me? What is your secret? Your mind is gold. You survived all the test diseases the maniacs released accidentally from their labs in faraway Asia. You did not get eaten. You are one of the marvelous ones of our species with a ton of amazing knowledge and experience. But who gives a damn. We have the internet, and 7,999.999,999 more of you humans.

Eric Coulam, from Fort St John in British Columbia, Canada, has been approved for euthanasia. His farewell party was a splash in November. He is unwell and will de at a time of his choosing.

A 61-year-old Canadian man, Frederick Felix Turbide of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has taken his own life after losing over 200,000 Canadian dollars (US$152,000) to an Israeli-run binary options firm, a Canadian law-enforcement official told The Times of Israel.

Nancy Russell was euthanized when she declined to go through more COVID-19 lockdown isolation.

This losing the value of human life has been coming for a long time. The mass killings done in the United States by Americans at home, and the mass killings America does all around the world, continue and nobody is flinching. Nobody stops the killing—killing of people, animals and the planet.


Government leaders are killing their people

She painted her face t get noticedThe pain of Mahsa Amini’s violent death and getting that noticed among 8 billion people also crying out for help, as leaders only care about maintaining power and caring for themselves. Photo Credit: Gregorio Borgia / Associated Press via Los Angeles Times.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine