How many Euro-Women and their families will die this winter?

More Europeans will die this winter because of the cold and their inability to stay warm and healthy. That is what medical and energy experts predict.

Meanwhile, some officials say America is a greater enemy to Europe than is Russia for provoking the war with Russia in Ukraine and pushing massive quantities of weapons into Eastern Europe to keep the fighting intense and prolong the war. Married to this worry is the fact that America has too many enemies and too many incipient wars for its quasi-allies to handle. Some fear that America is taking the world to war from the European continent through all of the Pacific region. Gradually Europeans like German Chancellor Olaf Scholz are trying to, without saying so, rebuild relationships with China and distance Germany and Europe from the danger the USA brings.

Germany no longer wants to operate under America’s military umbrella. Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said that he intends to rebuild Germany’s military to become the major armed forces of the European Union.

America has sabotaged with explosives the pipelines from Russia to Europe and is selling liquid natural gas to Europe at usurious prices.

Russia’s response to America has been to bomb Ukraine into the dark and cold and shut to partially and fully closed some gas lines to Europe causing energy shortages.

That America set up the European Union nations to freeze in the dark this winter, there seems to be little doubt on the streets of Berlin where the public speaks angrily about the soaring cost of living.


Biden and Emmanuel Macron

Screen capture from White House Welcome Video.


French President Emmanuel Macron is in Washington DC for a state visit with the US President. He has often chided President Biden for invoking the possibility of nuclear “Armageddon” and said his USA counterpart should choose his words more carefully.

“We must speak with prudence when commenting on such matters,” Macron told reporters at an EU summit meeting in Prague in October. “I have always refused to engage in political fiction, and especially when speaking of nuclear weapons,” he said. “On this issue, we must be very careful.”

Macron told America in a speech today that, “Together, we need to work to rebuild the unity of our societies through respect and recognition — the only means to eradicate hate.”

Without referring to the new cold wars America has entered with Russia and China, Macron said, “Together, we need to frame new world balances to bring peace and build a renewed, more equitable partnership with the Global South.” (Text of full speech.)

Europeans are Angry

Washington’s efforts to break the EU away from Russian and Chinese trade; the America/Russia war in Ukraine with its accompanying arms races, leaves the European continent out in the cold, literally.

EUrope in cold ice winter

Europe is in big trouble as it becomes more hostile-sounding among its unelected warmongering leadership, more warlike, struggling with the continued military escalation it is doing in Ukraine to please the Americans.

Tens of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians are dead in the US proxy war, all to say that Europe and America (NATO) steadfastly oppose the right to self-determination of a few million Ukrainians who can’t stand the corruption and fascism in Ukraine and wanted to leave.

No matter how many thousands of disenchanted Ukrainians Britain, Canada, America and Ukraine killed in Donbass, (estimated at over 14,000 eventually provoking Vladimir Putin’s ‘Special Military Operation‘ in Ukraine), the people of the Donetsk PR and the Luhansk PR have achieved respectably structured statehood and a national pride that should be the envy of the world. But no. All America and Europe apparently want to do is slaughter those people and they have been doing that since May 2014 when this war began and more vigorously sine 24 February 2022 to the detriment of the entire world.

Deaths are expected to rise in Europe due to unfettered cold and increased food insecurity due to American and EU war sanctions.

EU WInter Death forecasts

Original concept and graph data: The Economist Additional Data:  Copernicus; Eurostat; Energie-Control Austria; MEKH; VaasaETT; WHO; Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

White House Photo Biden puts log in fire White House is warm as Europe pays exorbitant prices for American LNG fuel. White House Official Photo.  Image is cropped.Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine