Complex task of politically criminalizing the wrong US President

A balanced USA leader with all his wits, who did not surround himself with buffoons, would not have provoked this war considering its massive implications of severe harm to the entire human race. Something tells us that Trump would have prevented war because Trump has those demonstrated skills.

An editorial by the staff of Feminine Perspective Magazine with input from hundreds of humanitarian workers in Ukraine. Merry Christmas, people, and goodwill to all sentient beings of Earth.

There are worldwide suspicions that more than Donald Trump have criminalized themselves regardless of what the United States Democratic Party in Congress and the Biden Department of Justice does or says.

Examples include George W. Bush who invaded Iraq, slaughtering up to a million Iraqis, leaving that country in a disastrous mess. Bush extorted from his cohorts the orchestrated lie and global deception of a pretext that Saddam Hussein had amassed nuclear weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons of mass destruction in secret hideaways of Iraq. Nobody has found a flea’s size of weaponry to match that description. Since Hussein, nobody has been able to hold together the Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite regions of that country as did Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein, when unfettered, ran a prosperous nation. Sometimes a scumbag-leader is what is needed to bring happiness and prosperity for the people. Remember the benevolent dictator Tito in Yugoslavia. Now Iraq is a pitiful mess waiting it’s time to spill.

Another example is Joseph Biden who allegedly clips a percentage of monies raised by an allegedly illegal cabal of operators doing influence peddling in China and Ukraine, including his allegedly wayward son, Hunter Biden. In addition to bribery, the US Congress has seen a resolution that raises claims of extortion.

Hunter Biden's and his 
        family's financial transactions with Ukrainian, Russian, 
        Kazakh, and Chinese nationals raise criminal concerns and 
        extortion threats.

If Hunter Biden’s laptop (s) is a portal of revelations the argument of HB being a narcotics-disabled kid of a US official may taint the evidence as the rantings of a stoner and win sympathy.

But is Joe Biden really taking a ‘taste’ of every ‘cash-dropoff’? GOP members have a good point. Read if you wish:  HSGAC-Finance-Joint-Report-2020.09.23

Biden is more of a criminal than Trump.

Nobody on this planet was more able to stop the war in Ukraine, than Joe Biden, but Biden didn’t prevent war. Instead, Biden fanned the flames to worsen and extend the war, increasing business for the military industrial base in America and selling more liquid natural gas to Europe at exorbitant prices. Look! Biden’s war is starving millions of deprived humans in Africa and Asia. Any one of Biden, NATO or the UN could have prevented that growing catastrophe by negotiating the inalienable right to self-determination for the Ukrainian people and the security threat to Russia imposed by a belligerent NATO.

Donald Trump could have stopped some of the misconduct at the Capitol Building done by his fans. Trump should have done more to stop the uncontrolled demonstration against US lawmakers.

Choose what should be the USA Congress focus: Stopping a war from killing millions or ending a demonstration that embarrassed rich, pretentious US politicians?

Biden, instead of provoking war with Russia, could have saved the world this morbid economic, energy and food crisis.

Two negotiated settlements were needed. The inalienable rights of the Ukrainians to self-determination and the security issues of Russia needed to be resolved. Biden, since 2008 has been embedded in Ukraine, extorting, cajoling and favour-exchanging to give him control of the country.

Today, 8 billion people are imperiled by the Biden Administration which like always can only see the dollars going into their pockets and their coffers for future political ventures.

Biden’s war in Europe, to become the worst thing that ever happened to Europe and the world? That is what Biden willfully risked for his political gain.

The Biden war is going to be the worst thing that ever happened to the human race if it is not already.

Joe Biden owns that reality, no matter how many ill-intentioned, incompetent clowns he has surrounded himself with. Failing the warding off of Peter’s principal, Biden is responsible and someday the people will want him hung, if there is anyone left to do that.

Joe Biden is the quintessential lying sociopathic politician. He is smarmy, slippery, mean-spirited, and selfish. He pretends to Democrat principals and behaves like something else.

Do as you will but harm thee nothing.

A well balanced solid personality would not have let this war happen considering its massive implications of severe harm to the entire human race, in particular the most vulnerable. It is today a nightmare for the poor and a catastrophe for under-developed nations.

Biden and America have brought new American mass death to the human race with crippling sanctions and massive shipments of weapons into a civil war zone, which of itself is a crime for all the interveners in Ukraine since 2014.

Biden has exploited the corruption of the United Nations and NATO which both continue to warmonger for the American military industrial complex. The United Nations’ Secretary General, put into the job by the United States, has failed to see both sides of the story in eastern Europe and failed to recognize the right of self-determination of Ukrainians just as he has failed to see the cases of women whom his organization either rapes or molests at all of the UN offices and operations around the globe.

January 65y Select Committee to investigate

On Monday the January 6th committee as it has come to be known, issued an 800-page report explaining why it made referrals to the Department of Justice for four criminal charges against Donald Trump.

Money crimes and invasion crimes of mass murder by senior US officials seem to get overlooked, in the first case in support of “The Troops” and in the second case because all US officials are likely doing money crimes of one kind or another at any given time. (There but for the grace of God go I?)

But Trump challenged the authority of elected US officials to do their crimes, and not being one of the ‘Old Boys Club’, he is in big trouble, politically.

Trump is one of those people who is impossible for normal, healthy people to really like. In fact, liking Donald Trump is akin to deviancy. Sociopaths have an uncanny ability to draw people to themselves that they think they can use. But it Trump’s relationship’s do not last long.

To like Donald Trump’s entertainment value, sure, he is indeed a fascinating villain, somewhat like the vicious, unscrupulous landlord who bilks his tenants and lies about everything. SOme of that might be laughable unless ine learns the reality of those he hurts. Then nothing is funny and nothing is entertaining.

It is reasonable to describe former President Donald Trump as a politician, but he is not by any stretch a statesman and he is not accepted in Washington DC by the political elite as one of them. The report of the January 6th committee seems solid with exceptions of those things that are exculpatory on Donald Trump. It is not a balanced report. Nevertheless, Trump’s misdeeds are catching up with him. He will be requred to pay a lot of fines and maybe restitution. Or nothing.

What the world pays for the warmongering of George Bush and Joe Biden, has begun already and Earth has become a very explosive and dangerous place, thanks to these two men and those who follow their cults.

What we must all do is throw out the glimmer and shine and join hands as one species to fight the voluminous challenges ahead in a manner that is caring and sharing.

Season’s Greetings from the staff of Feminine-Perspective Magazine.