China U-Turn on COVID-19 mitigation is brilliant: expert.

But it will have blind spots due to a narrow definition of what comprises a COVID-death: “pneumonia or respiratory failure”.

“You are alone in a fight against a massively spreading disease if you don’t share your data with the science community,” suggests Dr. Kathy Poon, biostatistician with the Civil Society Solidarity Partners against COVID-19 in Singapore.

China may need to go it alone in its fight against a massive spread of COVID-19 is what experts are saying. Fact sharing with the scientific community has gone by the wayside and that is skewing the global numbers in a bad way say biostatisticians who are being relied upon to furnish data used to anticipate the needs for medical and pharmacological solutions.

The West’s media tries to estimate what the deaths may run up to in a country that has protected itself from the disease but also delayed any form of mass immunity from exposure. The estimated numbers range widely but it is a fool’s game. China will never tell but Beijing has proven already that it is more than capable of managing the pandemic’s impact in China, explains biostatisticians FPMag interviewed for this article.

Everything is under control says Beijing

“China’s COVID situation remains predictable and under control. Beijing is the first city to have gone through the infection peak. Life and work here are coming back to normal. We are confident the policy adjustment and shifting of focus will go ahead in a steady and orderly way,” says a government release. Photo is a China government handout.

“It’s not too likely that China has lost control of the disease. What they are doing is what the USA did under Donald Trump and Joseph Biden—let everyone become sick and hope for an early mass immunization-by-disease.

“The earlier more deadly variants were best avoided whereas if one is seeking mass immunity for a population, the mildest, least morbid variants of Omicron are the best way to do that. China has acted in the best interests of its citizens, brilliantly,” suggests Dr. Fred Harris, the team leader of the Civil Society Solidarity Partners against COVID-19 in Singapore.

Anecdotal videos snuck out of China by citizen-journalists suggest the bodies, presumably resulting from SARS-CoV-2 infection, are piling up.

How are the Chinese people taking the recent outbreak?

“There is tragedy to be seen in the anterooms of China’s hospitals as the sad story of massive infections among the elderly present in person, seeking care in a system that just like the rest of the world, has too few urgent care beds available,” explains Sara Qin from Shenzhen, China. She is an experienced COVID-19 nurse from Wuhan University and hospital.

“Some Chinese are taking the horrific spread of the disease in stride, as the government of President Xi Jinping acquiesces to the will of the people and continues to release the country from strident COVID-19 restrictions,” she added.

“But we are learning that we are about to be banned by other countries from traveling to their shores, especially in the West,” she added. “It’s the cruel Asian prejudice coming up to its peak again.”

As that happens, hundreds of millions are becoming infected according to biostatistical estimates.