Beijing decides protests could be deadly COVID-19 spreaders

Draconian Lockdowns ending now.

“The brutality by Chinese police dressed in hazmat suits can only be compared to the police violence that happened in Ottawa, Canada in early 2022 and what has been happening in Iran since 16 September 2022. Disgusting,” said Sara Qin of The RINJ Foundation global women’s rights NGO from Shenzhen.

By Sharon Santiago and Micheal John

China’s government yesterday killed all COVID-19 restrictions in the cities of Guangzhou and Chongqing in response to the people there.

Sources suggest that Beijing is waiting to hear from the administrations of other cities in order to continue the lifting of lockdown-type restrictions. Lockdowns to suppress community spread of the virus should be lifted “as soon as possible” said officials at a National Health Commission press briefing in Beijing on Tuesday.

Meanwhile the public uprising has vastly accelerated the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (Omicron sub variants) since 24 November according to CCDC and National Health Commission data. The country is building massive modular hospitals and quarantine centers as it did in Wuhan in early 2020, explains Ms. Qin who is a senior nurse training instructor.

“Western encouragement of public demonstrations in high-risk infectious disease environments of China is contraindicated,” says expert. “The public must be warned to maintain distancing, get vaccinated and mask-up.”

There is ample proof that new variants of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron spread so easily that there is no safety in being outdoors near other people, especially unmasked persons, especially where vaccination immunity levels are low—perhaps like all of China.

In a verified China Centers for Disease Control report released on 18 November 2022, pertaining to a sophisticated patient zero trace research in an outdoor incident, there is abundant proof that ignoring safe distance and masking guidelines can result in serious infections.

A jogger in a park for 30 minutes infected 33 unmasked persons he passed within a meter or two who went on to infect more. This is verified by genomic evaluation of the pathogen, in each case, traced back to the jogger; and video footage in the park, on 16 August 2022 where the case was studied.

“This investigation reported a male infected with Omicron BA.2.76 subsequently infecting 33 visitors and 2 park cleaners while he jogged in a park. Neither Patient Zero nor the 33 visitors wore masks when they visited the park.”

“Among those close contacts and at-risk populations, 48 were infected. Overall, 9 of the 48 individuals were exposed to Patient Zero on August 15 or 16 before Patient Zero jogged, including Patient Zero’s wife, 4 colleagues, 2 foot massage therapists, 1 breakfast server, and 1 person on the road. The other 39 cases all had the same exposure of being in the park where Patient Zero jogged on August 16, including 33 visitors and 6 park staff (4 cleaners, 1 lawn mower and 1 park officer). None of the 39 cases were exposed to other previous reported cases or traveled to regions with COVID-19 cases. The 39 cases had positive test throat swabs or developed symptoms between August 17 and 22. The epi curve indicated a point source exposure for 33 visitor cases and the first 2 park cleaner cases (Figure 1). Among the 39 cases, 29 had the exact same gene sequencing as Patient Zero; 5 cases had a mutation site added to Patient Zero’s gene sequence; and the other 5 cases could not be sequenced because of unqualified specimens.” See: 10.46234/ccdcw2022.209

China building massive new quarantine sites

“Massive quarantine sites and makeshift hospitals are under construction to accommodate at least 250,000 people each in Guangzhou and similar sites, I am told. They will spring up in at least five other locations,” says Sara Qin, a nurse who was in Wuhan for the initial outbreak of COVID-19. Photo is source provided.

The current demonstrations in China are going to kill many people, warns biostatisticians in Singapore and must be stopped peacefully. China faces a grave risk of a deadly and massive outbreak.

“People shouting, shoving, chanting in close quarters will spread the disease in a community environment that has little to no immunity against the disease because the legacy vaccines used in China do not provide substantial longevity of protection, and the Chinese have not been maintaining their jabs,” suggests Dr. Fred Harris of the Civil Society COVID-19 tracking team in Singapore.

“The study data that we have from 18 November is rather impressive. This is pure science and only feasible because of China’s exemplary epidemiological tracing and tracking system.

  • “An Outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Subvariant BA.2.76 in an Outdoor Park — Chongqing Municipality, China, August 2022″
  • Online Date: November 18 2022
  • doi: 10.46234/ccdcw2022.209

Video: Extremely dangerous potential for community spread of new Omicron variants.

“Western encouragement of public demonstrations in the high-risk infectious disease environment of China is irresponsible and contraindicated.”

“The Brutality against demonstrators (not shown here but seen in videos FPMag was provided) must stop. With widespread human reaction to this type of violence happening in Ottawa, Canada and in most cities of Iran this year, China should be clued into the fact that this is globally unacceptable,” said Katie Alsop, the executive director of The RINJ Foundation.

“For Chinese persons not vaccinated with an evolved vaccine, this is a high-risk scenario. What the government does to mitigate community spread is very important, now. The protests and the fighting with protestors must both stop. Vaccination with any vaccine immediately and the continued wearing of valid respirator masks, would seem to be good steps for the public and the government but I am not in a position to say that to Beijing,” Dr. Harris responded candidly.