Salmon Rushdie and attacks on Kabul Women—Last straws for Khawarij

Editorial: Remembering Saleem Sinai in Midnight’s Children and standing by Salman Rushdie during the fight of his life, brought the author a smile.

Salman Rushdie off ventilator, now ‘talking and joking’ after on-stage knife attack

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We want Work, Bread and Education—Justice! Justice! We are tired of Ignorance!

Tired of male violence and ignorance.

Protesting male Taliban violence and ignorance the women in Kabul are demanding work, food and education. They want justice. Photo Credit: Grace Edwards/RINJ Foundation

Video: Taliban gunfire against women’s rights demonstrators in Kabul causes Chaos in the streets and global revulsion. “Two days prior to the first anniversary of the Taliban coming to power in Afghanistan, a number of female activists came to the streets once again, but they were met with aerial fire by the Taliban forces. These women who protested on Saturday, 13 August 2022, in the center of Kabul, chanted the slogans “work, bread and education” and “justice, justice, we are tired of ignorance”. The protesting women say that in continuation of their previous protests, this time they have protested against “injustice and crimes” and kidnapping of females by the Taliban. The Taliban suppressed the women’s protest with aerial shots and broke the mobile phones of some protesting women,” reports quasi-anonymous Es Bi from Kabul on YouTube.

A weekend of deviant Islam’s Horror

Mr. Rushdie was attacked by a man who believed he would be paid by Iran’s government under a 1989 Fatwa against the globally adored author of over a dozen artistic works and social commentaries.

This pervasive radical Khawarij conduct, aiming at a return to the vilest aspects of human male behaviour, is indefensible in Iran, America, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, anywhere.

No religion can defend the Khawarij conduct of the Islamic State or the behaviour of the pond scum in Kabul, beating women with rifle stocks.

The attack on Salmon Rushdie and the attacks on protesting women in Kabul, Afghanistan just broke the camel’s back. We must salute China’s theory of reeducating Khawarij populations and wonder if refinement and better focus of the theory is possible.

Editorial By Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

The Chinese have made a good point with how they are reeducating extremist Muslims in China. Khawarij Salafism, a hybrid departure ideology, does not mix with Human Values

One thing that neither Americans or the governing Taliban in Afghanistan don’t realize is that there are now 7.9 billion humans on this planet, and they are all equal until any one of us defies and trounces the rights of others. After that crime, the criminals won’t be missed.

The Taliban will not be missed if imprisoned and thus eradicated. Maybe it is time the International Criminal Court was morphed into something functional, and arrogant America was abandoned in its self-appointed failed role of global sheriff. How is it that Salman Rushdie was not protected from this crime?

Khawarij Salafist Islam is a violent hybrid cult of deviancy and anyone who commits a crime under that doctrine in any form should be treated as a member of a crime organization and receive an additional 15 years in prison for what is generally known as an indicatable offence and an extra two years for what is known as a summary or minor offence.

These brainless hoodlums beating women with their rifle butts in Kabul aren’t worth the cost of detainment, but their methods are not to be copied. Murdering them is just as bad as their sick morality unless as a defensive act in the case of resistance movements fighting for their freedom. But otherwise, until they die in prison, they as abhorrent variants of the human race are our responsibility. They can make license plates or knit sweaters for the rest of their lives.

Women are tired of the ignorence of men

Beaten but not to submission, women in Kabul are demanding work, food and education. They want justice. Photo Credit: Grace Edwards/Kabul/RINJ Foundation

“One of the extraordinary things about human events is that the unthinkable becomes thinkable.”

The catastrophic maiming of Salman Rushdie and attempted killing of the thoughtful author is a crime against humanity. We humans don’t need that criminal, nor can we accept that criminal in human society.

The sick intoxicated brains in Tehran who put a fatwa on Mr. Rushdie are no better than the demented opioid-head thugs in Kabul who smash Afghani women with their rifle stocks.

If the people of Iran are not able to get rid of the thugs in government, maybe the rest of the world has a responsibility to do that for them, or at least help the process.

Grace Edwards in Kandahar running a women’s shelter in Kandahar and a rape clinic not far away, for The RINJ Foundation, reports that several women were injured, and some local, innocent onlookers were wounded by the gunfire attack on the small group of women protesters.

Grace Edwards is the regional medical director for Afghanistan based in Kandahar. Previously she served for four years in Syria and before that in Mosul, Iraq. She reports that “pre-teen and teen girls are out of school for over 11 months. Children past grade six do not continue their education. Girls in grades 1-6 returned to school in 2021 but their older sisters have zero access to education. In general, women have no rights and men have the right to brutalize all females including little girls, whom the Taliban consider subhuman,” she wrote in a report for a global RINJ conference in Delhi, India.