Is America about to get a face full of nukes?

Where will angry America fire its nuclear missiles? At the whole world? How long will America even have a stone to throw? It has created enemies and united them against itself. China, Russia, Iran and North Korea plus a few others whose leaders are increasingly perturbed at the American bully are solidly united. The DPRK, for example, is reportedly sending 100,000 troops to help Russia in Ukraine. China, allied with Russia, is livid at America which is now again talking about declaring Russia a ‘terrorist state’ after provoking the Kremlin into a proxy war in Ukraine.

This Sunday, FPMag is asking readers to calm their family and neighbours then sign into “Voices for Peace” a protest that encourages denuclearization of Earth and space around Earth.

A majority of people in the world detest America after nearly six years of awful USA government, the absolute worst in history.

Some nations are resisting American pressure for a complete anti-Russian stance, encouraging hatred of Russians and sanctioning the Russian population’s medicine and food supplies, as done in Iran and the DPRK, but that, some say, is completely impractical.

“It is obvious we are not going back to the same world that we were in before this war,” said Munir Akram, Pakistan’s UN ambassador, but he noted that the contours of a new world order will be defined by the final outcome of the war and the shape of a final peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.

“If a negotiated solution is going to happen, the Western sanctions will have to be lifted because I don’t think the Russians will accept a solution without lifting of sanctions,” Akram added. “From the perspective of noninvolved countries, if I may say so, we have to see the realistic prospects. We think a deal will be done; and therefore, we are not going to buy into a complete anti-Russian stance, which the West is finally going to find some way of accommodating,” said Pakistan’s UN ambassador.

Today, the populations of China, Russia, Iran, India, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and countless non-state Muslim entities are reaching the point where most of the people exposed to American white supremacy hatred therein prefer America went away. Vaporized.

Five or six of those nations are nuclear weaponized. (Join Voices for peace and voice the demand for denuclearization._

Northern Luzon Island overlooking the Chinese and American warships

On the other side of the farthest mountains of Luzon Island in the Philippines Archipelago are Chinese and American warships. “If war breaks out, I fear this side of the mountains will no longer be beautiful,” said photographer. Photo Credit: Micheal John /

This past week has been a bad one for the human race, maybe touching upon a self-made incipient human extinction process. That includes the “ludicrous psycho-drama queen Nancy Pelosi” insisting her mission is to make the world, starting with China, an American democracy.

  1. This week, Israel has been slaughtering men, women, and kids in Gaza with America’s help in a completely unequal engagement where Israel suffers no casualties, and its apartheid population of Palestinians is massacred.
  2. The DPRK has finished preparations for sending 100,000 troops to the aid of Donetsk PR, Luhansk PR troops plus Russian troops in the Donbass regions.

  3. Vladimir OPutin and Kim Jong-unAlexander Matsegora, the Russian ambassador to North Korea, said in July, “There are prospects for cooperation between the DPRK and the Donbas republics, and they are quite extensive. Firstly, Korean builders who are highly qualified, hardworking, and ready to work in the most difficult conditions, will be a very serious part in building the destroyed infrastructure in Donbas.”

  4. America claims that it has helped cause the deaths of from 75,000 to 100,000 ethnic Russians in the Russian areas of Ukraine.
  5. This week, America denounced China sovereignty and continues to insult the President of China in a Chinese election year.
  6. America has now reached $70 billion in its support of the very corrupt, failed state Ukraine.
  7. Because of America’s blind support of the out-of-control fascism and corruption in eastern Ukraine, a vast collection of American artillery, grenades, assault rifles, missiles and launchers are offered for sale on the dark web.
  8. American meddling in Africa has caused at least three armed conflicts raging now.
  9. America now has incipient conflicts on all inhabited continents.
  10. America designating Russia a sponsor of terrorism would limit the ability of the White House to exempt some transactions with Russia from Western penalties, like exports of food grains suggest opponents of the idea. Meanwhile Republicans are seeking legislation to bypass the US State Department and the White House.