Google exec joins Taliban, ISIS, al Quaeda bloody death culture

Google management has complained to its middle managers and general worker population via its own platforms about “*sales productivity and productivity in general” and if 3Q results “don’t look up, there will be blood on the streets” as seen and leaked by *troubled-workers who saw the threat in some of the warnings on a screen poster in a Google lecture hall where employees were gathered and warned to make certain there is an improvement in sales, “or else”.

“This language in this day is a reprehensible violation of human values. Teaching children this kind of rhetoric fails all common decency. Any digital corporation that truly intends to threaten the murder of its employees causing ‘blood on the streets’ should be removed from all devices,” is the response of a civil society women’s rights group which has accused Google of misogyny, and alleged that women workers at Google are systemically underpaid.

Nations of the world already have ‘blood on the streets’, including USA. Blood in the streets refers to mass killings which today are plentiful in the American sphere.

“The world is teetering on the brink of a global war that could wipe out half or more of the human race,” suggests an Israeli security analyst who has been warning for many months of the pandemic-level depression and boiling anger that has struck the human race. Mr. Simon Baldock is relied upon by many nations for his sage defence and foreign affairs plus political science advice.

by Katie Alsop, executive director of The RINJ Foundation and author.

Blood on the streets

Photo: Sundar Pichai.  Date 2 March 2015
Original photograph credit: Maurizio Pesce – Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Photo was featured in “Why Google’s new CEO matters“. This photo above is cropped and contains new art that may block parts of the original photo: Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag.

Mr. Baldock suggests his government and corporate clients tone down their language and learn to deliver genuine good counsel for workers and constituent stake holders, coupled with transparent discussion and concept sharing. In the case of world leaders, he suggests “close your mouth if you have nothing constructive to say. War talk about blood on the streets is not helpful. Millions of people already suffer blood on the streets.”

The CEO of The RINJ Foundation who is the de facto humanitarian psychologist to thousands and who sets treatment standards for some of the most set-upon humans—women who suffer GBV—says it is alarming that the language of business and political leaders has become so ‘bloody’ such that telling employees to work harder includes cognitive death threats.

“The cognitive association between thoughts of blood on the streets at a time when there truly is blood on far too many streets is a reprehensible violation of human rights when applied as a threat to employees,” said Mr. O’Brien, the soon-to-retire CEO of The RINJ Foundation.

“America endures mass shootings almost every single day. In Africa, it is everyone’s daily fear at one time or another in their lives and in eastern Europe it is an everyday occurrence. The shareholders and board members of companies who threaten blood on the streets need to reconsider their poor choice of leaders and start making changes,” he added.

“*Corporate profits should no longer be based on killing people, which currently is America’s track record. If Google or Alphabet Incorporated wants to be part of the military industrial base selling murder, it needs to uncloak itself as a benevolent digital player in the global IT marketplace and tell the truth about its aims and objectives in order that gobal consumers may make a true and informed choice about what it allows on its devices,” said Mr. O’Brien.

“Any digital corporation that truly intends to threaten the murder of its employees causing ‘blood on the streets’ should be removed from all devices.”

* A Norwegian Professor and founder of Peace Studies, Johan Galtung, has stated that the US-Empire has killed or supported the killing of between 13 to 20 million people in 37 countries since the end of World War II in 1945.

* In its second quarter earnings report last month, Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc.  reported a 13% increase in revenues, a little short of their expected $70.8 billion. This was  the fourth quarter with a decline from the previous year. Alphabet also reported a decline in per share earnings and in operating margins, and net income fell from $18.5 billion in Q2 2021 to $16 billion, in all a 14% decline in profit and about $1.4 billion less than Wall Street watchers expected, according to the Financial Times.

* Google paid women in ‘Covered Positions’ thousands of dollars per year
less than men in the same job code. Google paid women less base pay, smaller bonuses, and smaller shares of stock than it paid men in the same job codes.