Fallout from US Congressional Visit to Taiwan will hurt. Boeing may lose $40B A/C deal

China has sanctioned Taiwan by ending the import of some fish and fruits from Taiwan and banned China’s export of natural sand to Taiwan.

Iran, Russia, Syria and South American nations have communicated support for China in “whatever action the Chinese people choose as a response to American interference”.

Following the extraordinary USA challenge to China’s sovereignty over Taiwan island, some airlines are cancelling flights to Taiwan for a few days because of China’s live-fire military exercises more or less surrounding the island of Taiwan and closing the Taiwan strait. Early announcements suggested the demonstrations would continue through the sixth of August but there are rumours of a continuation.

“Singapore carriers have taken note of the NOTAM (Notice to Airmen issued by China) as part of standard operating procedures and avoid the affected areas,”  the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) advised on Thursday afternoon, when asked.

A spokesperson for Singapore Airlines told Channel News Agency that with the exception of flights SQ878 and SQ879, the company’s passenger and cargo flights “currently do not traverse Taiwanese airspace”.

By Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

China has released the above graph showing the extraordinary nature of current live fire military operational exercises. “From all appearances,” comments Simon Baldock, an Israeli security analyst, “this is basically an exercise to train combat arms fighters of the People’s Liberation Army, land and sea elements to both blockade and even invade Taiwan. China has clearly said that it plans to move forward its timeline for unification,” Mr. Baldock added.

1.4 Billion Angry Chinese seems probable. Social media in China is on fire with acrimony toward the USA. “Beijing could do anything to America and its population would approve,” says FPMag contributor.

Five Chinese authorities including the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, Taiwan Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference National Committee and the Ministry of National Defense, used strong language to condemn the US Congressional Delegation visit to Taipei.

China’s Foreign Ministry summoned the US Ambassador, Nicholas Burns to protest against the Pelosi-led US Congressional Delegation coming to Taipei. Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi issued a “second strong statement condemning the US’ intrusion on China’s sovereignty,” says a FM statement.

Globaltimes is reporting that Chinese embassies in many countries including but not limited to Britain, Japan and India all released similarly stern messages, and Qin Gang, Chinese envoy to the US, lodged solemn representations and strong protests in the first party to the US White House National Security Council and the Department of State.

File photo: A J-20 fighter jet attached to a PLA air force base stands ready on the runway for the upcoming air combat training exercise involving multi-type fighter jets on 17 May 2022. Photo credit: Eng.chinamil.com.cn / Photo by Yang Jun

Already Troubled Boeing fears it may lose the opportunity to sell airliners to China.

In 2017 Boeing signed a deal with a state-owned Chinese operator to sell 300 airliners worth $37 billion in 2017 dollars. Since then, the Boeing company has faced difficult times.

General Electric said at the time that it had signed jet engine contracts worth $2.5 billion in then-year dollars and a $1 billion agreement for power plant equipment and services.

State-run China Aviation Supplies (CAS) leases aircraft and equipment to commercial airlines in China.  CAS contracted to buy two-hundred-and-sixty Boeing 737s, forty Boeing 777s and Boeing 787s depending on production schedules. That is all up in the air at this time.

Mainland China Issues Statement Explaining Live Fire Operations

“The PLA Eastern Theater Command on Wednesday organized its affiliated Navy, Air Force, Rocket Force, Strategic Support Force and Joint Logistic Support Force and conducted realistic combat-oriented joint exercises in the sea and air space to the north, southwest and southeast of the island of Taiwan, the PLA Eastern Theater Command said in a press release on the day,” said a release to the CCP journal known as the Global Times.

Joint blockade, sea assault, land attack and air combat drills were at the core of the operation, as the exercises tested the troops’ joint operational capabilities,” said the press release.

The J-20 stealth fighter jet, H-6K bomber, J-11 fighter jet, Type 052D destroyer, Type 056A corvette and DF-11 short-range ballistic missile are among the weapons used in the drills, as shown in the photos attached to the press release.

China Type 055 Destroyer At least three of the largest destroyers in the world (type 055) are circulating not far from Taiwan. The same is also true of two Chinese nuclear powered aircraft carriers. Photo credit: China.mil. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine