Russia is not the pariah that America in Ukraine has become. Europe be warned. Editorial

War is a belligerent male occupation that brings its most harm to women and children. That is evident in the mess America has left behind in the DPRK, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Humanity must ignore global-killing Biden-sanctions to avert global starvation. That is the only way ahead. What right does Biden have to kill 20% of the human population?

Editorial comment from the writers of led by by Sharon Santiago and Micheal John with files from Melissa Hemingway in Ukraine

The corruption and failure of humanity’s main leadership is complete. Selfish, corrupt, power-crazed male leaders are with illegal acts destroying the human race they were supposed to lead to health, prosperity and glory.

It is highly improbable that Vladimir Putin wanted this Hybrid WWIII. His empty tents and ancient Soviet armour near the Donbass border since April 2021 was a foolhardy and risky optics stunt that contributed carefully schemed satellite imagery of thousands of empty tents and Soviet armour relics manned by conscript kids along the Russian border with the Luhansk PR and the Donetsk PR. Those kids believed they were to be on exercise. Even when they entered Ukraine they were told it was part of the exercise. The goal was to put pressure on the West.

War is a male occupation that brings its most harm to women and children. War is a male occupation that brings its most harm to women and children. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The story of Putin’s Bluff is told by these youngsters below. These young men were part of a diversion to draw Biden’s invasion force away from the Donbass contact line by amassing troops toward Kiev.

The story of Putin's Bluff is told by these youngsters. These boys are conscripts in the Russian Federation Army. They believed because they were told that they were on exercise. When America and its NATO group refused to listen to Vladimir Putin and his  reasonable protest about America pushing NATO eastward to Russia’s borders were sent on an unplanned mission to the south toward Kiev without a clue about what to do. It was a final bluff that failed to get the West to stop putting nuclear weapons along Russia’s border, and more importantly, stop the 60,000 troops that USA/Ukraine was amassing along the Donbass “contact line” from invading the Luhansk PR and the Donetsk PR. America stalled and stalled hoping to get the invasion force ready by March to move toward the Russian border. These kids in this image were all that Putin and his generals had to create a massive diversion away from the Donbass and shutting down the main impact of the invasion which was thwarted by the armies of Luhansk and Donetsk which pushed the invasion force of mostly illegal combatants including American regulars, British regulars, mercenaries and Ukraine Nazi militia . Photo Credit: Russian Federation ministry of Defence.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

60,000 Invading troops were preparing to attack the DOnbass regions of Luhansk and DOnetsk Ukraine was about to invade Donetsk and Luhansk on the first of March say captured documents offered by Russian sources who plead to have their case heard.  “We have seen four camps like this each one with thousands of tents,” said a local humanitarian worker, recently driving a bus for evacuees in  the Eastern region of Ukraine. This image is of one of many abandoned Ukraine/Allies bases on the border of Ukraine and the Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk (Donbass Region) on 24 February 2022. Estimated 60 thousands of troops were preparing to attack the Russian people in Donbass in March. Ukrainian troops fled as Russian troops entered the area. They changed into their civilian clothes, threw down their uniforms and ran to mingle with the local communities. Photo credit: Courtesy: The RINJ Foundation. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

America’s number one export is death. The pariah nation has been pushing Russia, Iran, Syria, the DPRK and China toward war for a decade of Biden and new death-export heights. American hegemon must be stopped.

Joseph Biden's sanctions must be ignored. The worst US President in American history has made America’s number one export, war and death and now the pariah nation is reaching new export heights. The man in this image is corrupt, stupid, and dangerous. Live Video capture of Joseph Biden, April 2022. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Joe Biden’s Hybrid WWIII is killing people via starvation the UN Secretary General seems to think based on his recent remarks about the American proxy war against Russia being waged in Ukraine. As a criminal reports to Melissa, he was able to buy shoulder launched FGM-148 Javelin missiles and launchers with instructions in Ukrainian on the black market, in a European Union country.

“We have all seen the tragedy unfolding inside Ukraine: cities flattened; people suffering and dying in their homes and in the streets; the fastest displacement crisis in Europe since the Second World War,” UN Secretary-General António Guterres pointed out early this month.

Joseph Biden, his puppet Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin must each step down this week, after calling a full, effective, and endless ceasefire for 29 April 2022.

Biden’s abuse of power, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s utter stupidity becoming a puppet of the USA which is more than willing to kill every, last, living, breathing Ukrainian, and Vladimir Putin for a massive breach of the global peace, are criminals against humanity.

Why the Secretary General of the United Nations is not flagging the misconduct of certain leaders is possibly why the bloated United Nations is not functioning in favour of humanity—the UN is a bloated, toothless behemoth of elderly, overweight bureaucrats.

Abiding America’s bullying is going to kill 20% of the world’s human population within 14 months if allowed according to statisticians in Singapore who have been asked to spend a week redirecting their human accounting of the COVID-19 Pandemic and focus on the war that a corrupt Joe Biden and his corrupt people created over the past years since 2008.

Russia must continue shipping its crops and products and Europe needs to stand down from its outrageous warmongering stance or face the wrath of the world and destruction from within.

What are the idiot male leaders saying? Buy more weapons. What were the morons supposed to be saying? “Buy more weapons,” is what the US-owned and managed NATO is pushing.

As much of the world starves, many dying from hunger or being killed by massive climate change events or wars, America wants more wars and is threatening China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Belarus, DPRK, Iran and more. America is fearmongering and warmongering the human race to a pinnacle of catastrophe, Armageddon.

Women and children are in declining numbers and deaths are on the rise around the world.

The people of Europe are beginning to tune to the fact that its leaders allowed America to push its NATO facade of American hegemony into every corner of the EU which once was the bastion of hope for the human race. Now it is just one more pariah and must be disbanded to help the human race survive.

Video: Men enjoying the killing of each other.

The fighting must stop immediately in Russia, Ukraine, Donetsk PR and Luhansk PR. Let the people decide by whom they shall be ruled.

Biden’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine spews propaganda lies, anti-Semitism, pro-Nazism and death. Biden must get out of the White House. Americans need to do that and fast. The blowback will be decimation of the USA homeland, mostly from within, but with some help. That end will serve humanity. Delaying the end of the American hegemon will accelerate the inevitable destruction of the human race which has already begun.

Every civilian has an automatic weapon which will be legalized after the militray operation of Russia Fyodor Venislavsky calls for the legalization of automatic weapons immediately after the war
Now the level of armament of Ukrainian citizens, including automatic and captured weapons that they received in battle, is very high. People’s Deputy Fyodor Venislavsky said this on the air of Channel 24. He emphasized that he supports the possibility that Ukrainians own both automatic and short-barreled rifled weapons.
“I consistently support the possibility for citizens of Ukraine to own any weapon, except for heavy weapons,” Venislavsky said.