Humanitarian medivac locked out of Mariupol for a week. Existing ops inside are Okayed

The RINJ Foundation is asking Russian authorities to reconsider the strict curfew about to go in place for Mariupol. “We fear that we may lose highly vulnerable patients who require their scheduled medivac. Our schedule cannot be interrupted without risks. We take pts direct to Rostov or we stop first at a clinic in Donetsk if there are special needs. All crews are women and the curfew applies to males to my knowledge,” wrote Dale Carter in her report. Ms. Carter is regional coordinator for a small medivac operation in the Donetsk PR region.

by Micheal John with regional update files from Melissa Hemingway in Kiev.

“The Russian Federation military operation in Donbass is being exploited for a proxy war by the United States. This is making a major mess,” says humanitarian organizer Carter.

America is now in a full fledged open war with Russia as Pentagon-managed Joe Biden ships America’s best and heaviest weapons into Ukraine today.  Joe Biden is again calling Vladimir Putin a genocidal dictator and saying he will ensure regime change or words to that effect.

On top of that, Russian Federation troops who speak to women medical workers in Mariupol on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak for Moscow, say they have discovered the presence of a great number of American, British, Canadian and other NATO officials operating a command post deep underground in Mariupol. This discovery matches other discoveries plus rumours that have circulated for over a month based not just on sightings but direct contact with some of these people.

“There is a sense that all hell is about to break out here,”  explained Alona Adamovich in a written report carried out by EMS workers. “We have been told to hunker down.”

Russia has responded to recent massive American military equipment arrivals saying the US must stop sending its weapons to Ukriane or face “unpredictable consequences” .

France’s Emmanuel Macron responded swiftly to each of Biden’s extremist rhetorical statements saying the aggression rhetoric is not helping but harming the chances for peace.

Male officials expect Germans will go stinky, no shower if Russian gas is turned off as America insists Germany most do, and apparently all Ukrainians have assault rifles and will continue to receive assault rifles after the war. Who are the civilians and who are the illegal armed combatants?

The great unwashed global public must make sacrifices to enable patriarch stinkers in a proxy war in Europe, fight their male rivals according to German officials.

A political scientist and lawyer in Paris told FPMag that Zelenskyy telling the world he has armed all Ukrainians with combat arms any opponent has a reasonable expectation that any adult person seen in Ukraine is either a lawful combatant or an unlawful combatant under the Geneva convention.

Every civilian has an automatic weapon which will be legalized after the militray operation of RussiaThe territorial defence is becoming a fully-fledged part of the Ukrainian army,” said Fedor Venislavsky, a Ukraine lawmaker from the ruling Servant of the People party and a member of the parliamentary committee on national defence, security and intelligence. Fyodor Venislavsky calls for the legalization of automatic weapons immediately after the war
Now the level of armament of Ukrainian citizens, including automatic and captured weapons that they received in battle, is very high. People’s Deputy Fyodor Venislavsky said this on the air of Channel 24. He emphasized that he supports the possibility that Ukrainians own both automatic and short-barreled rifled weapons.
“I consistently support the possibility for citizens of Ukraine to own any weapon, except for heavy weapons,” Venislavsky said. Image credit: Source Supplied. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Feminine Perspective:

Feminine-Perspective Magazine and its publishers, probably most readers too believe war is an unacceptable conduct of dangerous, misbehaved men refusing to solve problems in a civilized manner for self-interest reasons. Women spot them. Men who are strangers yet still they stroke her hair. Women spot men who are likely to hit or even kill a woman; women spot men who see women as marginalized unequals; women sense the men who rape women and children as their tool of domination; and men who move their weapons continuously to the boundaries of another until that man’s country gets so scared it attacks back like a mama bear protecting its cubs. Today men are again attacking and killing women and our babies—tens of thousands now, heading for millions upon millions. In all wars, women and kids suffer most. Now we have what is called a Hybrid WWIII and it worsens by the malicious acts of the worst warmongering pariah in the history of humankind, the pretentious hegemon America. This war must be stopped. Stop America. Stand down, bear.—Melissa Hemingway, in Kiev.

This proxy war in Ukraine could go too far.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Ukraine is demanding more heavy weapons despite receiving thousands of tons a day.

Zelenskyy has threatened that Europe will be next if he does not get what he wants and has said that peace talks will be off if Russia does not do what he wants.

Meanwhile, more Russian Forces are being welcomed into Donbass.

TV-producer-actor Zelenskyy says this could go nuclear any day.

“But nearly everyone in the world has been muttering that for three months, wise guy. Why not just stop fighting the people in the Donbass and set them free?  The Donbass folks have been on their own for eight years while the United States and whichever puppet-flake has been on the top job in Kiev through those years has shelled their homes to trash heaps,” said an angry Ms. Carter.

“Volodymyr Zelenskyy is 100% American puppet, better known than Kermit. He is a slippery, slithery autocrat who is allowing the USA to fight a proxy war against Russia. This could go on, Zelenskyy said repeatedly, until every last Ukrainian is dead. The White House and the Pentagon cheer, loudly at this. That is the desired behaviour, and our experts say the death toll is about to go through the roof,” suggests Dale Carter in Donbass which is “being shelled by Ukraine back to the dark ages of stones and clubs”.

Ms. Carter, in Ukraine since mid-February, is also de facto operations manager for the region until the evacuation of the local person, Alona Adamovich, who had taken over running the operation of the RINJ birthing clinics and women’s shelters in Mariupol for The RINJ Foundation.  Alona’s urgent action followed a catastrophe wherein the local person was raped and killed by Ukrainian Nationalists when the escalation began. This information has only been released recently because the RINJ Foundation had been unable to find the woman’s family until very recently.

The RINJ Foundation has now upped its estimates of dead in Ukraine to 41,500 including 22,000 soldiers and 19,500 ‘others’. This data is based on surveys of medical examiners and their kind conducted in late March and the first two weeks of April. Not all the numbers are received.

“Great unwashed” in this case means, in Germany, “turn that infernal hot water off”. Shower cold or once a month hot, and walk to get groceries, if you can afford them. And shut up about it. That’s what the men of the German government are telling people.

Vanishing daily bread because of USA sanctions on Russian wheat Vanishing daily bread because of USA sanctions on Russian wheat. Stock photo, source supplied from Ukraine. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“You will have to ask yourselves a question, whether you really need to take a hot shower seven days a week – with gas heating,” is how the head of the Federal Network Agency of Germany, Klaus Mueller, framed his edicts.

Globally, in up to one third of the world, bread may be scarcer and expensive than finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The Russians grow the wheat for that famous, delicious (remember) rye bread, and whole wheat brot-fest.

America has always envied the Russian Gazprom Nord Stream pipelines of Russian energy giant Gazprom and its German partners. Joe Biden is insisting that Germany cancel the Nord Stream 2 project under the Black Sea and end the Gazprom Nord Stream 1 which has been in service, running through Ukraine for a hefty fee since 8 November 2011 (1st line); and 8 October 2012 (2nd line).

“Germany may have been threatened with sanctions if it does not comply with Biden’s order as the leader of the free world and Olaf Scholz, as the freshly minted chancellor of Germany who has repeatedly tossed Germany’s foreign policy doctrine under Biden’s brutal bullying. In any case, Olaf Scholz is seen around the world as an organ grinder’s monkey, according to leaders I have spoken with in the Middle East, most of whom are refusing to take Biden’s calls,” notes Simon Baldock, an Israeli security analyst.

“Women and children in Ukraine and around the world bear no responsibility for Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine against Russia, China, India, Iran, DPRK, Belarus, Chechnya, Syria, Nicaragua, Donetsk PR and Luhansk PR which could explode into a global extinction-level event at any minute,” explains Dale Carter, the security director for The RINJ Foundation.

“We are now facing a perfect storm that threatens to devastate the economies of developing countries,” said UN Secretary-General António Guterres about the patriarch’s American proxy war in Ukraine. “The people of Ukraine cannot bear the violence being inflicted on them. And the most vulnerable people around the globe cannot become collateral damage in yet another disaster for which they bear no responsibility.”

Mariupol Mariupol “does not exist anymore,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on CBS’s Face the Nation. “The situation in Mariupol is both dire militarily and heartbreaking. The city doesn’t exist anymore. The remainings of the Ukrainian army and large group of civilians are basically encircled by the Russian forces. They continue their struggle, but it seems from the way the Russian army behaves in Mariupol, they decided to raze the city to the ground at any cost.” Photo credit: RINJ Foundation  Security Detail

“Since the beginning of the new wave of Russia’s aggression [24 February 2022] against Ukraine, President Biden has demonstrated true leadership in helping providing assistance to Ukraine, in mobilizing international community to support Ukraine. So of course, we would be happy to see him in our country and it would be an important message of support to us. And of course, a personal meeting between two presidents could also pave the way for new supplies and of weapons- of American- US weapons to Ukraine and also for discussions on the political- possible political settlement of this conflict,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told Margaret Brennan of CBS on Sunday, 17 April 2022, on “Face the Nation“.

American, British and Canadian NATO personnel are leading their neo-Nazi Brigades in Mariupol say numerous sources, now. has seen the uniforms of British and Canadian soldiers in deep-underground evacuated bunkers in Mariupol where a heavily computerized command center was located, acting as a command post for NATO military officials in Mariupol.

Zelenskyy has said that all peace talks are off if Russia presses its attack at the remaining, surviving (probably NATO ) officers in Mariupol.

For eight years, NATO /USA/Canada has trained and armed the militias and American mercenaries fighting against the people of Donetsk PR which is the territory in which Mariupol now exists.

Rumours about Americans as NATO Officers leading the fight in Mariupol have been denied by NATO but the following was submitted to by Chechen sources saying Joseph Ward was a captured or killed NATO intelligence officer in Mariupol. That was the only information submitted.

“The source claims that the few holdouts in Mariupol are neo-Nazi militiamen using civilians as human shields led by Americans acting as NATO officers,” says Alona Adamovich.

Several other sources in the medical field have seen and treated Americans and Germans who were escorted by militia persons wearing Azov Brigade shoulder flashes on their combat uniforms,” reports Alona Adamovich via RINJ Foundation EMS workers doing medivacs, who recently visited Mariupol and left before a major curfew is implemented by the Russian Federation. Some of these individuals have been evacuated in the weeks preceding the current NATO crisis in Mariupol and it is unknown how many remain. They say they will not surrender—obviously they cannot if FPMag sources are correct about the identification of these people.

Chechen sources in Mariupol also suggest that the American NATO personnel in Mariupol have refused an offer of amnesty on condition the militias surrender to the Russians. This offer expired hours ago, according to the source.

Joseph Ward Clark (DOB 13 December 1987). Photo submitted by Chechen Armed Forces.

The conflict in Ukraine is a multi-polar fight involving NATO (USA); the United Kingdom independently; Canada independently; the United States independently; the Nazi militias the USA and others trained and armed; the Ukraine Armed Forces; the Russians; the Chechens; and numerous mercenary groups of the USA, Russia, Ukraine and NATO. (This data is confirmed by eyewitnesses; public documents; and Medical Examiner (ME) reports in the region since April 13, 2014, to date.)