This has gotta stop. Editorial

Floods; forest fires; heat waves; insane hurricanes; extra-judicial killings; psycho-viruses; despotic psychopaths running many countries; lost love ones; lost human rights, yeah, this has gotta stop.

Political manipulation is basically this: politicians lie, deceive, manipulate, all to justify their follies, cover up their gaffs. They do this to stay in power, becoming like puppeteers, manipulating populations, all to a certain hell?

Power corrupts. Politicians are becoming puppet masters to move populations away from truths. That is what Eric Clapton seems to think. Politicians with lies and the stupidest theories rule us? This has gotta stop. (Don’t drink Lysol. And don’t drink their Kool-Aid either.)

Listen to Eric Clapton’s song. He nailed it and millions agree.

Is vaccination a lost freedom? No. Many generations have been forced to vaccinate. Many families lost members and friends to smallpox and polio.

That had to stop, and this has gotta stop too.

Medicine including vaccines are not the creations of politicians. They are the creations of medical scientists, people who sincerely know how to love humankind.

None of them have changed their tune. Each person reading this, realizing it or not, is alive and well because of vaccines. One could not have begun kindergarten school, in most of the world, without being vaccinated as protection from a few diseases.

Vaccination adheres to the human body’s excellent concepts for fighting disease. Immunity-building is a very simple concept.

Newer technologies are making the response time better.  How long the efficacies of new-tech vaccines will last, our doctors will learn, while there are many good ones to choose from and they save lives in the interim.

  • Today people can die from taking an Aspirin.
  • People go into anaphylactic shock taking simple OTC analgesics.
  • People have adverse reactions to vaccinations.
  • And people get hit by falling airplane parts, and,
  • Some folks die in their basements during floods.

Let’s work together and find better ways to mitigate all threats to life instead of just naively wishing them away.

In all these life events, bad outcome occurrence is a low percentile, maybe fewer than the number of persons who are struck by lightning in some regions. But the floods and forest fires are murderous, like the virus.

What can we do? Cuz this has gotta stop.

We can stop the rate of decline of Earth’s atmosphere by stopping the absurd pollution levels humans continue to spew.

We actually can stop the SARS2 virus say some very credible scientists like Doctor Scott Gottlieb. Get vaccinated and wear an FFR, they say.

In the case of the human-adapting variants of SARS-CoV-2 like Delta, Lambda, Mu and more to come, they will continue to infect the unvaccinated over and over, killing at least between 0.6% to 9% of the infected unvaccinated population depending on the country, until there are no more hosts to infect. Most epidemiology models take this out to just a few years and some to about 10 years.

If a person does not want to get vaccinated, or cannot, they should wear a Filtering Face-piece Respirator (FFR) like an N95, KN95, FFP2 etc., all the time, wherever they could encounter the air that strangers breathed.

It’s that simple.

Scientists have been warning of micro-pathogens for decades. Now with climate change and the expiration, or threatened extinction of hundreds of species, the viral loads that dying species carried are looking for new hosts. Don’t be one.

Eric Clapton, who says, “This Has Gotta Stop”, is an amazing song writer who has captured the feeling of the moment.

We all feel it. This has gotta stop.

Floods; forest fires; heat waves; insane hurricanes; extra-judicial killings; despotic psychopaths running many countries; killer viruses; and lost loved ones.

An estimated 10 million (IHME) excess deaths around the world in a year-and-a-half,  were caused by COVID-19. Every number has a face and a family that loved them, expecting their lives to continue to a ripe old age.

Yesterday, I was looking at a picture of my dad, standing beside his WWII bomber with his crew. I remembered the things they were trying to stop. Another Pearl Harbour; a continuing holocaust; and worse. How the hell did those guys cope in those days. The things they did and the things they saw should make us all shudder if we knew. They got shot down so many times in those old B-24 Liberators—-how did they cope? They did, eh. It wasn’t easy, they said.

Half of this crew went on to build families and generations of happy folks. Half died when the bomber in this picture was shot down. None of those guys stopped. They and their comrades helped bring humankind 70 of the most productive and joyous years in human history. Thanks. Thanks, dad.

Things are not so easy now. And they weren’t then, either. But we coped.

That’s life. Life has a lot of pain and a lot of joy. Cope with the pain and grow the joy because it must not stop.

B-24 Liberator crew 1943, WWII, South Pacific. Photo Credit: Source Supplied