Happy times for China as a Kidnapped Princess returns, but a war has been started. FPMag Editorial

Meng Wanzhou is home in Shenzhen and China is jubilant. That Meng Wanzhou is a national hero in China, there is no doubt. But while a voice of reason was quieted in Beijing circles, the world went mad.

Sabrina Meng is the heir apparent to the chairmanship of the global leader in smartphone telecommunications, Huawei Technologies, the industrial darling of China.

Much has changed in the nearly three years since Sabrina Meng was first kidnapped by stumbling fumbling Canadian police taking mobile phone instructions from their US puppet masters, interrupting a stopover flight at Vancouver International airport, and apparently violating Meng Wanzhou’s rights as an international traveler on a short stopover in Canada according to her lawyers.

Apparently the missing princess—and Meng most certainly is a princess idol in China—caused Xi Jinping to go right off the deep end in that three years. He acts like Mao Zedong behaved the many times he went to war or just a battle with Chiang Kai-shek who, sort-of ruled China from 1928 to 1975 (Xi will freak if he reads that) as a non-communist despotic come democratic leader. Well.  Chiang Kai-shek’s career is hard to describe in a word. He was however a good friend of General MacArthur.

Mao-wannabe, I mean Xi, has pushed new boundaries in over-controlling the population of China. News and information ordinary civilians are allowed to receive has been increasingly throttled since Meng was kidnapped.

The sad part is that the world needs moderate business leaders like Meng Wanzhou getting ahead in China. It keeps the place sane. People like Meng and her dad, the founder of Huawei Technologies keep the upper echelons of China balanced.

Clearly not Biden’s people in Washington and not Trudeau’s folks in Ottawa have any comprehension of the Chinese or Asian culture today. Attacking the West’s most understanding friends in China was pure stupidity, or in the alternative, the blind racism of the FVEY cult.

Canada and the USA kidnapped a princess. That started a war. This tension is not going away.

The racist Anglo FVEY cult that has been convincing Trudeau and Biden that China is about to “take over” the world has many members who disagree with what is happening and speak quietly in hushed whispers begging not to be identified. That’s unfortunate because the behaviour they regret is triggering a major nuclear arms race and is planted in the midst of a new Cold War that 7.8 billion people do not want. Only the military industrial complex at the top levels wants this strife and the money that it brings to their pockets.

Joe Biden seems to think that antagonizing China in the midst of the American “Kung-Flu” epidemic as Trumpsters call the current pandemic will win him a lot of support because of the massive hatred for Asians in North America. But all it is doing is getting little Asian girls raped and beat up in the cities and causing China to build another ten submarines, a few massive landing craft and some aircraft carriers armed with new missiles and bombers.

Yes. It is a racist thing among the Anglo cliques. They’ll now build more nuclear submarines to clutter up the Asian Seas with the means of warfare.

China will only take over the world for as long as ordinary poor people can afford to buy an assortment of staple goods made-in-China. How many ordinary poor people? More than ten times the entire population of the USA and Canada combined. (About 55 million of those poor people live in those two countries.)

As Melissa Hemingway wrote after touring the hinterland of many islands in  the Philippines Republic archipelago, “Single moms with one or more kids (63% of Philippines families according to the Catholic Church) own poverty in the Philippines. They define poverty. But thanks to China, babies have comfy rompers, functional strollers & nice colorful towels… What the Americans gave the Philippines was pregnant 12-year-olds and  more dynasties of bribed kleptocrats in Manila.”

Kidnapping Meng Wanzhou has made American and Canadian leaders look like sleazebags. Well. They are. Note the smarmy manner in which Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden talk.

One thing can be said for Biden, however. He ended this stupidity and instructed Trudeau to release Meng Wanzhou from her ankle bracelet and home detention. The hierarchy of the Canadian Liberal Party have been trying to get Trudeau to let Meng go home since she was kidnapped. Trump threatened Trudeau and so he hung on to the China Princess. Now it is too late. The war is on.

On both sides of this war, we, the people of Earth, have idiots running the American-China battle to win global dominance. Will this war go nuclear? Thus far it is only hurting millions of ordinary people around the Asian Seas. That’s the thing the people must change. Xi Jinping and his band of paranoid crazies must be replaced and the leadership of the FVEY nation leaders replaced as well, with perhaps the exception of New Zealand, a currently quiet dissenter that may soon come out of the closet. War for the billionaires to make more money building weapons can bring out the best of us all, or the worst.

War makes leaders crazy with greed for power: crazy and untrusted like Xi Jinping, the late Chiang Kai-shek, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Their entire careers have been about political and physical fighting. Earth has no use for this type. Never did.

Chiang Kai-shek Statue “Chilly Chen, the chairman of Taiwan Republic,” reports VOA, “a pro-independence group in Taiwan, however, dismissed the KMT’s glorification of Chiang. He said Chiang was responsible for atrocities.
“Chiang Kai-shek was a murderer. He was a killer. He also was a butcher,” Chen said describing the military leader. “Tens of thousands of people [were] killed by him including Chinese and Taiwanese. And this huge statue here makes [a] mockery of the democracy of Taiwan, which claims to honour freedoms, human rights and rule of law.”—2007 File photo, credit: Reuters. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

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