Canadian COVID-19 active cases decline, deaths spike among infected unvaccinated

Canadian Active Cases decline While active cases in Canada decline, a daily rise in cumulative deaths from COVID-19 in the third wave of 2021 is seen as a result of the lead/lag relationship of infected unvaccinated patients and a high CFR among the unprotected about thirty days following infection.
Source: Civil Society Partners against COVID-19

Warning: “SARS2 VOC will infect an increasingly narrow segment of communities, specifically the unvaccinated, vociferously, in wave after wave in the coming years, killing between 2% and 9% of the unprotected infected,” warns expert.

“It is safe to say that people who are unvaccinated are likely to die eventually from COVID-19,” says Dr. Fred Harris, a biostatistician and infectious disease researcher of the CSPaC. tracking team in Singapore.

“That’s the best way I have of explaining the data we are now seeing, using real-world data from Canada, chosen because of its high rate of vaccinations using a varied range of vaccine types,” he added.

“This is a mathematical projection that has no humanity, just cold, hard, facts. Get vaccinated or SARS-CoV2 will likely kill you eventually, is what the math says.”

“To explain that, I need to say that this pandemic will not just end it will become endemic to the unprotected, mildly infecting a small percentage of the vaccinated, and slamming a large number of the unvaccinated.

“A vast number of the survivors of that latter group, the dwindling numbers of unvaccinated, will be reinfected year after year until the number of unvaccinated persons has dropped to such an extent that there are no more hosts to infect as vaccines continue to improve in efficacy. As that gradually happens, the universe of human hosts for the SARS-CoV-2 will become solely  the unvaccinated members of the human race. One can stay out of that group by getting vaccinated.”

While Canada struggles to reach 95% Vaccination Levels, it needs to share surpluses, says Ambassador Bob Rae

Ambassador Bob Rae, Canada’s representative to the United Nations, told The Canadian Press a week ago that, “We have to recognize that we have to continue to look for ways in which we can distribute more of any surpluses that we have now in Canada,” Rae said.

“We know these [SARS-CoV-2] variants are spreading and growing in good measure because we have not been able to get enough vaccines into enough arms around the world. And I’m hoping that there will be an increased recognition in domestic public opinion of the fact that the problem that Africa has, or that Asia has, is actually not [just] their problem. It’s our problem as well,” said Ambassador Rae.

Every number has a face Every number has a face. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Graph below: Deaths from the recent wave of COVID-19 infections are now spiking. These numbers all have faces. May their memories be a blessing to their families and a reminder to all to get vaccinated and keep those vaccinations up to date in the years to come.

Canada's 4th COVID-19 wave is now producing a spike in deaths “Canada’s 4th COVID-19 wave is now producing a spike in deaths. May their memories be a blessing to their families and a reminder to all to get vaccinated and keep those vaccinations up to date in the years to come,” says Kathy Poon, a medical practitioner working on the Civil Society Partners against COVID-19 team in Singapore.