USA Starved N. Koreans until kids were malnourished or dead, now DPRK can put a nuke into Chicago. Be nice, now?

When a ballistic missile comes from a submerged sub, it is called an SLBM.

But when the submarine and the submarine launched ballistic nuclear warhead missiles belong to the DPRK, it is called ,”very big trouble” by the DPRK’s bullies.

Britain and America are calling for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council, on Wednesday, as in, urgently, now. They are scared. Let’s look at why?

It cannot be because of the Pukguksong-class submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) which were shown to the world almost a year ago, can it?

This below is the more pressing reason for convening a UN meeting on North Korea. Humanitarian assistance for the DPRK? It’s people are dying from hunger.

Destroyed homes in Flooding and food shortages This is the more pressing reason for convening a UN meeting on North Korea. It’s people are dying. Footage from the state-run KCTV showed homes flooded to their roofs, and damaged bridges, railroads and agricultural land in the eastern province of South Hamgyong and also in the North. A KCTV report also said about 17km (10 miles) of roads and bridges had been damaged or destroyed.
The report said “hundreds of hectares of farmland” were also submerged or lost as river levees collapsed, AFP news agency reports.

North Korea is facing its worst famine in history, worse than the 1990s say humanitarian workers in the country.

  • COVID-19 fears have throttled trade with China.
  • This is not an irrational fear. North Korea does not have a good health care system. It has turned down AstraZeneca vaccines believing that the blood clotting scare emphasized in American media like Fox News and social media platforms was real; and turned down the Chinese vaccine believing it does not work as has been claimed by the US media and GOP politicians.
  • Catastrophic weather changes since summer 2020 have brought alternating floods and drought but nothing good in between.
  • Crippling sanctions in the past five years, an actual naval embargo on the country, coupled with these other factors, have killed an estimated 0.9  million people.

Two months after severe storms washed away homes and bridges in the northeast region of North Korea, new home construction for flood victims appears underway in at least six counties, according to NK News analysis of the latest satellite imagery.
State media has focused mostly on reconstruction work in Sinhung county and a few other spots in South Hamgyong province, but satellite imagery shows relief efforts at a former rocket launch site and other towns in North Hamgyong province as well says NK News.

America and Great Britain want the UNSC to meet immediately and agree to smack down the DPRK. Yes, North Korea has tested the Pukguksong Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) it introduced to the world in January of this year.

Pukguksong Class SLBM Four new Pukguksong class submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) were rolled out on truck trailers in North Korea’s Jan. 2021 military parade.
DPRK Media Release
Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Isn’t North Korea (DPRK) a smacked-down nation already, desperate for a chance in the world? Everyone seems to want to leave that repressive nation?

Is North Korea a collective of people with horrible memories of the mass murder of 3 million from their families’ and friends’ communities in the 1950s followed by decades of forced deprivation, forced starvation, constant bullying and endless harassment?

America’s brutal policies of murdering civilians to force a government to capitulate to US wishes has failed miserably.

“Arguably, America’s foreign policies have made America so unsafe that Americans would be safer and more likely to survive by moving to North Korea,” says a Seoul-based human rights activist.

“Did you ever consider that American foreign policy has  made the people of North Korea vulnerable to a dynasty of brutal dictators and their kleptocratic friends?” she continued.

North Korea, according to its own public releases,  has been testing missiles since September after foregoing tests in the first part of 2021 when it showed-off four Pukguksong class submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) in its annual January military parade in Pyongyang.

Where did the DPRK get the money and the needed components to join the ranks of those nations able to lob ballistic missiles eventually from across the world into Los Angeles, Chicago, or even Washington DC from a lurking submarine in US coastal waters?

North Korean Foreign Ministry, Jo Chol Su, warned the UN, at the start of October, it “had better think what consequences it will bring in the future in case it tries to encroach upon the sovereignty of the DPRK.”

This threat followed the UNSC criticising the DPRK’s missile test program which had resumed in September.

One of the points Jo Chol Su raised, according to public statements from the DPRK  about the event, was that the UN Security Council was “double-dealing a basic standard” not equally admonishing the same type of weapons tests by the United States and allies.

So now the United Nations Security Council after decades of crippling sanctions against North Korea’s oppressed population, many of whom watched one third of their civilian population slaughtered by America in 1950s carpet bombing,  is a desperate, starving nation with nuclear weapons that could land on the White House lawn.

“That is not good foreign policy. Bullying in all of history has failed,” suggested Israeli security analyst Simon Baldock with a worried look on his face.

“But the worst for America won’t happen. North Korea is more likely to nuke Melbourne, Australia or Toronto, Canada just to prove to the USA it can do a strike-back,” he added.

“The DPRK is in serious trouble with a dwindling population likely below 34.9 million because of one disaster after another, plus sanctions.”

“COVID-19 mitigation cut off all trade with its only partner, China, and morbid chronic disease has taken its toll because of a failed healthcare system that cannot import medicine.

Widespread hunger and starvation, and long-term malnutrition of children, has set a mood in North Korea that needs to be considered by the UNSC before harming the country’s population any further.

“North Korea has submarine-launch-capable nuclear weapons and a hate on for America which country in the last four years under Donald Trump has baited and bullied; beaten-over mercilessly the civilian population, again, like a deranged schoolyard bully no better than the ruthless bastards who rule the DPRK from Pyongyang,” said the Israeli defence analyst holding back no punches.

DPRK SLBM When a ballistic missile comes from a submarine, under the water, it is called an SLBM.
But when the submarine belongs to the DPRK, it is called BIG TROUBLE. Photo Credit: Screen Capture from material released by the DPRK.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine