USA return to UN Human Rights Council is epic fail

Arguably one of the worst human rights offenders in the world since Hitler’s time wants acceptance as part of the UN Human Rights Council which it admonished and left in 2018. That invites only questions and nobody is cheering.

The damage done by the unscrupulous personality-disordered Donald Trump may be irreversible. So too is Biden’s endorsement of EJKs in the Philippines in June and July and Israel’s murdering Gaza women and kids in May.

The U.S. Department of State issued a statement on 8 February from Secretary of State Antony Blinken announcing that: “The Biden administration has recommitted the United States to a foreign policy centered on democracy, human rights, and equality. Effective use of multilateral tools is an important element of that vision, and in that regard the President has instructed the Department of State to reengage immediately and robustly with the UN Human Rights Council.”

UN Human Rights Council UN Human Rights Council
Photo Credit: United Nations

Is it arrogance, stupidity or evil?

America is still violating human rights all around the world. What America calls democracy, human rights, and equality should scare the hell out of everyone.

America has scorned most global human rights protection regimes including the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Criminal Court.

“The U.S. ranks 28 out of 29 advanced nations in child poverty. Yet the issue of children’s well-being receives little attention in the United States. And perhaps not accidentally, the USA could soon become the only country to not ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), underscoring how child welfare is not one of our public policy priorities,” according to research done by   for Aljazeera.

According to the ACLU, “The criminal justice system in the United States raises serious constitutional and human rights concerns. The human rights violations inherent in the system play out on a number of fronts: racial disparities in arrests, convictions, and sentencing; draconian sentences mandating that nonviolent offenders serve the rest of their lives behind prison walls; the heightened impact of incarceration on vulnerable populations, such as children and the mentally ill; and more.”

Numerous UN studies of human rights in America have suggested that the US is in a deplorable state with millions of Americans living below the poverty line and over 500,000 plus in long-term homelessness and perhaps hopelessness.

It will get worse.

The US Supreme court will allow landlords to evict those Americans who are hardest struck by America’s pandemic mitigation failure.

Sadly, homelessness in America is getting much worse, as the billionaires enriched their bank accounts on the backs of those ordinary Americans who can pay for the basics.

But many Americans can not pay their rent; are not paying their mortgage. America is about to tank as it spends over a $trillion on things that go bang and kill people, yet does not have the will to approve Joe Biden’s social safety net and infrastructure improvement expenditures. What? You want another nuclear missile? Another nuclear submarine? Another nuclear-powered aircraft carrier? More warships in the Asian Seas?

Mishandling the COVID-19 pandemic and killing more than 1.2 million Americans according to the IHME, the uncaring, irresponsible policies of the  American Republican Party administrations starting with Donald Trump down through a list of State Governors and other officials have slaughtered Americans, decimated the American economy and made America the most unsafe place to be in the 21st Century. Of this there is no doubt. The statistics and the public record are a staggering sight for the whole world.

America fails on human rights after rejoining UNHRC USA rejoins UN Human Rights Council. But violations continue. How many hungry American families could have been rescued from COVID-19, homelessness and starvation with the $14 billion this limping warship cost? Why cannot American politicians approve Biden’s Bill to feed and cloth
America’s suffering people? Here we see the the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) on 08.20.2021 departed Naval Station Norfolk to transit to Newport News Shipyard in support of her Planned Incremental Availability (PIA), a six-month period of modernization, maintenance, and repairs, Aug. 20, 2021. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class William Spears) /cropped/ Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

How many homeless and hungry American families could have been fed for the price of a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier like the Gerald Ford which cost around $13.3 billion?

Money spent on preparing to kill other nation’s people is killing Americans who starve or die from disease while living on inner city sidewalks or under bridges.

America says it wants to rejoin the UN Human Rights Council with foreign policy centered on democracy, human rights, and equality, but America is a racist, misogynistic nation and there are very few real democracies left.

How does that fit with Joe Biden’s de facto support of Israel’s disproportionate  slaughter of women and kids in Gaza?

Representative Ilhan Omar speaks to that issue in this video:

America is meanwhile patting Rodrigo Duterte on the head, a leader with the worst human rights record in modern times. This has infuriated people all around the world and has the close eye of human rights adjudicators, activists, and victims.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte unequivocally has, by his own admission, slaughtered tens of thousands of poor Filipinos since 2016. He has persecuted and killed journalists, human rights activists and attacked critics unlawfully by any standards.

So appalled is the world at the mass murders in the Philippines, the human race is still cheering the Nobel Peace prize being awarded to a Filipino journalist whose greatest accolades have been for her criticisms of Duterte’s mass murders of Filipinos. Nobody could ever have invented this travesty by Duterte for a fiction novel, it is that awful.

Yet Joe Biden keeps giving Duterte weapons as in the US military’s delivery of nine M3P .50 caliber heavy machine guns and 10 mortar tubes, among other items mid-June of this year. The Philippines just crashed, killing 50 young men and women, in one of the $multimillion war birds America donated.

“Don’t think for one second those weapons are not being used against Philippines’ civilians,” commented one soldier who does not want to be named. He is like everyone in the Philippines, living in horrific fear of the government.

Mr. Duterte claims the people he allegedly had killed and that he admits to killing, were abusers of drugs.  Duterte occasionally said that  he has rid the Philippines of drugs. But that doesn’t explain the reporters, the small children, the human rights advocates and the political critics killed, or why so many more than those killed are living in hiding, a pathetic existence.

Stop the killings in the Philippines Kids yell, “Stop the killings”, in the Philippines
Photo Courtesy: The RINJ Foundation

Babies gone but not forgotten. S Babies Duterte shrugged off as collateral damage, gone but not forgotten. Stop the killings in the Philippines
Photo Courtesy: The RINJ Foundation

Why does Joe Biden reward Duterte’s Extrajudicial Killings with expansive donations of military equipment to use against Philippines’ citizens? Isn’t that against American laws?

Actually, America has a long history of abuse toward Philippines civilians. In 2002, R. Y. Rummel wrote for the University of Hawaii.

A massive and extensive American democide, happened in the Philippines.

Democide is the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide and mass murder. During the Philippine-American War, which the United States fought to take over the Philippines from a newly independent Filipino government, thousands of civilians were slaughtered by America. That war began on 4 February 1899, in what became known as the 1899 Battle of Manila.

“With the approval, if not under the command of their officers, American soldiers widely used torture, and often shot their prisoners and surrendering guerrillas. Moreover, as a military strategy American forces laid waste to inhabited areas of guerrilla infested island areas, destroying villages and killing many civilians in the process. Surviving civilians were often driven into camps or controlled villages, where conditions deteriorated such that many died from hunger and disease,” wrote Rummel.

“Numerous letters from soldiers and other first hand reports during the war attest to the responsibility of the American Army for thousands of civilian deaths. Estimates of the number for particular campaigns, such as on Luzon or the Visayas Islands are difficult to find. Indeed, the Philippine War seems to have dropped into a memory hole. It is rarely even recognized as a colonial or imperial war–American war-deaths in the Philippines are usually classified under the Spanish-American War,” wrote Rummel over twenty years ago.


If America killed all its drug users, how many people would Washington DC have left to rule over? Not many if what is reported about opioid and cocaine abuse is real.

Human rights violations in the Philippines should have stopped America donating military equipment to the Philippines’ Duterte Regime

America says it rejoined the Human Rights Council but look at what the world is learning about Human Rights abuses in Afghanistan these past 20 years.

According to Human Rights Watch, “the US military’s complicity in abuses in Afghanistan was revealed in papers released in December, 2019“.

Domestically, the rate at which Americans are now killing Americans with firearms is shocking of itself. Mass shootings are more frequent than weekly. The country still uses the death penalty as a means to allegedly deter capital crime but America has one of the worst murder rates in the world. It has also monetized jailing Americans which has led to America having a greater percentage of its population sitting in a jail or prison than any nation on Earth.

Will that ever get fixed?

Does the human race really need America sitting on the Human Rights Council?

Sure, America and China have a lot of money to throw around but what about the human race. It has no money. The big shots have their money. So who will counter the abominable definition of human rights that both China and America have adopted?

According to The RINJ Foundation, a women’s rights group. “American conduct in recent years toward migrant children; women’s family planning rights; the rights of women and children in Gaza and the West Bank; the slaughter of women and children and deprivation of food and medicine for Iranian, Yemeni and DPRK women and children is appalling,” says Geraldine Frisque, a spokesperson for RINJ Women.

“We are committed to the Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development,” said Ms. Frisque of the RINJ Women.

Meanwhile, America acquiesces as pariah nations seek to change the definition of human rights to exclude culture, financial disparity and racial divides. In many of these cases, like in Venezuela, Belarus, Myanmar, China and the Philippines as well as in Saudi Arabia and in Syria, these objections allow for the extrajudicial killings of people the state, or in most cases, the governing juntas, dislike.

China, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Venezuela, Colombia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Philippines, Belarus now represent a band of thuggish nations pushing against the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner trying to change the standard human rights values upon which most nations have based their declarations,  as set over 70 years ago, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In fact, some of these nations have issued declarations setting out their agreement with the behaviour of China in Xinjiang which according to recent findings of international activists include torture and murder of Uighurs.

Denouncing “human rights violations” in Canada against indigenous Canadians is something many, but too few, Canadians are doing also.

Hence the support for indigenous Canadians is welcomed, from even the worst human rights violators in the world,  by many Western nations, including anyone in Canada who is paying attention.

But the occasional areas of agreement are being used to blur issues like China’s campaign to deny social, financial and cultural rights to even its own people but more particularly to the people surrounding the Asian Seas, millions of families China has put under attack.

China is driving the ship with the help of a near majority of countries which find human rights to be annoying. The goal is to reduce the rights of people who are part of the wrong culture, the wrong economic class, or who do not tow the dogma line of the small few kleptocratic authoritarian people in power.

America’s current Administration with all its disingenuous rhetorical drivel from Secretary of State Antony Blinken, doesn’t seem to have a clue about human rights and has completely misread the current world situation.

This man’s folly causes one to want to say, “Blinkin. Your country just sent more weapons to a mass murderer, you stupid  weaseling, waffling, bungling, murdering oaf,” but while that’s not news, it is today’s reality.