Our leaders are male, racist, turbulent, and untrustworthy to women. Editorial

For example, Justin Trudeau is erratic and unpredictable but not as bad as Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and Scott Morrison. After years as PM, Trudeau (49) is the seasoned leader among that group. He should know better than to antagonize China with warships in the Taiwan strait.

by Micheal John

Trudeau’s capitulation to Trump on kidnapping a Chinese Princess because Donald Trump could make or break Justin Trudeau’s political career, was an indicator of Trudeau’s erratic, unpredictable side; or a reflection of Trump. Was Trudeau projecting the buffoon calling the shots?

Sixty Minutes, Australia, called Margaret Trudeau, the  quintessential wild child of the 1970s, “turbulent”. Some say, she is a “woman who brought down the Canadian Government”. Which side of the family is Justin on?

Justin Trudeau is his mother’s son. He is a very good man; a very good dad; and a good Prime Minister, but has his turbulence caught up with him.

As a pioneering politician, JT never let go of the fact he was elected to a majority government, in 2015, by women. Somehow on his recent election campaign, while at erratic times, brilliant, he never seemed pumped with any single driving passion.

JT can surely fix the bond of trust he broke with Canadian female electors. That may not fit the best possible plan for Justin Trudeau’s young family, but only Justin would truly know that. Trudeau family history has a lot of lessons only he would know. Certainly Ella-Grace Margaret Trudeau, Xavier James Trudeau, and Hadrien Trudeau deserve more time with dad—they deserve more time with their dad than does the fickle Canadian political scene—is what my heart tells me. Somehow I think Justin feels that too. The Trudeau family has given us Canadians more than enough, thank you.

Should the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance somehow fall into the Prime Minister’s shoes, nobody really knows what to expect.

Trudeau “may have failed on key feminist promises but he’s going to try to leave Freeland’s leadership as part of his succession,” wrote former NDP Leader Tom Mulcair for CTV.


Anglo politicians, even Mulcair, drink too much of the American FVEY‘s glamour-boys Kool-Aid. 

The Meng kidnap caper, a deep and damaging assault against China by Donald Trump, pushed Canada early into debt before the pandemic, by destroying years of careful work building a trade relationship with China. Canada  lost this business, thanks to American BS.

The FVEY is a yankee-led five-Anglophone-nation clique of racists, hence they like the idea of China as an evil empire.

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Justin Trudeau is the male leader who claimed to be a feminist.  He certainly is a feminist but why did he and Trump kidnap a woman, a Shero leader of one of the most successful tech giants in the world? As if the world has too many women in high places?

Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott, neophyte politicians, may have proved Trudeau naïve when these super-achiever women became political casualties after calling out Trudeau on the SNC-Lavalin scandal. But they did not disprove Trudeau’s commitment to gender equality.

Jody Wilson-Raybould resigned from Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, 12 February 2019, after reports surfaced in the Globe and Mail that Ms. Wilson-Raybould had been asked to illegally intervene in a criminal case against SNC-Lavalin while she was Minister of Justice.

Election statistics from 2015 show that women elected Trudeau and his party to government. As former Prime Minister Brain Mulroney would say, “you dance with the one who brought you”. Trudeau has not been complacent but has been erratic on that virtue of loyalty.

No amount of righteous indignation about the unwillingness of Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott to ‘take one for the team’ gets past the truth of the matter for those who study it closely. Women are sick of being told to ‘take one for the team‘ as  unspoken rules and understood norms for women.

This is not to besmirch SNC-Lavalin, a world-class, upstanding engineering leader. But Justin Trudeau not putting full trust in the judgment of senior women Cabinet officials whom the Prime Minister should have trusted, was a bad call.

Justin Trudeau appointed women to Cabinet for as long as they towed his line and STFU when they saw things they believed unlawful? Hmm. That’s politics, is it not?

Feminists do not kidnap women.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, a quasi-Godfather in Trudeau’s Liberal Party, had wanted Trudeau to make a deal with China on the Meng Wanzhou kidnapping for Trump, and in so doing, exchange two equally kidnapped Canadians we’ll refer to as the “Two Michaels” (Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, two Canadian citizens  detained in China days following the grab of Ms. Meng during an airline stopover at Vancouver), but Trudeau was not down with that.

Another erratic breach of trust by Justin Trudeau who certainly is not Dad’s Justin but Margaret’s Justin. Adjust expectations accordingly.

The most experienced, Honourable, Ambassador John McCallum (PhD) former Ambassador to China publicly argued that the US arrest of Meng Wanzhou on Canadian soil, (not so different to Lukashenko’s airline caper cited the Meng case as an excuse) and the extradition request for Ms. Meng Wanzhou, were “seriously flawed”.

Ambassador McCallum went rogue according to the pro-Trump, anti-Asian racist quadrant, when McCallum urged the US to drop the charges, saying it would be best for all concerned. Time proved him correct.

Sadly Ambassador McCallum’s honesty and forthrightness cost him his job. That seems like a betrayal of epic proportions to many who commented (“John spoke sense, a lot smarter than Freeland and Trudeau.”)  on this CBC report.

Ambassador McCallum  had been appointed in 2017 as Canada’s ambassador to China, him stepping down as the immigration minister at that time.

Canning Ambassador McCallum was the kind of bullying we bitch about when Alexander Lukashenko and other despots behave that way.

Trudeau fired Ambassador McCallum for speaking out a truth against the United States’ President Donald Trump.

That was Canadian politics’ breach of trust and breach of confidence that Doctor McCallum had given Trudeau and ‘the system‘. In short, ‘dirty politics’, Lukashenko and Myint Swe style.

 Trudeau felt the pressure thinking he benefited politically by canning McCallum but instead he lost a ton of respect. Loyalty to truth and core values tops political expediency in the long run.

Probably, Justin Trudeau is done for now.  That would be a shame. Canadians need a Prime Minister who knows what Justin now knows.

The Honourable, Ambassador John McCallum, former Ambassador to China publicly argued that the US arrest on Canadian soil and the extradition request for Ms. Meng Wanzhou was seriously flawed. He urged teh US to drop the charges, saying it would be best for all concerned. Sadly his honesty and forthrightness cost him his job. He had been appointed Canada’s ambassador to China in 2017, stepping down as the immigration minister at that time. Trudeau fired him for speaking out against the United States’ President Donald Trump.  One Canadian from Markham, Ontario told FPMag, “I don’t know which medal would be best to give Mr. McCallum so we should just give him all the medals Canada gives to heroes.” 
Photo Credit: Canadian Club Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Two years later, the new US President, Joe Biden made the exchange deal for Trudeau and the world went silent on the matter as Meng Wanzhou went home to a glorious Shero welcome. The ‘Two Michaels‘ were already on a plane home. It was always the right thing to do after failing to say “No” to that psychotic misogynist, Donald Trump, in the first place.

There was a time when a certain Trudeau PM would not heed the threats or demands of an American President. Can anyone  imagine what Pierre Trudeau would have said to Trump?

Think about this. Pierre Trudeau, if confronted with the same situation, would have told Donald Trump to ‘Foxtrot Oscar’.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Pierre Elliot Trudeau was born on 18 October 1919, and died on 28 September 2000. Happy Birthday, RIP, PM. We love your family. We even made your son the PM.
Photo Credit: Screen capture of a CBC Archived news reel

I remember sitting on Pierre Trudeau’s Science and Technology Advisory Committee with the late Dr. Stuart Smith and a few other extraordinary Liberal politicians of good character.

None of us were “yes-men” to Americans and most American politicians were wary of that. (I was barely an adult at the time, working for Maclean Hunter.) I also remember working with the late Jeff Goodman (Globe and Mail) writing speeches for Pierre Trudeau, and my dear friend and Richmond Hill neighbour, the late, Honourable Barney Danson. Hence, with these memories in mind, I am quite positive Pierre Trudeau would have loudly told Trump to “f*** off”, literally. I promise you.

The USA case against Ms. Meng, true Chinese royalty, was a sham.

Numerous lawyers and two judges FPM.news asked to look at the matter of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation from Meng Wanzhou’s company Huawei Technologies to HSBC bank, could see why America, more likely Canada, would fail trying to interfere.

America wanted to use its courts to manipulate the intent of a verbal discussion between faraway business persons in a Hong Kong restaurant, about a third party doing business with Iran.

It’s a frightful breach of law, and abuse of process not much different than America claiming the right to mass murder 12 Iranian, Jordanian and Iraqi individuals on 3 January 2020 at Baghdad airport because Trump needed a distraction from his impeachment proceedings.

“America does not play by any rules that we know of,” said one of the aforementioned lawyers.

The Julian Assange matter seems to have proven that very solidly,” she added.

Canada sending warships to the Taiwan Strait is pure FVEY madness. In a scenario invented by the Soviet Union, this invites China to use Toronto as a nuclear strike target to send a warning to the USA if a regional war starts getting out of hand. Some Australians have as good as said that, with Melbourne or Toronto as options.

Falling for the American charade that paints China as an “Evil Empire” is a mistake. (We hope.)

I remember a one-time boss, General Ian Pickering who once said, ‘Don’t think in the moment, think ahead.”

That advice should apply to our world leaders too like Joe Biden, Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson who are venturing forward in a breach of the global nuclear non proliferation regime to put more nuclear submarines in the Asian Seas so that America can fight a war with China from a Philippines platform or anywhere else but home. (That’s old, Joe and it will not work. Even North Korea can nuke any American city of its choice. America’s bullying days must end.)

China’s conduct in the South China Sea and in the airspace around Taiwan requires in-depth analysis of the culture and the history. Beijing’s thinking is based on hard-baked dogma as backwards as that of the flat-Earth society. But they believe this tripe and it is part of the belief structure of 1.4 billion people, so what the hell is Xi Jinping supposed to do?

The outrageous ‘Nine-Dash-Line’ stemming from what was really an 11-dash line marking out China’s claim to 95% ownership of the South China sea, is dogma, a belief but nothing real or factual.

This dogma is as irrational as the mad-hatter theories of many ‘anti-vaxxers’. It is exactly the same thing. Exactly.

It is going to require patience, fortitude and careful educating to fix this. It’s not malice. It’s pure fanaticism and needs to be treated before it spreads like SARS2.

Jingoism has already done even worse than exacerbating the problem. Already China feels desperate surrounded with American military bases—and that is not an irrational fear because it is true.

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Sidebar: The 11-Dash Line

The nine dash line was actually an eleven dash line created by Chinese geographer Yang Huairen on maps by the Chinese Nationalist Party or ‘Nationalist Kuomintang” as it was called in the years before WWII.

Nearly 300 pieces of coral, rock and turf  were catalogued laboriously by Yang, given names and grids and he thereafter called this aggregate mess the ‘South China Sea Islands’, in 1947. That was the first cartographic suggestion that these burbling things in and out of water were occupied and owned by China, according to Kaplan’s book and other historic records of note.

That get’s worse. In 1947-1948, historians say, the 21st Century ruling party, the Communist Party of China (CCP), under Chairman Mao Zedong, ousted Chiang Kai-Shek’s  Nationalist Kuomintang Party from government which then fled and became the ruler of Taiwan.

In the meantime, the CCP turned on Chinese geographer Yang Huairen saying his theories were nonsense and persecuted Yang Huairen for being a member Nationalist Kuomintang Party.

“They didn’t respect history,” said a noted Chinese scholar, Wang Ying,  about the international tribunal which in July 2016 ruled the Chinese South China Seas claim null and void.

What is particularly strange about this comment is that here is no cartographic history, as Kaplan and other researchers have pointed out.  In fact during the entire Ming Dynasty, says Kaplan, China walked away from the sea and there are no records of any of these rocks, coral or turf being occupied by a human, adds Kaplan in his book.

“What is likely the greatest truth in all this is that because there are no records, everyone can and is telling a lie about their possession.”

China has built many islands, notes JSTOR , and has claims since the 17th century of gains made during wars. But it is not alone.  The Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia also have solid claims to some actual real estate in the South China Seas that China stole in 2012.
A 500 page ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague in favour of the Philippines almost says, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”.

Solving China’s dogma problem requires a deep understanding of the culture and it will try even a saint’s patience. But the nine-dash-line is hardly incontrovertible said a panel of world tribunal judges.

The way to approach these issues is with face-saving communication and not immature male jingoisms like what is coming from North America.

Canada has made a dangerous mistake in sending its geriatric anti-submarine warships to the shores of China. This Asian Seas matter is no joke. But what Canada is doing is a joke to everyone watching. The kind of joke that makes one wince.

* Canada is not going war to with China.

* China is not going to war with anyone, but it will protect its people.

* China is not an evil empire as USA & Brit propaganda claims.

* Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

* Hence the danger is from racist nuke’em-dead white-men like Scott Morrison, Boris Johnson, and Joseph Biden whose nations are today, racist quagmires.

* Deeds speak but words are what make other people do crazy things, like Donald Trump’s words that caused JT to kidnap a princess; and caused the Anglo world to hate Asians.

Pushing Xi Jinping, who is deeply embedded in a bizarre communist dogma conundrum, dogma that 1.4 billion Chinese believe, is pushing President XI to feel things and do things he might not ordinarily have done and which are not of his nature.

Bullied men and women can be pushed to impulsivity. For example, watch Kim Jong-un. That man never became incensed against the West until he became the target of America’s bullying.

The Anglosphere‘s hatred for Asia and the FVEY Kool-Aid served to that hatred, could bring the end of human civilization. The precipice is nearing as nuclear submarines bang into things in the Asian Seas, and Russian and Chinese warships chase American destroyers out of Russian waters while Chinese H6 nuclear bombers take off again for another sortie into Taiwanese perimeters.

XI Jinping seems to think that WWIII will be fought on China’s land mass. That is what America is trying to achieve as opposed to fighting wars on American soil. That’s Joe Biden’s 1950s, inescapable “duck-and-cover” paradigm, and not a reality.

The CCP has a memory that goes back to Japan’s invasion of China. Estimates suggest 80 million Chinese civilians lost their lives. At least a billion people think, “never again”. What they will do to prevent that may get more than a little crazy.

The Anglosphere desperately needs better leaders.

The West needs much better leaders than the current mediocrity of Scott Morrison, Boris Johnson and Joe Biden. They have each proven to be erratic, unpredictable and untrustworthy. That may not be news but for sure is something to think about.

Look for women leaders like Angela Merkel. Even though Chancellor Merkel is one in a million, that means there could be 7,900 excellent candidates like her. Earth’s population has just about reached 7.9 billion, now seriously exceeding what Earth can sustain at the current rate of abuse.