Women's Rights NGO urges mandatory COVID-vaccination

“’Universal vaccination is consistent with my right to life and safety of my family,’ is what any women in the world may lawfully and justifiably say. COVID-19 vaccine mandates make good sense and are consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” says a policy statement of the RINJ Women, a global civil society NGO with over 4 million members around the world.

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” Citing Universal Declaration of Human Rights

“That ‘act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood’ would include getting vaccinated,” urges Karinna Angeles, a Manila nurse.

“That anyone is willing to infect others while allowing their vaccine dose to expire, is criminal negligence,” argues Monique Deslauriers, a Calais, Maine nurse practitioner.

“Medical workers should be vaccinated already and if not they are in the wrong profession. They need to unequivocally ascertain that cross infection between medical workers and the public is prevented. If they do not understand this simple principle of immunization and public health policies they should be sent packing, or sent back to school,” the senior medical practitioner added.

“Small children especially must be vaccinated against COVID-19. That pharmaceutical companies have been tardy in doing their testing for small children is reprehensible. These little humans have no ability to care for themselves and must rely on adults and the adults have let them down,” suggests Dr. Anderson of The RINJ Foundaton.

In a statement published on its web site, RINJ Women endorsed Global Vaccine Mandates in solidarity against COVID-19.

Los Angeles has ordered the toughest vaccine mandate in the United States. It is expected that more locales will follow.

According to data presented by Civil Society Partners against COVID-19, for each wasted SARS2 vaccine jab, one out of ten persons (1/10) in the category of unvaccinated/vulnerable in Africa and Asia, dies if infected in a region with inadequate health care. The people in poorer countries desperately need and want COVID-19 vaccines immediately.

“Data from all universities and civil society groups aggregating COVID-19 statistics indicates that the vast majority of COVID-19 deaths in developed nations, in the high 90 percentiles, are among the unvaccinated. In Canada which has a very good vaccination ratio but nowhere near the desired 95% because there is yet to be an approved vaccine for small children, all COVID-19 deaths today are unvaccinated patients,” explains Kathy Poon, a biostatistician with the CSPaC. COVID-19 tracking team in Singapore.


Following a Leader?  Look at the COVID-19 Global Epicenter.

Doctors and nurses are angry at the behaviour of certain media responsible for leading the antivaxxer movement in the United States. Fox News.

“Anti-vax crusaders like the stupid misogynist Tucker Carlson on rabble-rousing, muck-raking Fox News cause their rich country to store vaccines until expiry for their viewers until they come around or just die. But the Fox News staffers, according to an MSNBC report (see video below), meaning all the Fox News staff, are vaccinated themselves under  a mandate and each are wearing very nice N95 respirators. This, all the while they promote antivaxxers on their broadcasts. Those wasted jabs not going into FoxNewsCult follower‘s arms are needed immediately to save the lives of less fortunate persons somewhere, anywhere, in Africa,” explains Dr. Nassima al Amouri.

Forbes Magazine, in a feature, sets out that “the daughter of a 45-year-old Washington man who died in early September of COVID-19 did not mince words in an interview with CNN’s John Berman a few days ago. Katie Lane laid part of the blame for her father’s vaccine hesitancy at the feet of Fox host Tucker Carlson, the most-watched host in cable news, blaming him for spreading “misinformation.”

“Almost every physician in the world detests these media persons who play the sick-Donald-Trump card of stirring up violence and civil disorder to feed their psychologically challenged disordered minds with visions of adulation coming from within the communities of the morally blind; the credulous; and the intellectually challenged,” she added.

“So far America’s failed COVID-19 mitigation is the absolute worst in the world. The country has 50% of the world’s currently active infections and over one million excess deaths due to COVID-19, according to the IHME. Clearly what American antivaxxer politicians, media and rabble-rousers are doing is killing the country,” added the doctor. “And none of these actors carrying out deadly subterfuge against the USA are Chinese or Russian. America is killing itself.”

(Note: Projections of IHME for 1/12/2021 say there will have been 1,085,299 excess COVID-19 deaths in the USA.)

Meaningless Protest
“Stupid is as stupid does.”- America’s Forest Gump
“Don’t be stupid, get vaccinated,” say America’s doctors.
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“Antivaxxers will eventually kill themselves, but they also kill others by wasting vaccine doses their rich governments are holding for them until they expire,” says expert.

“It is safe to say that people who stay unvaccinated are likely to die from COVID-19 eventually, at any time, in the coming few years,” says a biostatistician and infectious disease researcher.

“That’s the best way I have of explaining the data we are seeing,” explained Dr. Fred Harris from Singapore where he heads the CSPaC. COVID-19 tracking team.

“Globally, SARS2 VOC will infect an increasingly narrow segment of communities, as more people become vaccinated,  specifically the unvaccinated/vulnerable, in wave after wave, over the years, killing between 2% and 9% of the unprotected infected, depending on the quality of local health care,” says Harris.

Wasting Vaccines Others Need