Psychology behind Canadian MPs, Cops, not pursuing rape crime

Events in Canada are again signalling a sexual violence crisis impacting women, girls and even vulnerable males—a Canadian rape culture normally kept under wraps according to the CBC, a Canadian public owned and state-funded news agency.

Physical violence, sexual aggression, sexual violence, racism, marginalization of women, all go hand in hand. It gets worse as more Canadian women climb to the top, which may cause more women survivors to finally come forward, say experts from women’s anti-GBV groups.

Campus rapes; sex crimes in the patriarchal male-havens like the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, RCMP and Canadian Military; rape and incest in pandemic-locked-down-homes; should be spilling into the courts, but these crimes are being systemically covered up by the same people who brought you the Canadian Indian residential school system.

A series of clandestine threats to survivors have effectively discouraged complaints, some of that information leaking to the media, but only a very small percentage, according to women talking to PTSD and rape counselors privately, but agreeing could say this much.

By Sharon Santiago and Melissa Hemingway

The UN has said, before it got worse, that “violence against women in Canada is still a serious, pervasive and systematic problem: an unfinished business that requires urgent actions,” according to the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women in April 2018.

“During my visit,” explained Dubravka Šimonović, United Nations Special Rapporteur, “I noted with concern that the services providers and other interlocutors I met unanimously denounced the dire shortage of shelters for women and children escaping violence and a general lack of affordable public housing, including transitional housing and second stage accommodation and employment opportunities.

“The extent of services available in urban areas is much greater than in rural areas and too often the services provided are limited to safe space without specific programs aiming at the empowerment of women. Additionally, just a small percentage serve women and children of indigenous communities and service providers are usually non indigenous women. Due to the lack of shelters or second-stage housing facilities, many women who have fled from domestic violence are subsequently forced to return to their homes exposing themselves to the risk of facing further violence.

“With regard to the services that should be provided by shelters, including safety planning, counselling, children’s programming, employment seeking assistance, I draw the Government’s attention to the recommendations contained in my thematic report on human rights based approach to integrated service for victims of VAW with a focus on shelters and protection orders.—Dubravka Šimonović, United Nations Special Rapporteur

Note: The UN has explained that further visits and reports have been delayed by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Since then, the problem has become tenfold worse,” says Geraldine Frisque, a spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation, a global civil society women’s rights group.

Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights slams down on Canadian military men for unwanted sexing of career women.

Retired Supreme Court justice Louise Arbour was once the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Justice Arbour is a former Prosecutor in the International Crime Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.

Following up on one of Justice Arbour’s suggestions, Canada’s new defence minister, Anita Anand announced last week that she’s transferring the investigation and prosecution of sexual misconduct cases within the Canadian military to the civilian justice system. Ms. Arbour heads up an over-watch on sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in Canada’s failing-grade misogynistic military.

The Canadian military establishment has been crumbling from the top down as past sexual transgressions catch up with aging senior officers in some of the highest posts at National HQ, 101 Colonel By Drive in Ottawa.

According to Katie Alsop of RINJ Women, their ®Rape-Helpline has been receiving horror stories from women and men about all of the male-dominated organizations and institutions mentioned above.

“Sexual violence in Canada is explained by an enormous thrust to gain ‘power and control’ over assets in a rich country, especially at a time when many of the most senior positions in the country are newly held by women under the feminist Trudeau government,” explains Ms. Alsop, a founding director of her RINJ Women organization.

“Canada resembles about thirty successful nations we are watching, with women leaders, like Tsai Ing-wen, Angela Merkel and Jacinda Ardern. Canada, under a male leader, Trudeau, has also excelled in a similar manner, benefitting from gender-equal political leadership. A look at the make up of Canada’s portfolio’s—at the true leaders of the country, says they are mostly women as it might appear to the jaded eyes of the threatened man-caved (DND, RCMP and CSIS) patriarch.

“The defence minister is a woman, for example. The ‘old boys club’ is  indeed bewildered and even threatened. These old misogynistic dude Generals are taking orders from a girl. I seriously warn, watch out for more suicides too. The old boy network is not just a cliché, its about sad people who learned life in a totally different era and have clung to their beliefs quite naturally. Soldiers are not hired and trained for their humanity, they are brought in for their single-mindedness; to kill. In this new era, they need serious cognitive therapy in order to survive the new paradigm. This should not be taken lightly.

“But gender-equality transition in a rich patriarchal nation has a rebound impact. Men typically punch, hit, beat, kill, rape or sexually assault women they seek to control. This type of male  actor becomes activated when losing wide control in his life. Sexual violence is an easy tool for marginalization of women and that explains why there is such a big surge of extreme sex crime in Canada’s man-caves, like DND, RCMP, CSIS institutions, and the family homes during lockdowns,” she said.

“There is a rape-culture-connection between sexual violence and the marginalization of women,” says the RINJ expert.

“There’s no doubt that there’s a crisis in the Canadian Armed Forces,” defence Minister Anand said last week on a TV show called Power & Politics. “That crisis has been brought to light many times over the past few months.”

Canadian Defence Miniister, the Honourable Anita Anand seen in this file photo at a Hamilton Liberal Party rally during the 2021 Canadian federal election. Photo Credit: Joey Coleman —Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine


“Canadian police including military police, tend not to go after rapists thus women fear reporting rape crime and then don’t.”

Physical violence, sexual aggression and violence for the sake of marginalizing women, all go hand in hand.

Sexual aggression, enforces the superiority of men. To take issue with sexual violence against women and sexual objectification of women is to challenge the superiority of men.

According to women working on the RINJ ®Rape-Helpline, there is a pattern of unreported crime evidenced by survivors who call the ®Rape-Helpline, because they are needing help combatting HIV & HBV or other STI.


RINJ home abuse Help Signal originally meant, “I must get free”

“While having a conversation without saying anything specific,” explains RSAC nurse Karinna Angeles, from Manila, “this signal in this video [above] has been used to alert someone whom you trust that you are in trouble and in danger of further violence from an abuser nearby, po. First used by FIlipino women in the Philippines on Facebook in 2016, the signal became wider known recently in America. As was subsequently learned, abusers will spot the signal and may become immediately violent. Be careful to keep your hand out of sight of your abuser. The best way to avoid becoming a victim of domestic violence again is to find an explainable reason to leave and go to a shelter or a trusted friend or family member until the abuser sobers up or calms down. But ‘leave‘ for good is better. In many cases around the world, going to a police station is more dangerous. In the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and in China, that is especially true. That impacts over a billion women.”

“Every day, women must build their PAPA,” says Karinna Angeles.  She explains the acronym means Pre-determined Alternate Plan of Action—“I got myself into this and now where do I go to get out?” nurse Angeles explained. She also explained that RINJ Women have large shelters in Southeast Asia which can be availed from the ®Rape-Helpline.

Why patriarchs do not pprosecute rapists. Canadian police in absolute terms do not prosecute rapists thus women fear reporting rape crime because there is a rape culture connection between sexual violence and marginalization of women. Sexual violence and marginalization of women. Sexual violence, in other words, enforces the superiority of men. To take issue with sexual violence against women and sexual objectification of women is to challenge the superiority of men.
Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Senior military leaders in Canada Accused of sexual misconduct.

Retired military member Stephanie Viau alleged Vice-Admiral Haydn Edmundson raped her in 1991 Retired military member Stephanie Viau alleged Vice-Admiral Haydn Edmundson raped her in 1991.
Photo credit: Screen capture. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

For example, retired Canadian military steward Stephanie Viau accused Vice-Admiral Haydn Edmundson shown below, of raping her when she was a 19-year-old steward in 1991 aboard HMCS Provider docked in Pearl Harbour. Edmundson denies the allegation. Admiral Edmundson is on indefinite leave as the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service (CFNIS) allegedly looks into the allegation. That may change in accordance with the Minister’s demand that these matters be given to civil prosecutors.


Below Source: CBC, Canadian state financed TV. See “senior leaders embroiled in sexual misconduct cases“.

senior leaders embroiled in sexual misconduct cases Accused of sexual misconduct.
Source: CBC
See CBC article senior leaders embroiled in sexual misconduct cases