Israel gives tons of rocket materiel to Hamas, more excuses for apartheid

“The public doesn’t know everything,” says Netanyahu. Huh?

Whereas Benjamin Netanyahu, on Friday, said Israel’s 11-day bombardment of Gaza was an “exceptional success”, the former Prime Minister now in a quasi-caretaker role, Netanyahu also said there are many secrets he was apparently keeping from the Israeli people.

Would the secrets be the thousands of millions of US dollars annually, some of which Netanyahu allegedly pockets, as American military aid to Israel as requisite for the poor under dog to ward off nasty boys in balaclavas launching pipe bombs that challenge Israel’s existence? Nobody could answer, or just refused with silence.

“We achieved our goals in the operation,” Netanyahu said. He continued to say that “the public doesn’t know everything… nor does Hamas.

“One of our humanitarian workers who has been debriefing medical crews to learn about the need for additional supplies and augmentation, has something also interesting to explain, and it will be no secret kept from the Israeli public,” said Katie Alsop, cofounder of RINJ Women. She set up the contact for

News update by Behar Abbasi and Micheal John

Israeli Tank Palestinian kids don’t have any of these. A lopsided armed confrontation slaughtered Palestinian civilians, including 70 children and 40 moms in their homes.  This is an Israeli tank of the type used to fire upon Gaza strip. File Photo Source: IDF Flikr. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“Not only has Israel created Hamas with America’s help back in the 1980s, but Benjamin Netanyahu just rearmed Hamas and incited its many allies including Iran, Turkey and Syria, plus others, to be of more help to Hamas starting tomorrow. This is weird,” says Geraldine Frisque.

Geraldine Frisque, a spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation which has a distributed presence across the Middle East since 2012, spoke to via secure line from Gaza City where she was accompanied by medical workers who have been in Israel and the Palestinian territories since May 2018, employed as doctors and nurses on both sides of the conflict that supposedly ended in a truce Friday.

Frisque said she has been in touch with five additional workers who arrived in the region with medical supplies at the beginning of the conflict to care for Palestinians and Israelis injured in the various violence incidents in the occupied and mixed regions.

“The workers are all well,” she said. But she says she observed that the conflict is not over and continued Friday around the time of afternoon prayer.

One of the medical workers providing care to Israelis and Palestinians alike in a walk-in Jerusalem clinic has treated injuries sustained in a skirmish between police and Mosque goers.

Both sides in the 21 May 2021 al Aqsa incident inflicted violence according to several witnesses.

“The violence restarted at the al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem where thousands of worshipers attended that once-sacred place for afternoon prayers,” Ms. Frisque said.

The attack at al Aqsa mosque is also confirmed by the official news agency of the Palestine government.

A statement from the Palestinian government in response to a ‘violent attack against worshipers at the al Aqsa mosque’ said, “The Israeli government, by continuing its policy of provocation, attacks and incursions, is challenging international efforts that have been made to reach a calm and stop the violence and escalation in Jerusalem and the occupied Palestinian territories, and to stop the aggression on Gaza.”

Journalists from CNN have reported that Israeli police attacked members of the press and TV reporters with batons during the same skirmish in the afternoon of Friday. 21 May 2021.

Israeli artillery firing on Gazza Palestinian children do not have artillery pieces. A lopsided armed confrontation slaughtered Palestinian civilians, including 70 children and 40 moms in their homes. Israeli artillery of this type was used to fire upon the Gaza Strip. File Photo Source: IDF Flikr. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Gaza presently ‘uninhabitable’ say Medical Workers.

“Gaza is pulverized and unfit for human habitation is the consensus of seven medical workers, shared with me and I see it with my own eyes. Now I worry about the rest of the Palestinian territories,” said Ms. Frisque.

“The condition of the Gaza Strip, especially residences is in a word, “rubble“. People are still searching for their missing family members under the tons of broken buildings. This is also true in some communities of Israel I have heard. But I can see that Gaza City is uninhabitable and am told about destroyed general infrastructure; collapse of public health care capability; lack of clean water; the spread of disease; sewage system damage; desalination plants are trashed; there’s danger from falling buildings and even poles; bombed schools; bombed hospitals; bombed humanitarian aid providers like the Red Crescent; and we don’t know half the story because the journalists have all been bombed out so we each must walk the entire region to get the fullest report and the entire truth. And that is what aid workers will do to evaluate needs,” she added.

Frisque and colleagues are not the only NGO reporting Gaza is demolished. One doctor working in the largest of Gaza’s hospitals told that the Gaza strip is unsuitable for people to live in because of unexploded munitions and destroyed infrastructure. “Even the Christian enclaves have been hit,” she added.

Hamas Rockets Hamas rockets are “plumber’s contraptions” made of pipe and bits of unexploded Israeli missiles and bombs, says Simon Baldock an Israeli security analyst who also says that the Hamas has caused as many injuries in Gaza as have the Israeli Defence Forces. Bias: Baldock is himself a former member of the IDF.  File Photo Source: IDF Flikr. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Medical survey by RINJ humanitarian workers suggests many patient injuries in Gaza City and south in Gaza were caused by Hamas rockets fired from Gaza and falling in Gaza.

Dr. Nassima al Amouri who has been on loan to the Gaza Public Health services is departing the area to Jordan as a first stop on her way back into Syria and her practice there. Jordanian-built mobile hospitals are expected to arrive in hours. Nassima is a specialist in treating massive trauma in war zones.

Her message in departing is that structural damage in Gaza has been done by heavy Israeli bombing and artillery shelling sufficiently to have “ruined the entire Gaza strip making it unlivable due to the break-down of public infrastructure and complete loss of crucial services and institutions,” she said.

But the doctor says plenty of lighter property damage, but nasty civilian injuries in Gaza, is inflicted from within Gaza.

Hamas. No country, no name flashes and full balaclava face masks means no responsibility, no accountability, no country, and they are not professional soldiers.

The Hamas creation was an American idea to undermine Yasser Arafat, president of the Palestine Liberation Organization from 1969 to 2004. This became an Israeli project.

Hamas succeeded in taking over Gaza in 2007. Basically the whole sneaky project failed at every step as did many American ideas of the same type: like ISIS to obfuscate al Qaeda which the USA had already enabled, and terrorist groups like Abu Sayyaf etc.  Read: “Israel and America created Hamas as a straw dog.”

Not even remotely helpful to the Palestinian cause is the Israel/USA straw dog, Hamas. Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has little or no voice and Israel uses Hamas as an excuse for its apartheid rule over the occupied territories and to dwindle the Palestinian population with bombs and missiles,” claims Simon Baldock.

“Yes they are terrorists to Palestinians. They rule Gaza with fear and brutality,” says doctor al Amouri.

“The UN secretary General is 100% correct. Gaza is hell on Earth for children but for their parents too,” said the doctor.

Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya, or the Islamic Resistance Movement “is no friend of Palestine,” says doctor al Amouri.

“It fought and killed many of the Palestinian government side to take control of Gaza in 2007. Hamas is no friend of anyone, she added.” 

Hamas is an American and Israeli Creation Hamas. No country, no name flashes and full balaclava face masks.
No responsibility, no accountability, not professional soldiers.
An American idea—an Israeli creation. Read: “Israel and America created Hamas as a straw dog.”  Not even remotely helpful to the Palestinian cause is the Israel/USA straw dog. Photo Courtesy TheReaperTeam Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

She was firm in saying that plenty of damage to homes—and she suspects many burn and crush injuries as well—are attributable to Hamas rockets which when fired were like celebratory gunfire, going up and then falling back down on the locals but with explosives in the tips.

“They must have some type of incendiary explosive on their tops, or what one nurse told me, ‘it smelled like unused fuel’, because I treated a man two days ago with bad fire and chemical burns to his upper body and I asked him to show me his home where the injury took place just in case there is a toxic agent we must counteract. It seemed more like a petrol rash. He had described a locale that was distant from where most injuries were coming from but close enough for me to visit.

“Two days later, I was escorted to the house by one of the security guards who came with me here to Gaza along with my colleagues from Syria,” the doctor explained.

“We saw the house. It was brick but made of wood at the ceiling and roof where the thing from the sky struck and started the big fire which burned the gentleman. The walls were fine. He maybe needs to make a new roof and get rid of the burned things? I don’t know much about that sort of thing,” she explained what she saw.

“Our woman guard, who once was an experienced soldier of the Israeli Defence Forces, said after we looked at the house, the damage to the patient’s house was for sure done by a rocket shot in the air from Gaza, not an Israeli bomb or missile,” explained Dr. Nassima al Amouri about her research and its conclusions.

“The guard also told me that at night she had seen the Hamas-launched rockets fall in a vertical line down, some kind of crude firework where the rocket part stopped working suddenly or it went out of control.”

FPMag inquired of the Israeli Defence Forces spokesperson’s office and was informed that hundreds of the Hamas rockets fell on Gaza. When trying to pin down the percentage of launched rockets that might have fallen from the sky on Gaza, the person said it was “hundreds” and that was all the information they had at the time. Some four thousand rockets were launched by Hamas according to the IDF.

“They have a tip of explosive invented by the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam fighters of Hamas. Otherwise it is a rocket just like the ones used for fireworks except they are big metal pipes, and go far if they work, if I understand what the guard was explaining,” said the doctor.

“What got me going on this is that I started to become curious about where patients were coming from. Some patients were coming together from the same area we heard explosions come from, but then we all noticed that some patients were coming from random locations where the Israeli air force was not fighting,” she said.

“Now we think those people from random locations and their homes were hit by Hamas rockets. There are as many injuries from that type of attack as there are from bombings but the bombing injuries are major trauma type injuries. The rockets were smaller bombs, I think,” added Dr. Nassima al Amouri. For sure, patients were not liking  of Hamas but were mostly afraid to speak until I told them if my accent didn’t give it away that I am from somewhere else and I will go back to my home and keep their secrets,” added the good doctor.

“Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation,” says Mr. Avner Cohen, speaking to the Wall Street Journal in 2009. He is a Tunisian-born Jew and former Israeli official who worked in Gaza for more than two decades.

From the ashes of a destroyed Gaza comes not a Phoenix but more damned Hamas rockets and more excuses to explain off the apartheid against Palestinian Arabs.


“That patient,” she added, “has gone to work with a trailer on his car to collect unexploded Israeli bombs and pieces of plumbing pipe from bombed houses and bombed apartment buildings. For this he will be paid in cash American dollars by members or agents of Hamas.”


“It seems to me that Israel has just created supplies for thousands more of those horrible rocket bombs many of which will again land on our heads in Gaza.

“Gaza maybe is not worth rebuilding until the Israeli apartheid over Palestinians is forced to end, and the world is rid of Hamas,” concluded Dr. Nassima al Amouri.