Opinion: If we accept Israeli apartheid and war crimes we are all next.

Benjamin Netanyahu is killing women and children to end their ethnic origin. This is a war on women and children to stop the perpetuation of a race as a form of genocide.

So, I want to try If I can to explain what it is like for a woman medical practitioner to mourn a deceased baby with limbs blown off and abdomen blown open by Israeli air attacks. The repeated nightmare is, ‘Could I have done anything to change the outcome for this innocent child?’ It’s a lifelong question no matter the inevitability of the outcome. The damage is extensive in 6-degrees of separation; and the harm is permanent.

Mass murder of women and children is only one thing: GENOCIDE. Are we all now vulnerable?

by Sharon Santiago

Bombing kids is not self defence Bombing kids is not self defence. Photo: 18 May demonstration outside Israeli Embassy in Washington DC. Photo Credit: Courtesy The RINJ Foundation.

We are all next if we accept this.” The words came from the mind of the most angelic, legendary humanitarian doctor on Earth who is fighting the uphill battle of saving Syria’s babies.

Few words ever hit me this hard. Brutal oppression and murder of women and children  is becoming a norm thanks to politicians like Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu. Think of the European doctor who said “we should test the vaccines on the poor  Africans first“. Same crowd.

The world has allowed Min Aung Hlaing to mass murder civilian protestors and imprison journalists in order to dodge the gavel of the International Criminal Court.

World leaders have not stopped Rodrigo Duterte from ordering the murders of his enemies, drug users and poor children who walk with a limp.

An America president was complicit in the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi and world leaders tolerate the main killer in order to sell more weapons and get more dirty oil.

Now with impunity the failed politician Benjamin Netanyahu murders over 60 children and God only knows how many of their mothers his orders have killed.

This is a war on women and children as a form of genocide. Netanyahu has invigorated thousands of racist extremists to form groups on Telegram and WhatsApp to plan and execute murders of Nazarenes and Palestinians they think might be Arabs in nearby mixed communities. The crimes he has led even Netenyahu admits are out of control.

Joe Biden is an enabler of murder of Palestinian women and children and there is no escaping that fact. Still Biden talks about maybe moving toward a cease fire against babies. Biden could have cancelled billions of dollars in grants to Israel and halt all trade in arms. Instead he fanned the flames with toxic words, drift, and delay. Biden is one sick puppy. So too is Netanyahu.

By encouraging Netanyahu’s crimes to help the struggling, and allegedly corrupt politician Netanyahu keep ill begotten power, Biden is complicit.

Here is the major problem and Biden’s ultimate lie about a change toward a more humanitarian foreign policy.

Biden also sends a message that America will continue to commit its own crimes like using child soldiers as surrogates; murdering hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Yemeni civilians and killing American Blacks on American streets. What is the difference?

Bpmbing kids is not self defence. Photo Credit: Courtesy AL Jazeera / Twitter

France, Egypt and Jordan have some ideas for a ceasefire.

In this matter, those are three countries who have some credibility if not for the fact that one of them has sold tons of military weapons to Israel which it has used to kill innocent civilians during its apartheid rule over Palestine territories.

America slings mud and lies aiming at a domestic base that would shiver at the thought of Anti-Semitism against Israel.

“The United States strongly condemns President Erdogan’s recent anti-Semitic comments regarding the Jewish people and finds them reprehensible,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price babbled.

This of course is disingenuous claptrap for the benefit of those of American journalists who have a hate on for anything Islamic.

CNN and Fox News; MSNBC and CBS; are not reporting the events of late in the occupied territories of Palestine and any little coverage is about Israel’s right to self-defence spewed from the White House and assurances that Hamas is a terrorist organization.

Hamas is an illegitimate gang of hoodlums which has abducted the downtrodden desperate people of Gaza for wrongful purposes.

Those wrongful purposes include a wide range of criminal activities a lot like American RICO criminal gangs like the Hell’s Angels MC; the Outlaws MC; and the Republican Party.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and some of his Islamic bloc colleagues have had strong words for Israel. That is not anti-Semitism but loathing for apartheid against fellow Islamists and not hard to understand for a fair-minded honest person which under no circumstances describes an American politician except maybe Bernie Sanders and the feared-by-all-misogynists, “Squad’.

President Erdogan has repeatedly accused Israel of terrorism against the Palestinian people. That is true beyond any reasonable doubt. And Mr. Erdogan is correct. Terrifying Palestinians makes the doer of that deed, terrorists. What’s the hard part to understand?

The Turkish President said  it was “in their nature to be that way” and that arguably nudges a line too far on the basis that not all Israelis agree with what is happening. On the facts, Israel has been doing the type of racist-violence activities Erdogan accurately calls “terrorism” for 75 years. That might suggest that such behaviour is in the national doctrine. For sure it is cultural but only one-sided. In mixed communities the Palestinians are the best behaved say pollsters.

But the broken part of the Erdogan-line is that not all Israelis feel that way and accept the ‘terrorism’  conduct. Many in fact want to be rid of Netanyahu and his extremist followers who have built the apartheid that exists today. Netenyahu is using all the dirty tricks in the book to get elected but in as many as five elections there has been no decisive victory for the accused fraudster.

“They are murderers, to the point that they kill children who are five or six years old. They only are satisfied by sucking their blood,” said Mr. Erdogan angrily.

Again the first part of the statement is true. One should stop listening there. The second part is an angry figure of speech that is intended to be ugly.

  • How can Joe Biden drift so easily past that truth?
  • Biden is willing to support the killing of dozens of babies? So he did.
  • Biden is a fraud. He is no humanitarian. I wonder now if he really loved anyone, let alone his fellow man.
  • Biden is the consummate politician but one who is a few bricks short of a full load in the grey matter department, obviously, as he let’s his mouth expose his bigotry and bloodlust for Muslims.

The second part of Erdogan’s statement is purely an angry emotional outburst. I get it. I feel it every time I stand in urgent care doing child intakes and hold a lost baby for the last few seconds of waning life. Try it. Hold a dying baby with limbs blown off and abdomen blown open. What the f*ck do you think medical practitioners feel when men slaughter women and children? I will cry now. Again, as I will do for as long as I breathe. At the same time I will do what I can to eliminate baby killers like Netenyahu and Biden.

Not one. You do not get to kill one more mommy or child and you must pay for the crimes already done.

Mankind can do without all the men like Netanyahu and Biden, and must stop electing them. Biden must leave office and Harris must take over. Let’s get at it.