Are distancing and lockdown mandates a violation of civil liberties?

FPMag Editorial

Arguably some measures are reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society, and they are “OK as temporary measures,” say many experts.

But many countries have used stringent stay-at-home orders because of initial government failures at managing the current pandemic or as a power grab. Actually they are a draconian measure that violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, especially where children are harmed.

Are my rights violated when government tells me to wear a mask? Are my rights violated when government tells me to wear a mask? Photo Credit: University Video Capture: Doctor demonstrates the donning of a 3M N95 mask .  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Laws that are essential for the protection of life in a free and democratic society are not likely to be in violation of human rights laws but locking people in their homes for a year with prison, murder, caging and other draconian punishments for offenders  is indeed a serious violation.

Governments  demonstrating these types of malfeasance are also observed in extrajudicial killings cases; under investigation for crimes against the Rome Statute, war crimes and severe human rights violations.

Better Options

There are better options, like government providing proper masking and other personal protection equipment instead of buying more missiles and bombs.

Some things Britain could do instead of increasing its nuclear arsenal and beating the crap out of women at a vigil for a slain sister killed by the misogynistic London Metropolitan Police.

  • Consistent government  policies at pandemic management and disease prevention.
  • Getting children back to school in a safe environment with good sanitization, masking and smaller classrooms.
  • Issuing everyone in the country a box of FFP-2 respirator masks.

Many countries use draconian lockdowns instead of science-based public health policies, like the China-perfected CTTIO (Contact Tracing / Treatment / Isolation / Observation) regime.

Eritrea,  United Kingdom, Philippines, Turkmenistan, Australia, Peru, Bolivia, are on the list in a bad rank of the Government Response Stringency Index developed at Oxford University.

Harm to children

UNICEF has been lambasting the Philippines for its pandemic policy against children. There has been  no school since March 2020.  Children are not permitted to attend school, and they may not leave home. See: Now-Targeted Filipino Schoolgirls 10-11 told create FB Acct by school.

At home, women and children are locked in with rapists and incestuous predators.

So yes, lockdowns can be described as draconian measures, that violate civil liberties.

But here is the catch: You did not wear your mask?  Government was compelled to protect everyone from you. That is an acceptable exception. So shut up about civil rights. You did this to yourself. Wear a mask.

Highest 25 countries in active cases. Highest 25 countries in active cases. Source: Civil Society Solidarity teams against COVID-19