Andrew Cuomo roast is pure politics, his behaviour, schlock humanity

International Women’s Day Editorial Commentary.

Andrew Cuomo’s schlock humanity
is more about American messiness than Andrew Cuomo. It’s a revealing diversion from high plateaued COVID-19 numbers.

Politics and Schlock Humanity, an American Pastime.

What shockers have we heard about progressive Governor Andrew Cuomo? Did any women lift up their skirts for Andrew Cuomo to get a better job, as many did for Roger Ailes at Fox News? (Watch “Bombshell”, during International Women’s Day, 2021.)

It should be fair to say that politics is a somewhat different world than Cable-News stardom where goals are often tuned to immediate gratification in front of a news camera.

Also, anti-sexual harassment policies are a myth in American politics if a reading of four years of Donald Trump is to be a realistic reveal. Or was the Trump era just a Quentin Jerome Tarantino nightmare come true?

There was a Cuomo-Hotel-Room-hug 21 years ago that was inappropriate but is that outside of the norm in a gangster environment which is hard to say ever left New York City? A woman was in  the hotel room late at night with the son of a made-man? Why was she there? There should have been a realistic expectation of potential trouble being in a hotel room late at night with a man whose personality and character have always come under question.

Which person did you want to destroy, GOP? The man who is getting it done for New Yorkers or the man everyone has said for decades has a personality and character flaw?

Governor Andrew CUomo Which person did you want to destroy, GOP? The man who is getting it done for New Yorkers or the man everyone has said for decades has a personality and character flaw?
Photo Credit: Office of Governor of New York State

But, twenty one years ago? Shut up. This is political nonsense beyond the pale. “Get-Cuomo” is the command. He fought and beat Trump to a political pulp a year ago. Het hiiiim back! (?)

One of the attorneys assigned to investigate sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo, Joon Kim, once sent a Cuomo top aide to prison on a bribery conviction. He nailed another linked to a sizeable economic development undertaking that Andrew Cuomo inspired.

“These [sexual harassment allegations] are serious allegations that demand a rigorous and impartial investigation. We will act judiciously and follow the facts wherever they lead,” Kim said in a statement released by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

American political women, there are real problems ignored in your country while you donate your MeToo to the political game of “Get The Governor”? Honestly, it looks that way. Yes you might get a fat multi-million dollar settlement and if you were planning to donate that to the Rape Is No Joke Charity, that would be cool, but political sexual harassment assassination for personal enrichment?

What did you American political women do to stop America from using girls, children as young as 12, as combat arms child-soldiers in Syria and Iraq? What? Yes there are very serious problems associated with American misogyny that you ignore. But thanks for attacking misogyny for any reason including politics.

Misogyny leads to much more serious crimes, like the hundreds of pretty girls America used to fight Daesh in Syria because women of any race are no loss if there are no American troop deaths to be reported.

Child soldiers training in a Marxist/Leninist Terrorist group known as the PKK/YPG File Photo: America’s Child soldiers are in Europe and the Middle East training in a Marxist/Leninist terrorist group known as the PKK/YPG which are acting on behalf of the United States in Syria and are in fact the so-called “Kurdish Allies”. Meanwhile the Kurds deny that the PKK/YPG are Kurdish.
Photo Credit: Video Capture
Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

  • What have you politicrat women done to stop the murder by Americans of Yemeni women and children in Yemen?
  • Did you stop Donald Trump and his gang of goons from ripping babies from mothers’ arms at the border as a method for a racist anti-migration policy?
  • What else have you done to push women forward as sex objects in a wannabe Italian Mob flick you pretend to live in? The optics are bad from the world side. It’s politics. It’s all bad.
  • BTW? Why do you American women idolize those of you who parade boobs and legs across the TV screen on television news shows? Because it is competitive?

Andrew Cuomo is an Italian quasi-gangster workaholic who is consumed with the limelight. He gets shit done in gangster-town New York City, not to be confused with the mostly placid and beautiful rural New York State.

Andrew Cuomo has some problems that Katie Alsop alluded to, problems which are very familiar to NGO workers in women’s shelters.

The ego bombs that fame brings to men get their testosterone raging and their egos inflamed to delirious heights.

Many men attracted to this political world of oscillating adulation have their own quirky genetic propensities, likely, as much research shows, why they pursue such careers in unarmed conflict.

Cuomo is old-bad in the context of the new world order. Many people like bad as recent popularity polls suggest. The men emerging today in politics, such as those young fellows who were competing with Joe Biden in the Democrat candidate selection process, are real stars and the new model for what a good male politician should be.

The people of New York still seem OK with Governor Cuomo, on balance. He is a diamond in the rough but also a misogynist who doesn’t realize that mooing and schmooing women in the work environment is more than demeaning it is pure schlock humanity.

Cuomo needs, like Katie Alsop says, cognitive therapy. His behaviour must change. Schlock humanity is disgraceful in the 21st Century. Shame on greaser Cuomo.


“If Governor Cuomo can admit his problem is greater than a remorseless ‘sorry’ and that he doesn’t really get it hence he will start therapy on Monday, and truly change his life, he should be forgiven on the evidence, if there is forthcoming evidence, of his changed ways and good behaviour as lives march forward into a more workable environment in that once sexist cock pit of an office he runs.” Citing Katie Alsop  in “Good governance is not enough, the kiss was assault, Cuomo. Editorial comment from a feminist.”