Andrew Cuomo in a movie like the late Roger Ailes? MeToo, huh? Joe?

International women’s day needs to be renamed “MeToo Day”. It will be the day when women watch the Joe Biden government in the USA react by telling Governor Andrew Cuomo to “Go home, Andrew.”

A Democrat Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, looks like a villain candidate for a movie in the context of “Bombshell” and MeToo, in his toxic New York Office.

Comment by Sharon Santiago

Andrew Cuomo speaks about Sexist and disgusting. Sexist and disgusting.
Misogyny, sexual assault, sexual harassment and the battery of women is spreading like a virus and marginalizing rights and lives of half the human race.
Photo Credit: Office of the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

#Me Too has given Twitter a whole new set of hashtags: #SexualHarassment #SexualAbuse #Hollywood #LouisCK #GeorgeTakei #CharlieSheen #AndyDick #RichardDreyfuss #JohnGrissom #DavidGuillod #DustinHoffman #JeremyPiven #BrettRatner #StevenSeagal … now there is #andrewcuomo

Watch video: Andrew Cuomo speaks as authority on abuse of women. International Women’s Day 2021 (8 March)

Is there really a change in America?

The MeToo movement seeks to encourage women to speak out abut sexual harassment in the work place and anyplace where men hold power over women.

Four women have done that, the latest just hours ago, and relayed horror stories about Andrew Cuomo’s estimation of women and Cuomo’s conduct toward women in that “sexist cock pit of an office he runs” as Melissa Hemingway describes in a Saturday article for

Why do we need the MeToo  movement in 2021? And why is MeToo the essence of this International Women’s Day 2021 more than ever?

Why? Because sexual assault, sexual harassment and the battery of women is spreading like a virus and potentially marginalizing the rights of, and destroying the lives of, half the human race.


Diminishment of the female gender opens the door to violence against women with impunity. The past week’s news shows that certain truth.

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19 November 2014. Yezidi women come out of hiding. 19 November 2014. Yezidi women come out of hiding after Barrack Obama and Joe Biden took action. What will Joe Biden do now about the MeToo  fiasco in New York?
 Smart Phone Photo by Gracie Edwards.
Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

International Women’s day 2021 is Monday. Nobody is finding much to smile about except maybe the corporate sponsors targeting  the last few working women with a discretionary income.

Women have left their careers during the pandemic to man the fort at home. The kids all over the world have been away from school and cannot be home alone, especially the young girls.

Wife battery, child rape, and incest, have soared in the past year. I know because I spend many hours every week taking my turn on the The RINJ Foundation Helpline, hearing of the tragedies.

These are tragic times for women and their families.

My babies have been “locked down” for a year, confined to home in the Philippines. School has been shut down and the kids all suffer many ill effects. But they are safe. Other children are not doing so well. I with my life partner reach to our limits for solving the many psychological problems this pandemic imprisonment has brought children, all children, in all our communities. We are getting somewhere and are encouraged to work even harder.

This weekend, for International Women’s Day, 2021, we have heard from Katie Alsop in Syria, Melissa Hemingway in Canada and Behar Abbasi in Afghanistan reporting on the tragedies inflicted on women by patriarchal monsters.

Katie Alsop, the quintessential saint on Earth, worries about the continuity of government in difficult times for the good people of New York State and wants Andrew Cuomo to publicly admit he is a mental health patient without a life and that he will start cognitive therapy and other counseling on Monday, International Women’s Day, 2021. (IWD2021)

Then she is willing to forgive bachelor Andrew and suggests women wait to see if he changes his stripes.

Melissa Hemingway hisses between her teeth when she talks about this subject. “Mr. Andrew Cuomo can change his life; fix things; change his attitude; and learn. But on his betrayals of trust and his abuse of authority, he is unfit for public office. But voters will decide, not me.”

But here is my problem. The government of Belarus, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Iran and more, based on my sister’s articles this weekend, have imprisoned, badgered, bullied and brought suffering and death to women because the richest most weaponized nation on Earth allows impunity for the abuse of women, in fact, lately America encourages the diminishment of women pervasively in all that it stands for and does.

  • Look at people like the late Roger Ailes and former US President Donald Trump who have been publicly cruel to women in the most degrading manner, allegedly as a world leader nation. This is sick.
  • Trump was torturing women by confiscating babies from migrant mother’s arms and imprisoning the infants and kiddies as a way of intimidating migrants away from America.
  • Trump said about Carly Fiorina: “Look at that face, would anyone vote for that?”
  • He has called women “fat pigs,” “slobs,” “horseface,” and “dogs”.
  • Trump said of Megyn Kelly: “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

America’s endorsement of VERBAL AND PHYSICAL violence against women has had a bloody impact all around the world. America is responsible for the persistent murders of Women by ISIS and the impunity of misogynists like Recep Erdogan,  Rodrigo Duterte and Mohammed bin Salman.

Whatup Joe Biden?

Let’s face it, the extent of sexual harassment in the Andrew Cuomo matter has not reached the horrors from the late Roger Ailes story, nor has the American MeToo reveal since 2017 compared to what RINJ women are dealing with in shelters, like 12-year-old girls impregnated by American soldiers in the Philippines or incest sufferers pregnant at nine. But America has led by example implying to the the world it is OK.

The women in Bangladesh who were repeatedly raped by Myanmar soldiers until pregnant and infected with HIV have a much worse story to tell. What did Donald Trump do? It was his watch.

That is also true of  Yezidi children and young girls captured by ISIS in August 2014 and repeatedly raped and sold and raped and sold in the Islamic State Caliphate. They all suffer today.

Internatinal Womens Day 2021 Forginga gender equal world Feel free to use this banner on your Facebook and twitter accounts.

So, when will Joe Biden stand up and tell Andrew Cuomo to “go,” and start forging a gender equal world? If you will, President Joe, how can we help you do that?

Happy Women’s Day 2021

Would you like to watch the movie “Bombshell” about Sheroes in the late Roger Ailes / Fox News, Sexual Harassment saga?
It will be here, “Bombshell”, during International Women’s Day, 2021.