Bad COVID-19 data reports may cause missteps

“COVID-19 deaths in Canada are actually . Current active cases are realistically and the sum of cases to date is more likely than the low number Canada reports,” says Dr. Fred Harris, a biostatistician and infectious disease researcher in Singapore, heading up the CSPAC tracking team.

By Melissa Hemingway and Micheal John

Note: Both authors were inoculated with the AstraZenica vaccine with perfect outcomes.

Canada approves mix or match AstraZenica second dose. Canada approves mix or match AstraZenica
second dose. It would be better to have the same second dose as the first says Dr. Theresa Tam.
Photo courtesy AstraZenica.

How does the new information impact Canadians and others?

“Statistically speaking, Canadians are more likely to encounter an infected person out of currently active cases than among the much lower government-reported total,” Dr. Harris added.

Morbidity factors higher than people thought?

COVID-19 fatalities are much higher than what Canadians may think according to reports from CSPAC  and IHME. SARS2 has already killed  Canadians according to best estimates of at least three biostatistician science teams.

“For those Canadians who base their vaccination decision on the morbidity of SARS2 infections, real deaths should give them pause to reflect. Polls indicate more people would get vaccinated if they knew had already died and that   Canadians, many of them out and about, were infectious,” he added.

Full sets of estimates including reported COVID-19 cases, deaths, and active cases based on modified algorithms for each country that factor health care capabilities, testing, vaccinations, lifestyles and more. The data corrects errors and fibs. It includes unreported data for mild and asymptomatic cases and people who died at home, never seeing the inside of a hospital or clinic.

Would Canadians accept the expiration and tossing of thousands of vaccines if they knew the truth?

“Discarding AstraZeneca PLC’s COVID-19 vaccine doses is outrageous beyond immoral. Around the world there are nations in desperate need of vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 and they cannot get them. Every nation has a responsibility to contribute to the fight against the global pandemic,” says Dr. Nassima al Amouri, a humanitarian NGO doctor based in Syria.

“We will take any vaccines we can get from any maker. That Canada is throwing out expired vaccines makes my blood boil. Words make a difference. If ministers don’t know what they are talking about STFU. At least think before you speak political words that cause a quiver full of arrows be given to ‘antivaxxer cults‘,” she added.

On Tuesday, a Canadian government panel released a statement to say that Canadians who received a first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine can choose to receive a another type of vaccine for their second inoculation. Presumably the type of vaccine chosen for the second dose will determine the timing of the second dose.

More importantly, thousands of vaccines expired in Canada on Monday, say several sources close to the information.

Dr. Tam, speaking at a Canadian government news conference said about Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines, “Try and find the same vaccine [for the second dose], the same mRNA vaccine — but if you can’t, for some reason, then consider them interchangeable,” Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, told a news briefing. “This advice provides provinces and territories with safe and effective options to manage the vaccine programs.”

Canada total tests performed 34,862,859 as of publication date and time.

The following data is updated for 15 Jul 2024. Source is: CSPAC.