America is back? As an unstable autocracy? Editorial

Biden’s halcyon days of America are long gone. America needs to change to fit the ideals of hundreds of millions of moms who need and want a human solidarity to oppose all human violence and to build back better for real.

Attack on Adam Schiff is like Putin hitting Alexey Navalny

Joseph Biden should speak not on the issue of Vladimir Putin’s alleged abuse of power and Putin’s attacks on his opposition because America has been doing the exact same disgusting things in at least some measure. America should apologise for its conduct and build alliances to do better.

Putin has been at it forever—America on its unstable path will catch up unless Biden gets a shake. America is one more so-called democracy that morphed into an autocratic mess.

America needs to apologise and change.

America literally supports the Israeli apartheid over Palestinians slaughtering children and their moms in their homes and in refugee camps of Gaza. For this there is no forgiveness for Joe Biden. Say their names.

Editorial by Micheal John

Joe Biden lacks credence to present America as a democratic nation because it is not. Blacks and Brown votes are suppressed across America hence the USA is not a democracy but a racist autocracy.

America is no longer a democracy because at least half the USA States have laws that restrict non-white voters.

Joe Biden may say, “America is back”, like the back-in-the-day song that floats in his head, “Your boyfriend’s back, Doo-Wop”.  Or like The Terminator’s “I’ll Be Back,” does not work for America. Too much is too far gone at this point.

Trump says he’ll be back, too.

Trump leads the Republican Party.

At the Nuremburg Trials, all of the accused said they were not responsible because they were just following orders. Barr, Pence, Flynn, they all want another piece of the pie. Power. But at Nuremburg the worst henchmen were all hung or sent to prison.  Those were the values Biden must have in mind. He seems to think the mess is all under the carpet. But many of Trump’s dirtiest henchmen in America are working on their presidential election campaigns for 2024 instead of sweating in the prisoner dock.

Trump has not been prosecuted despite many serious crimes. Trump continues to smash democratic processes with the Republican party in sync, willing to do any things Trump wants, no matter the calamity and immorality they represent.

“Acting under orders caused Nuremburg participants to perceive a distance from outcomes that they themselves caused,” said Patrick Haggard, a cognitive neuroscientist at University College London, in a feature article written by Joshua Barajas and published by PBS.

Haggard’s theory may explain why Trump’s sycophants are willing to commit wrongdoings like sabotaging democracy for the narcissist Trump.

America is unstable like sweating dynamite.

America elected Trump in 2016 and gave Trump 74 million votes in 2020. After losing the 2020 election, Trump sent a few thousand people to the Capitol Building to shake things up and overturn an election. Next time he might send 50,000 with no Mike Pence to get in the way.

Yes, America is unstable. Trump will be reinstated in August, he says.

The political party in the United States that re-writes state laws so that the GOP can overrule an election if it dislikes the outcome  this way is still controlling the political agenda; their leader is driving the ship from his palace, an historic landmark, in Mar-a-Lago, on the Trump Coast of Florida.

On his orders, Trump’s Republican Party stormed the US Capitol Building on 6 January 2021, and would have taken over the US government were it not for dozens of very brave police officers defending the Capitol Building, and Mike Pence who refused to trash the Electoral College votes.

Trump and his team say that Donald will be reinstated in August of 2021. He also promised the 6 January insurrection for weeks in advance too, and it happened.



America is dangerously unstable. Joe Biden can bark and belch all he wants but he is a featherweight who can change nothing.

America has work to do in order to build trust. 

Adam Schiff Joins other targeted human rights advocates Adam Schiff joins as a targeted human rights/rule of law advocate, Russian Alexei Navalny, Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi, Bylerus’s Roman Protasevich, Philippines Vice-President Leni Robredo, Philippines Senator Leila De Lima all victims of an autocratic style of government. Images from various public domain sources on Twitter. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Weaponizing the departments and mechanisms of government for personal power and political gain is an enormous problem all around the world.

America has in the past half-decade joined autocratic scumbags in Myanmar, Sudan, Philippines, Mali, Israel, Syria, Saudi, India, Iran and others in their abuses of government authority and weaponizing of the people’s money, government trappings, to the benefit of those in power.

Thursday’s revelations that Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell (CA-15), who devotedly conducted themselves as members of the US Congress, plus the media plus many other government officials—up to 100 people—were all targeted by the US White House—their human rights violated—is the worst possible damning of the US system in all history.

Dear world. At the present time, America is unstable and worthy of no trust whatsoever.