Is vaccination necessary to stay alive? Yes. Is Facebook killing people? Maybe. It got Trump and Duterte elected.

“Facebook generates no content, it exploits users’ content,” reports Rosa Yamamoto who has been investigating the recent Facebook-initiated skirmish between the bloated Facebook platform’s executives and US President Joe Biden.

“Facebook claims to have put in place several mechanisms for detecting, fact-checking and if need be, removing content that may be dangerous to public health, putting it in simple terms. But today, Facebook contradicted President Joe Biden and several of his officials by implying in a statement that there was no dangerous or misleading content that could lead to sickness and death on the platform, only ‘authoritative information’,” explained Rosa Yamamoto .

“Here is the real truth about COVID-19 vaccines in America: ‘Fast, Easy, Free, and Nearby, COVID-19 Vaccination,’ according to the CDC, reports Rosa.

By Micheal John, Rosa Yamamoto and Sharon Santiago

“We will not be distracted by accusations which aren’t supported by the facts. The fact is that more than 2 billion people have viewed authoritative information about COVID-19 and vaccines on Facebook, which is more than any other place on the internet. More than 3.3 million Americans have also used our vaccine finder tool to find out where and how to get a vaccine. The facts show that Facebook is helping save lives. Period.” –Dani Lever, Facebook spokesperson.

Fact check Note: It is true that Facebook accepts and publishes regular COVID-19 data updates from Civil Society Partners in Solidarity against COVID-19 but the Singapore-based group was unable to say exactly how many unique viewers of the data, in total, since the pandemic began, came from Facebook. According to a webmaster who did not want to be identified because of not being authorized to make statements to media for CSPAC, “statistics indicate about 16% of some 2 million hits per day were likely from Facebook, ascertained by spending an hour glancing over the logs. In total that must be a very big number,” she explained.


Data for  22 Jul 2024 Source: Civil Society Partners in Solidarity against COVID-19

“Facebook officials’ statements sound as disingenuous as China’s response to the South China Sea debacle when Facebook responded with righteous indignation to President Joe Biden’s slam at the Zuckerberg antivaxxer monster,” notes Fred Harris, a biostatistician and infectious disease researcher in Singapore who heads up the CSPAC.

Dr. Harris explained a few of the massively followed vaccination conspiracy theories, videos and followers on Facebook, but suggested they not have any attention drawn to them.

When asked if the antivaxxer campaigns on Facebook were as Joe Biden says, ‘Killing People,’ Dr. Harris was agitated.

“Clinicians all over the world have been howling about the impact of the anti-vaccinating movement. Polio, measles, dengue are killing people in the Philippines because of free Facebook access to tens of millions of Filipinos. Facebook has helped instill a fear of vaccines in the Philippines and many parts of Asia due to antivaxxers campaigning on Facebook.

“In the Philippines, we know that vaccine confidence has decreased,” Rabindra Abeyasinghe, World Health Organization country representative to the Philippines said. “The DOH is faced with a huge challenge in responding to the polio outbreak.”

“Were it not for vaccination science, and immunology, today’s Americans would be plagued with smallpox, tuberculosis, polio and measles. A quick read of Facebook on any given day would convince the internet visitor that some Americans are indeed suffering from vaccine-preventable diseases like  rabies and have gone crazy,” Harris added in an exasperated tone during a Zoom interview.

“Seriously, these vaccination conspiracy theories on Facebook reflect badly on American education standards. No wonder China and most of South Asia is trouncing the Americans in technology know-how. America has failed to educate its people but instead has brainwashed them about the great American way… exploitive operators can now say BS enough times and people out of ignorance and bad education, believe it…and that’s what I deduct from American Facebook content for the most part,” Dr. Harris added.

Smallpox, tuberculosis, and polio have been mostly eliminated in the United States (smallpox has been mostly eliminated around the world)  using vaccines according to the CDC.

With the help of vaccines, influenza (partially), measles, rotavirus, rubella, shingles, tetanus, whooping cough (pertussis) and diptheria have been substantially rid from children and young adults in the United States and around the world in developed nations, by vaccines. Where vaccines are ignored, these diseases have returned to infect large groups of people, says the CDC. on its website.

The following list shows the USA Centers for Disease Control vaccine list by disease. Readers should seek advice from their health care provider or a public health medical professional about their vaccination needs. Some of these vaccines are administered to very young children once in a lifetime. Others may need follow-up in the adult years.

Vaccines by Disease Available in the United States

Here is another list that is shocking to American Doctors

“Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Montana, Oklahoma, Tennessee & Utah banned schools from requiring COVID-19 vaccination.

“Arizona, Arkansas & Oklahoma outlawed the required use of masks in schools,” is how Chelsea Clinton phrased her outrage in a recent post on the Twitter social media platform.

Active cases of COVID-19 in the United States are climbing. Every US State is showing some pain because according to scientists:

  1. Not enough Americans are vaccinated; and
  2. Just a slight whiff of the Delta variant (aerosolizes easily) is enough for a serious infection for the unvaccinated, leaving them with lifelong illness or short-term consequences of death or extreme sickness for protracted periods of time.

“The Delta variant has higher transmissibility, which means it is more contagious. The epidemic is spreading faster in communities because the virus is more contagious,” San Mateo County Chief of Health Louise Rogers said in a press release.  California has been hit hard by the delta variant.

United States COVID-19 Statistics United States COVID-19 Statistics show a significant rise in the number of active cases. The recent level of active cases has been too high meaning that the descent from the highest peak did not drop low enough to be able to plot an end to the pandemic. According to three hospitals in three different states, basically a straw poll, all hospitals reported that their serious COVID-19 cases were unvaccinated patients. Source: Civil Society Partners in Solidarity against COVID-19

Data for 22 Jul 2024 Source: Civil Society Partners in Solidarity against COVID-19