Have Americans lost their minds? Jail Trump now! Editorial.

Americans are like dumbfounded sheep with marooned brains in a sea of bloody psychopathy.

They tolerate horrific homicide and believe they will not be next.

There is no evidence for that; it’s more like the Stockholm Syndrome.

The sheep must not be loathed, they must be protected. Thousands of these people followed pre-school-vocabulary droolers with no moorings in reality into a 6 January insurrection that had no plan to take power, as would a revolution, instead the ‘leaders’ imagined they would murder officials if they could find them, and steal stuff. This is the real world, you idiots, not a TV reality gig that goes away when the ‘boob-tube‘ is turned off.

They murdered one brave policeman and would have killed more people but they could not find the officials. It was that close to being a massacre. Four of their own were killed. The four dead Americans were not leaders of the throng, they were just happenstance victims of Trump and his henchmen.

The masse of followers seemed like the normal level of credulous people in any population. (Maybe there’s a few more in America where politician’s lies are the norm and education is only for the rich.)

Republicans like Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Tommy Tuberville, Roger Marshall, John Kennedy, Cindy Hyde-Smith, and a few more, in my opinion, must be removed from office, particularly those who incited the 6 January riot and those government officials who participated in the riot.

by Micheal john

Currently nine and one third million Americans are reported as sick from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Many spread this disease around the world.

That and a few other alleged crimes is Donald Trump’s legacy.

Active Cases COVID-19. Updated: 2021-01-23 Time 01:36:25 GMT

Global Active Cases COVID-19. These are the sums of reported cases active at this moment. The United States is the worst infected nation on the planet. America is in the midst of a runaway sickness fed by a sick mind that controlled all the levers of power.
Updated: 2021-01-23 Time 01:36:25 GMT. Source: Civil Society Partners for Solidarity against COVID-19

The leaders of the insurrection. Just some of the authors of the 6 January 2021 violent insurrection. Photo Credit: Various sources screen grabbed in social media public domain (Twitter).  Original work identified to be created by Reuters, A.P., DailyMail. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The only remedy for families enduring loss is to sue Donald Trump in a class action. He has walked out of the White House with hundreds of millions of fraudulently obtained funds.

Some of the American victims should launch a class action against Trump so that he can pay every American a stipend for their pain and loss.

What does one call a large class of people that elected a psychopath who slaughtered Americans on an extinction level path?

Reinfection by highly infectious and deadly mutants of the zoonotic SARS2 menace is not going to be a picnic. As more and more Americans become infected the virus is learning the human body and improving itself for each American it is passed along to infect. That’s the path toward extinction. Add to that the failing of Earth to be able to support complex life forms any longer, humankind has a problem. Just like SARS-CoV-2 sprang from climate change crisis of the species on Earth, other zoonotic viruses will infect humans.

Every country and every leader now has a responsibility to the human race.

Politicians who sit in high office in the US Congress and the US Senate, need to start thinking about the dying population that elected them and not their self-centered me-first-me-only agenda.

Meanwhile, the despicable criminal Donald Trump is goading another insurrection as America’s wackos buy more guns and ammunition. So heads up. The extremist chatter on the encrypted channels once controlled by ISIS are now owned by Trump’s militias.

The politicians in Washington DC are moaning about four thousand disaffected Americans who stormed the Capitol Building on 6 January. Like one lady “storming” rioter said, “this is a Revolution”.

Disaffected populations do things like what happened on 6 January. Normally revolutions have intelligent leaders with a purpose and a plan.

Around the world, America incited many riots, insurrections and revolutions in an effort to oust leaders it did not like. It tried and failed in Hong Kong. Most revolutions fail, says history. Some that are righteously led by intelligent people with good planners and an abundance of resources, do succeed. That’s why there is an America, born of revolution.

What happened on 6 January was a violent riot by Trump supporters who are unequivocally not the brightest lights but indeed dangerous, armed, fall-downs.

Had the militia leaders on 6 January been intelligent revolutionaries they would have seized power and not a few laptops and top secret folders for Trump’s buddies, the Russian security intelligence regime. (Yes the lady who stole the laptop told police she intended to give it to the Russians.)

The grade-seven-vocabulary goofballs who sat in the chairs of people who actually held power; held power uninterrupted by these sweaty-faced, smelly-armpit flakes; achieved nothing but proving they are small-time criminals looking for a score.

The thousands of the unwashed masses of Trump followerssadly, they were credulous Americans who need to be protected with false-advertising laws from a grifter like Trump–were victims of a fraud. Nothing they were told that got them to the rally, and to the riot at the Capitol, was true: all Trump lies.

That day, Donald Trump, his son, and Rudy Giuliani were responsible for five deaths. Did the Russians get the secret documents and computers? Why would they need them, they already have the entire USA web of computer networks under the Kremlin’s control? That was another of Trump’s accomplishments.

Over half a million Americans are dead because Trump did not give a damn. Why is this thug not in a jail cell?

On what you do with this mass murdering criminal, America, is how you will be judged around the world. You are either a nation of criminal minds, or a nation of order and the rule of law.

Stop claiming to be theleader of the free world“. That is as absurd and repugnant as the people who say those words.

Be advised, the entire world is seriously pissed off and sick of America.

What is America's Message? What is America’s Message to people who cause the slaughter of half a million countrymen.