Breaking: Canadians must wear N-95 Masks

The RINJ Foundation in a January 2020 statement and Feminine-Perspective Magazine in dozens of articles, told the world to wear an N95 mask. Why, because among the RINJ Women‘s 3 million members, many knew about the SARS2 in Asia, in 2019.

The civil society women’s group “RINJ Women” called 2019-NCoV a Pandemic on 3 Feb 2020 and on 6 Feb told the world to wear an N95 mask. Ignoring that drove the pandemic to extinction levels.

The United States Biden government has been talking to RINJ Foundation medical professionals who have been screaming at governments to tell their populations to wear N-95 masks at all times. 

This article deals with some socio-behavioural research, using Canada as an example.


“For thirty days, Canadians in two provinces have worked COVID-19 numbers down because they were forced to comply with public health guidelines. That proves a trend,” says Fred Harris, biostatistician leading a team at the Civil Society Partners for Solidarity against COVID-19 in Singapore.

Update to  Canada COVID-Mitigation works 

by  Micheal John  and Sharon Santiago

Canadians blew it but a few governments stepped up.

“One may argue that measures to keep people in their homes worked in Canada to save lives, but the antithesis is that a scofflaw behaviour and ignoring public health mitigation guidelines has been killing not just Canadians but Americans too,” adds Grace Edwards, a Syrian-Canadian epidemiology nurse working in the Middle East and attached to the Civil Society Partners for Solidarity team against COVID-19 in Singapore.

“As Canada faces three nasty variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the country is finally taking the bull by the horns. If people want to take a cavalier attitude toward the safety of their fellow Canadians, they must be locked up in their homes,” says Harris.

A recent study report published in the Lancet this week confirms this statement of Mr. Harris, who also contributed to the source study of the report.

“We see some countries turn this pandemic into an extinction-level catastrophe in the context of both COVID-19 and Climate Change reaching a crescendo together. Canada might become a new leader for better.” Harris added pointing to his charts in a Zoom call. “But the governments must grow a spine and lockdown, or lose the country. Case sums growth is out of control and the death rate in Canada is absurdly high.”

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Canada is not out of the woods but has proven the way ahead.

The damage done by Donald Trump in promoting scofflaw attitudes toward mask wearing is pervasive around the world but nowhere more than America and Canada.

Canadians have a very high chance of death for not properly wearing a respirator mask in public places.

The RINJ Foundation has been stressing the importance of wearing N95 masks since January 2020.

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Canada has knocked down the sum of Active Cases Starting on Canada Pandemic Day 300, as Ontario and Quebec began to introduce stricter mitigation efforts in a excessively cautious manner, Canada’s sum of active cases at began to slow in growth. As Quebec began stiff fines, the sum of active cases dropped. If police spotted a vehicle license plate in Quebec, away from home, fines were enormous as a stiffer curfew was introduced.
This example is important because it proves unequivocally that the population of Canada was not adhering to public health guidelines and when a province forced the issue, cases plummeted. Source: Civil Society Partners for Solidarity against COVID-19 in Singapore

As SARS-CoV-2 morphs from a zoonotic virus  to a human virus, it is learning the human body in countries that failed to get the thing under control says a recent Lancet report. 

There are some new studies underway that may show alarming new data. People are being infected through their eyes and nose mostly.

The new strains of SARS2 are extremely potent. Most people are not protecting their eyes. Wearing proper medical goggles is the only surefire protection. A respirator mask with goggles and a face shield should be worn by all first responders including police who are in contact with the public.

Watch: Harvard Professor says N95 mask wearing will end Pandemic as has been said here in for  a year.

Face Shields Must be Medical grade otherwise they are dangerous.

There is no evidence showing face shields help protect the ordinary wearing member of the public according to the US centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

Medical grade face shields (only) may be useful as they are in hospitals for people who work close to the faces of the public, as in the case of nurses changing O2 cannula or wiping vomit from a patient’s face in hospitals, police dealing with agitated offenders, EMS workers rescuing symptomatic patients, cashiers and other persons in the same type of frontline occupations where close face-to-face contact with the public occurs.

In this picture is an example of outrageously dangerous foolishness. The mask is worthless. The shield is dangerous because it is a wind tunnel scooping ambient air with particles of everything that’s in the air past the eyes.

Dangerous mask This politician in the Philippines is wearing a face shield with both ends open. They are wind tunnels, says an aerodynamicist,  collecting virus-laden ambient air and channeling it past the eyes and nose. Photo Credit: Twitter

“Face masks help control transmission of COVID-19”

Citing  and    January 19, 2021 DOI:

“The evidence is clear: masks work. However, their use is a non-targeted control measure, wherein the whole population is involved, rather than just known or suspected cases. Buy-in from society is necessary for the success of the intervention. Rader and colleagues show a relationship between transmission and reported mask usage but did not see a step change in transmission when statewide mask mandates were introduced.

“This finding suggests that, in the US, there is a disconnect between rules, messaging, and actions, and that further sociobehavioural research is needed on what motivates people who choose not to wear a mask to protect themselves and those around them.”
Published in the Lancet this week


Author says, Wear A Mask Author says, Frontliners including all EMS, Police, cashiers, medical workers, Wear A Respirator Mask, goggles, and medical shield sealed to the forehead at the top. IPhoto Credit: Sharon Santiago

This SARS-CoV-2 is a killer virus (over 2.1 million deaths) that is reinfecting all around the world now and the virus itself is more potent, in some cases capable of changing its protein spike and thus able to disguise itself, hiding from vaccine charged immune systems expecting the origin virus.

How to re-use your N-95 or KN-95 mask up to five times.



Canada moves from position 26 to 33 most infected countries in the world. Canada moves from position 26 to 33 most infected countries in the world. Source: Civil Society Partners for Solidarity against COVID-19 in Singapore

Canada moves from position 26 to 33 most infected countries in the world. COVID-19 Canada-reported data 2021-01-24 Time 00:18:54 GMT
Sum of cases:742,641, deaths: 18915, CFR: 2.55%, Cured: 661,795, Active: 61,931. Source: Civil Society Partners for Solidarity against COVID-19 in Singapore

Focus on Canadians Better Pandemic Mitigation Effort Data from the Civil Society Partners for Solidarity against COVID-19 in Singapore indicates a a very positive indication that Some Provincial mitigation efforts, particularly in Quebec have had a very good outcome in slowing the flood of dire cases headed to the hospital. Source: Civil Society Partners for Solidarity against COVID-19 in Singapore

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