Hate Russia, hate China, what? USA-narrative shunned by public

“Governments today can get away with whopping lies to their publics but when things climb way up there over the top of reality, the aggregate of disingenuous messaging becomes clear,” muses a nurse in Manila.

“Why should I hate China and hate Russia, as America demands?” asks nurse practitioner Karina Angeles.

“I partied with some awesome Russian sailors, men and women, a couple years ago when their ship came into our harbour. I was lucky to get aboard the ship because the whole country was welcomed and to my eyes it looked like millions arrived to stand in line,” she said.

“A couple weeks ago, some friends of friends were back.  This time it was corvette Gremyashchiy, tanker Pechenga, support vessel Alatau, and two subs, I forget the submarine names. It was great seeing my friend from the supply ship. We didn’t do much, though. Cases are down in Manila but who wants to take a chance,”  Ms. Angeles added.

“In the case of China, I have an open pass to all the Casinos in Manila, thanks to China. And all my nieces and nephews in the provinces have clothing, children’s appliances and toys, thanks to economical imports from China. And their moms have affordable baby strollers from China instead of having to walk around with a kid under each arm. Thank our dear God, because otherwise my family is so poor the kids would be crawling around bare-bum and hungry. I am not going to hate China, I have two great job offers from Chinese officials. I also know that the coronavirus came from bats to pangolins and raccoon dogs to humans, not the Wuhan virology labs. I have treated in Thailand years ago some of the coronavirus infections among the young guys who catch the wild animals. America is about two things, fat lies, and getting twelve-year-old Filipino girls pregnant,” nurse Angeles said angrily.

America under Joe Biden is at war with most of the world’s population.

EU nations and  “puppet-governments” of the USA War on the World, like Britain, Australia and Canada, seem to be holding their collective noses as they go along with the blood-dripping narrative of Washington DC’s Great Obfuscation of Joe Biden’s Democrat plummet into public-opinion oblivion.

“Biden needs this war to muster some kind of rally against national despise of his leadership. It always worked before in Biden’s experience. He is a geriatric politician who has witnessed presidencies through hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths caused by America’s bloodlust for foreign wars and greed for military arms sales,” says Katie Alsop, a founding director of RINJ Women who recently returned from an extensive tour of all four border nations to the Donbas region.

Donesk People's Republic Moms, Dads, and their children lead Donetsk People’s Republic as a breakaway, independent nation. It has been messy because Ukraine is shelling Donetsk and killing civilians for all the years since mid-2014. Photo Credit: by Andrew Butko published here under GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2. The original art has been cropped, modified and enhanced. It can be shared in its present form under the same Creative Commons License.  ~ Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“Making enemies of Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Ebrahim Raisi, Kim Jong-un, Bashar al-Assad, Emanuel Macron, the Taliban, and who knows who else, was because these leaders became so annoyed at American bullying belligerence that they poked Washington in the eye.  This is not how the global public wants the world run, from what pollsters are saying,” suggests Simon Baldock, an Israeli security analyst.

“Polls say, nobody trusts America but everyone fears this messy, dangerous, pariah , led by a series of one-term incompetent, impulsive, self-indulging presidents threatening nuclear first strikes,” he said.

“In the midst of a murderous pandemic, poverty, hunger, unemployment and the pending collapse of the USA economy, this is not the time to emphasize a need for nastiness, sanctions, military weapons sales, pushing weapons against the small number of people in breakaway nations like Luhansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic,  and bombing children in Afghanistan but saying it was just a communications error,” Mr. Baldock chided.

Donetsk PR and Luhansk PR score high with infectious disease researchers and health officials.

“These two countries have amazing health care systems,” explains Kathy Poon an interning epidemiology researcher with the Civil Society Partners against COVID-19 tracking team in Singapore.

Health Care in Donetsk Donetsk PR Nursing Association participate with The Nurses Without Borders on 10 December 2021, with the support and assistance of the President of the Russian Association of Nurses, Chairperson of the European Forum of Nursing and Obstetric Associations, Valentina Antonovna Sarkisova, the Donetsk Republic Council of Nurses took part in an online event of the WHO European Office to discuss the route map of global strategic directions for strengthening nursing and midwifery in the WHO European Region.
The event was moderated by Dr Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, Margreeta Langins, WHO Political Adviser on Nursing and Midwifery, and a team of experts, including chief nursing specialists in the European Region. This event launched an important health care document report for the entire community in the European Region. The event involved 500 specialists from 53 countries.
Photo Credit: mzdnr.ru

“Not only is Luhansk and Donetsk testing and data reporting very good, on-time and thorough, their vaccination campaigns with the Sputnik Lite jab, particularly Luhansk, have been proof-of-concept testers of the fast-react-outbreak-stoppers. I am thinking of Africa, where each spike is worse than the last because of too few vaccinations, if anyone cares, I might add,” said intern Kathy Poon.

“All of Eastern Europe has been clobbered by the Delta variant since it swarmed the Americas and Europe,” she said.

“East Europe is the recent region to be clobbered by this horrible Delta variant. Luhansk and Donetsk have shown some of the best outcomes from  their vigorous vaccination campaigns, despite being hit by a horrific outbreak just as the whole of Eastern Europe has experienced. They have a Soviet-era health care system that is working with the World Health Organization to upgrade to the 21st century and beyond, if they are not there already,” intern Poon added.

Get vaccinated. File photo. Vaccination of the LPR. Photo credit: Public Health department Luhansk PR. Pikhtereva. Nurses and doctors in Luhansk say “The coronavirus vaccine [Sputnik V] is well tolerated.” Photo Credit: Screen capture from a nurse-run Vaccination  Advocacy video campaign conducted in Luhansk. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“Is Ottawa in the USA fight against Donetsk and Luhansk PRs to threaten how it will deal with Quebec, which has often discussed separation?” asks Quebecer.

“This concept of England, America, Canada and Australia supplying weapons to Ukraine for use in killing the people of Luhansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic because they chose to break away from Ukraine during the Ukraine revolution in 2014, is worrisome to Quebecers. Is that a message Ottawa is sending to Quebecers,” asks Sue Adcock, a RINJ Foundation organizer in Sainte-Thérèse, a mainland suburb of Montreal, Quebec.

“I think I do not believe anyone in Ottawa is using their heads. Why is our government acting like a stooge of the Americans instead of standing up for the free will of people who want to go their own way in peace, be it in Donetsk PR, Luhansk PR, Republic of South Ossetia or Quebec province? After seeing this disgusting behaviour of Ottawa, lining up with the Americans, pouring artillery shells and missiles into the civilian residential streets of Donetsk and Luhansk, I would vote to separate, if another referendum came up,” she added.


Be Kind Always

Let’s face it. We’re all tired of this pandemic. For many of us it has been the most confusing, anxiety-provoking time of our lives. It sometimes leaves us short tempered and frustrated. Public health staff, however, should not be on the receiving end of your anger. Try to make these times more tolerable by being kind to one another.