USA COVID-19 CFR stays down thanks to Biden vaccination campaign

Since 18 August the USA averaged 1,229 COVID-19 deaths a day* in a 4th wave that would have been much worse if not for vaccinations being at 55%. Vaccination levels in the USA need to go higher says every single doctor FPMag could reach.

According to several biostatistician sources, while the COVID-19 Case Fatality Rate (CFR) in the United States has dropped a decimal point from 1.8% to 1.7% since 3 August 2021, the number of deaths in the United States is now averaging  707 cases for all of August thus far,  but since the 18th of August the USA has averaged 1,229 COVID-19 deaths per day. (Download if you wish, COVID-19 USA CSV database for August.)

*Source: Civil Society Partners in Solidarity against COVID-19.

“Dropping the case fatality rate is a significant accomplishment, largely attributable to the Biden Administration’s aggressive vaccination campaign,” notes Fred Harris, biostatistician and infectious disease researcher in Singapore. Harris leads the tracking team for the CSPaC.

“The USA COVID-19 CFR has been at 1.8% since 12 December 2020. Before that it was above 2.%,” notes Dr. Harris.

“This could be much worse, but if anything proves that vaccines work, it is the lowered CFR in the USA. This is a major achievement,” says the expert.


USA COVID-19 Data for 19 Jul 2024