ISIS will infiltrate evacuees at Hamid Karzai International Airport says sources in Deir Ezzor and Kandahar.

According to a growing number of sources, chatter abounds on an ISIS plan for some of the 900 (and growing numbers) of Islamic State (a.k.a. Islamic State of Iraq & Levant for Khorasan Province,  ISIS-K, Daesh, and formerly Lashkar-e-Jhangvi) operatives in Afghanistan to infiltrate the evacuating crowds at the airport in Kabul.

The ISIS-Khorasan plan, according to sources who say they are not speculating but have insider information, is to  infiltrate countries receiving the evacuees and obtain new identities. From those legitimate-appearing desperate refugee claimed homesteads, they will plan future terrorist activities in the receiving countries in Europe, Oceania, and North America.

One source who is a former ambulance driver in the city of Idlib, Syria, south west of Aleppo, claims that the sinister plot does not pose an immediate threat to the evacuation from Kabul but for the long term is a threat to the communities in which the terrorists embed and establish themselves.

Islamic State of Iraq & Levant for Khorasan Province Root of Islamic State of Iraq & Levant for Khorasan Province,  ISIS-K, Daesh, and formerly Lashkar-e-Jhangvi

“Expect whole families, including children, speaking acceptable English, French or German, seeming very credible,” the source explained.

Observers in Kabul say many of the evacuees are processed without belongings including not having their identification documents which had for many people been destroyed with their homes. A process for vouching for one another among embassy officials was instigated last week, in some cases, according to reports from women in Kabul.

The information about possible ISIS embeds was being received as a rumour and as reliable source data before Vladimir Putin on 22 August warned of this ISIS tactic. sources who must remain unnamed for security reasons, in Al Mayadin, Syria, which is close to an ISIS enclave.

Putin’s remarks caused FPMag editorial staff to backtrack and check with sources to get verification. The source of the information is in the West and East of Syria, very dangerous areas where command decisions are made by ISIS and its affiliates. Sources were warned of the publication of this news information.

“Who are these refugees? How can we tell,” President Putin asked rhetorically on Sunday in a political speech to his own supporters.

“Speaking on Sunday,” reports Russian Television (RT), “as part of a meeting with members of the governing United Russia party in the run up to parliamentary elections next month, the president said that the number of civilians fleeing Kabul poses challenges for the international community. ‘Who are these refugees? How can we tell? There may be thousands, or even millions,’ Putin said. ‘The border is a thousand kilometers – they will get on everything, a car, even a donkey, and flee across the steppe.'”

“According to the Russian president, this poses a potential security threat and “is a direct concern for our citizens.” He added that ‘we do not want fighters disguised as refugees to turn up in our country.’ Citing a spate of terrorist attacks driven by separatism in majority-Muslim regions in the country’s south, such as Chechnya, two decades ago, the president insisted that “we do not want to repeat what happened in the 90s and mid-2000s… we had these horrors that are now being repeated on the territory of Afghanistan.”

A week ago, south of Manbij in Syria, an contact was told by Russian military friends in the region that ISIS has been sending foreign fighters into Afghanistan and has been fighting with the rival Taliban group of Islamic extremists.

Simon Baldock, an Israeli security analyst, suggests, “There are as many as 18 different Islamic extremist groups in Afghanistan.

“Some of these have alliances with the Taliban although the largest groups are enemies of the now governing terrorist organization, say many of my intelligence sources—give or take a few varying estimates of the numbers of extremist groups operating from Afghanistan,” said the Israeli security analyst from Tel Aviv.

“Afghanistan is now, arguably, an American armed terrorist state posing a grave danger to Israel and the West,” he added.

Look, these are the same scumbags who beheaded Daniel Pearl. remember?”

The Russians in Syria have always told FPMag correspondents that as Putin said on Sunday, Russia has played a role in Syria to prevent Syria from “turning into some kind of Afghanistan, and becoming a breeding ground for terrorism.”

“Now Russia and Israel worry again about the terrorist state of Afghanistan and the instability this new calamity will bring about,” says Baldock.

The wanton brutality of the ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan, also operating in Pakistan, is their pride. These are the people who beheaded Daniel Pearl.

In early May 2021, ISIS-Khorasan, a Pakistani/Afghani arm of the ISIL movement  attacked an arch-rival Islamic sect school for girls in Kabul.

There were 178 casualties with as many as 70 deaths, two of whom suffered as long as 4 weeks before dying. The school was a Shiite all-girls privately-run academy.

The carnage was so brutal the scene made some police officers vomit, according to one women teacher at the school.