Irrational Public Unrest is flying off the shelf.

“A majority of the human race is buying into a concept of return to normal,” thinks a nurse in Calais, Maine with a global perspective. “They don’t see mask wearing and vaccination as a ‘new normal’, they want the old normal, which is over. They suffer IPU,” she added.

The rants against vaccination, and similarly the hysteria against wearing masks during this COVID-19 respiratory disease pandemic are mostly manifestations of poor mental health and even an acute manic episode, thinks a study team assembled by the global women’s group, The RINJ Foundation. “A deep breathe and deeper thinking are needed,” is a key line in a report has received in preliminary form.

The study urges police forces to “stop bashing heads” and ‘treat irrational protestors as what they are, irrational people who are unwell’: IPU.

“Human mental health en masse wasn’t all that good in the first place, owing to gender and racial disparities, kleptocratic, authoritarian governments, dictatorships and four years of that lunatic fraudster, Donald Trump,” says Monique Deslauriers, an official with the global women’s NGO RINJ Women.

“The global SARS2 pandemic has exacerbated an existing mental health crisis in the worst possible ways. It has caused the great unwashed in great numbers to slip their moorings to reality. Mankind is facing a formidable microbial enemy but portions of society do not want to accept that fact,” says the nurse practitioner.

Irrational Public Unrest is flying off the shelf. A majority of the human race is buying into a concept of return to normal, but normal is over.
Screen capture from a protest Tuesday in Baltimore, Maryland.

Across America, where the most numbers of great unwashed live oppressed by a relatively small class of billionaires, people expect everything to return to normal, now. If not now, ‘government has screwed up’, in their minds, and it is time to raise hell,” is how nurse Deslauriers sums up the angst.

In the meantime, they order delivery of more fast food; exacerbate their diabetes, obesity, and their mental health problem—an overwhelming need for control, according to statistics and healthcare professionals who have expressed worry about humankind’s collective state of mental health.

  • People are amassing to scream at the top of their lungs about their loathing for mask-wearing.
  • Illogical leaders are spewing their cognisant dissonance vowing to end mask wearing and maybe vaccinations.
  • Irrational public unrest (IPU) is flying off the shelf. A majority of the human race is buying into a concept of return to normal, but normal is over.

“It doesn’t get more irrational than that. Mask wearing has always worked to keep respiratory illness out of our bodies and vaccination is based on the human body’s functional principals of natural immunology,” says Dr. Anderson of The RINJ Foundation while addressing the bizarre phenomena of the massive anti-mask and anti-vaxx movements

“If something icky enters the body, the immune system, our ‘ever-vigilant, omnipresent peacekeeping force’  braces T-Cells and produces antibodies to fight the antagonist. That process is augmented by science and simply called vaccination but is more natural and more complicated than folks realize,” explains Karinna Angeles from Manila in the Philippines where she is campaigning to get her countrymen to “mask up and get vaccinated”.

“Vaccination is a lot better than going to the hospital and picking the noses of COVID-infected and eating the booger,” but allegedly, some cavemen survived past epidemics in that manner. “Don’t do that, you’ll only get sick and maybe die.”

“Just get vaccinated and keep your mask on whenever you go out,” she added.