A sad and terrifying day for Afghan Girls and Women. Editorial

Editorial by Katie Alsop

The Taliban have taken the city of Kabul, Afghanistan and now completely govern Afghanistan if spotty regional/province reports to FPM.news are accurate.

As Taliban fighters and wannabe-new-supporters shift from place to place in Kandahar and Kabul, underground women’s groups in Afghanistan report to FPM.news that young women and girls as young as twelve are being kidnapped into sexual slavery as “comfort-girls” to the “Taliban jihadist scumbag fighters” whose emissaries have apparently been negotiating with the Joe Biden government.

How in hell, or in any patriarch, could a White House or the Pentagon miss the possible danger to women and girls while considering giving Afghanistan back to the Taliban?

“How could Dr. Jill Biden, that lunk-head Secretary Antony J. Blinken, and Joe Biden miss the possibility that half the Afghan population would face torture, rape and death from these bastard Taliban scumbags that jerkoff Donald Trump and dimwit Joe Biden were negotiating with?” exclaims a former US Marines nurse who was once stationed in Afghanistan but since works with an NGO medical-team in Syria.

Whatever President Joe Biden was thinking when he evacuated the American military and diplomats from Afghanistan, it could not have been much different to what was in his mind when he acquiesced to Israel killing dozens of children and their moms in Gaza during May 2021.

Mr. Biden is a despicable misogynist who touches and fawns over women and girls yet causes their misery and even deaths in oh so many ways.

  • Women and girls who have spoken out against the Taliban attacks are in grave danger, thanks to Joe Biden and the Taliban who may have equally marginalized the status of women in Afghanistan.
  • Women who have held senior positions in Afghanistan are under threat of death, thanks to Joe Biden.
  • Women journalists will be flogged and killed under Sharia law, thanks to Joe Biden and the Taliban.
  • All women in Afghanistan will be compelled to go into hiding under the bizarre and inhumane Sharia law thanks to America’s pure stupidity and misogyny.

This will haunt Joe Biden to his f—ing grave.

Western nations must accept—welcome with open arms—women and girl refugees from Afghanistan, no questions asked, or face millions of angry women, with long memories, at the polls.

Katie Alsop

A sad day for Afghan girls A sad day, a terrifying day, for Afghan girls and Afghan women. Women activists filled with rage and horror at the Americans giving Afghanistan back to the Taliban say women and girls must get out. The world must help.
Photo Credit: Asian Development Bank. In Afghanistan, the literacy rate for women is around 12% and enrollment for girls in primary schools is around 36%. In spite of these low figures, a number of achievements have been made in the education sector for women, including the enrollment of an estimated 2.2 million girls in primary schools. That will all be lost under Sharia Law of the Taliban, a global terrorist group now running Afghanistan.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine