Hocus pocus China foreign policy makes Xi look fanatical. Editorial

A coalition of US congressmen from all parties this week introduced and are discussing legislation that would oppose China’s claim to represent Taiwan in international organizations. This flies in the face of UN policy which by the way is hocus pocus written by the Communist Party of China, a fanatical cult of believers in hocus pocus.

  1. China’s incursions into Taiwan airspace are acts of war against a de facto sovereign nation that has at least fifteen significant allies which deplore this conduct while seeing Taiwan as an independent nation.
  2. Meanwhile the UN is still recognizing Mao Zedong in the context of UN General Assembly Resolution 2758, which recognizes the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as “the only legitimate representative of China” in the UN. (Groan.)
  3. China’s militia attacks against the Philippines’ fishing fleet and its occupation of Philippines territory are also acts of war and a clear and present danger to Philippines’ sovereignty. This  makes the Philippines a weaker version of  Taiwan insofar as the People’s Republic of China has only disdain for Philippines claims of nation status and the applicable international laws protecting sovereign nations.
  4. As many PH military officials on Viber claim under their breath with plausible denials of even their existence behind nom de plumes, [quote:] “Duterte completely surrendered the Philippines sovereignty to Xi Jinping”. That’s not mutiny, you deniers—everyone is saying that because pure and simply, it is a fact. Duterte got the arbitral ruling of the Laws of the Sea tribunal as his authoritarian rein began and pushed the decision into the bottom drawer. Read: The Decision in favour of the Philippines
  5. China’s claim of 90% of the South China Sea including the waters and lands of neighbouring nations supersedes all logic and all courts, says China.  It is pure fanaticism based on an unstable cartographer who drew lines between sea turtles and lumps of coral to create the 11-dash line which became the 9-dash line after Vietnam bit a piece off.
  6. China’s hocus pocus claim that Pangolin scales make Xi Jinping more potent is also bunk. The Chinese should obey their own laws and stop harvesting wild animals like they are local magic mushrooms growing unseen in the dark. We can see your SARS-CoV-2, China. In a manner of speaking, “we know what you are smoking”. Stop fanatically eating the effing wild animals.

Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong Fanatics Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- “For too long, Beijing has distorted policies and procedures at the UN and related bodies to assert its sovereignty claims over Taiwan, often to the detriment of global health and security efforts,” US Representative Gerry Connolly said in a news release related to legislation proposed to counter China’s claim of representing Taiwan in all international organizations.

Read: China Nine-Dash-Line is not malice but likely is hysterical fanaticism


The United Nations, arguably run by many autocrats, has failed the concept of democracy by not recognizing Taiwan as a free independent state. Instead the UN policy  indicates by acquiescence that Taiwan is a bullied sovereign that China threatens to kill to the last human standing if that is what it takes to own the island it says it will decimate.

Xi Jinping is clearly a lunatic, unhinged today by the mere thought that anyone would cotton to the wishes of  Chiang Kai-shek, who created the modern day Taiwan with  the help of many other believers in democracy.

It’s all about the communists fanatical love of Mao Zedong, Pangolin scales, and a consuming hatred for Chiang Kai-shek—all hocus pocus.

  • Chiang Kai-shek, ruler of the Republic of China, in 1947-48 moved the seat of power to Taiwan because of a communist uprising and civil war.
  • The Communist Party of China claimed to be running The ‘People’s Republic of China’ from Beijing, from 1948 until today.
  • Taiwan didn’t care much about Beijing’s edicts and continued to build a prosperous democratic nation now known as the sovereign nation of Taiwan, any way one looks at it.
  • The United Nations flip-flopped from seeing Taipei as the seat of China’s mainland government to seeing the people’s Republic of China as the rule of the mainland and Taiwan which is just feeding the fanaticism of today.
  • The Communist Party of China (CCP) under Xi Jinping has become a fanatical cult, devoid of realistic logic and focussed on old fights and hocus pocus policies that amount to blaming others for its inherent follies and fails.

China Militia presence in Philippines EEZ is lunatic-fringe piracy

The nefarious nearly empty vessels occupying Philippines and Vietnamese real estate in the South China Sea should be seized and the crews arrested. Who has the guts to do that? Duterte? No. USA? No, it can’t without a legitimate claim and would need the Philippines to launch the mission and ask for USA help based on past treaties. Vietnam? Yes, it would claim the reef for itself.

Maybe the Philippines should hire the Vietnamese to go get the job done. Next thing you know, Vietnam will have claimed the Whitsun Reef for itself? Possession is nine tenths of the law is the theory all claimants rely on. Only China has a lead in that argument. It occupies the South China Sea and does exploration and fishing in everyone’s waters, backed by a monstrous navy and monstrous maritime militia that basically is a bunch of pirates smashing into tiny Vietnamese and Philippines fishing boats.

How did the UN allow Chinese Hocus Pocus usurp better judgment?

China’s theory on the Nine Dash Line and the ownership of Taiwan are on the strength of their veracity directly equal to the Chinese belief that having a house facing north will destroy the family; eating short noodles will condemn the eater to a short life; and having a house number with a four in it is certain death upon taking possession. It’s all hocus pocus.

China is a rogue pirate State run by fanatics that threatens the well being of Asian families around the South China Sea and the West Philippines Sea. Xi Jinping is consumed by hate for Chiang Kai-shek and ruled by his love of Mao Zedong. Neither works in 2021.

Fanatical Xi Jinping  is going to make a slip and fool Taiwan into believing it is under full attack.

The initial result will be a failed attack on Taiwan, China getting an initial  bloody nose.

Escalating to hundreds of thousands of deaths, and maybe Beijing being bombed, China will lose face each step until the mighty blow. Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess.

That’s how crazy Xi Jinping and his looney henchmen have become when they send dozens of fighters and nuclear bombers into Taiwan’s sovereign air space.

Fanatical. That is how Xi Jinping’s leadership team appears and that is how they are—fanatical.